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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, April 25

Variety is the Spice of Life

As I was looking for a photo for a project this morning -- I was struck with the variety of art in the folder where I keep all my art journal pages. Remember yesterday when I talked about finishing those projects that don't feel right some how and then put them away to look at on another day?? Even though I like many of these pages -- it was nice to look back on them and see my progression as a journal-er, artist and woman.
I  created the above page almost 2 years ago. I love it as much today as I did that day. This one felt right then -- and it feels right today.  So, sometimes they continue to feel right. I think this was the REAL beginning of my art journaling escapades. Not sure what took me so dang long, but so happy I got there.
This tiny little page I did right after I took a course from Donna Downey last summer. I didn't like it -- I think I was just starting to find my art journaling style. That style made a little blip on my radar last June -- then disappeared again. Almost fleeting -- I don't think I was ready to cultivate it last summer, my heart was too heavy and my brain too cluttered. 

I'm so happy my heart was ready for it this time. 
This is another page -- that started out wrong -- way way wrong -- that I managed to turn around to something that I love. Still. Colorful and bright -- happy colors.  
I think I made a choice to work hard at being happy --  and to try new things. Things that I have always struggled with and abandoned because they were hard. It's really so much easier to quit or run than to stick with it and figure out what works. in art. and life. It's hard to look deep down inside and pull out the good. the bad. the ugly. the things that hurt. maybe that's why my art is changing -- cause I'm getting rid of the garbage. the baggage that has weighed me down for so long.
I also think it's important to see things you like -- and try them out, like test driving a new car -- and then infuse your own twist -- your own style into it. Make it authentically yours -- even though you were inspired by something else -- not a knock off. Make it spicy -- make it hot -- make it happy.  Make it yours. Copy it first to try the technique -- and then go crazy making it yours.
Another hot mess -- that I loved the day I completed it -- but now I look at it and think -- what was i thinking. ha ha.  This is one of those pages I can see I was definitely in a dark place when I created it. 

Today I encourage you to look back on your journey as an artist -- from the last year -- or the last decade -- and see where you were -- and see just how far you've come! I think you will amaze yourself! Remember this though, make no plans for where you are going -- except to soar!

Thanks for stopping by -- have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. It's so gratifying when you do still love something years later. Love these peeks at your pages.


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