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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, April 4

Your Coffee is ready...

Last week my niece spent the day here with me -- she was sick and I was home so it was a wonderful solution to her being home alone. She's a very creative girl -- loves to draw, scrapbook, knit -- pretty much any craft. I totally LOVE that. 

Anyway, while she laid on the couch I let her play with my iPad. I only told her she coudln't check my email -- and gave her no other limitations. She didn't even ask how to work anything -- she just got to it. The next time I picked my up iPad to look for a photo in my Gallery, I found these pretty images.

They were done with a program called Percolator. 

Percolator is like ScratchCam and I think Instragram. Load a photo and then go to town making it purty. These are all photographs I've taken or pages from my art journal.

You can make a few adjustments here and there -- dot size, saturation (I think) black or white background. 

I love how the program simplifies your design and turns it  into dots percolates it  -- be STILL my beating heart. A dude at the Mac Store told me about it as he was oggling the custom leather Lego Ipod Case I made for my boy for Christmas. Thank you Dude -- I'm not sure quite why I haven't played with this app before -- but I am definitely going to from now on.

Please don't ask me to pick a favorite -- I can't -- because I love them all! Well, that's it for art that I'll be sharing today -- maybe I'll get some Art Journal time tonight ;-) Thanks for stopping by -- have a GREAT day -- it is HUMP Day and the end of Mercury being in Retrograde after all.


  1. I have to download that App. NEED coffee ;)

  2. Wow that looks fun Catherine! and fantastically different pictures.

    I am amazed that my 15 month old grandson can switch on his dad's i-pad and unlock his page! Perhaps I;ll get him started on this app.

  3. Thanks for sharing this APP and your niece's play with it.
    Awesome art, from both of you.


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