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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, April 9

Listen Closely

You might not believe this, but I get myself into trouble all the time. Not like -- trouble with the law or with my bank account or anything on a tangible level. I get myself into trouble with my heart strings. 
I don't listen to what it whispers to me. 
I KNOW you know what I'm talking about. That little voice inside your gut, head, heart that says -- this isn't right don't do it, don't listen, don't don't don't OR yes this is the right way -- go for it -- what a fantastic idea -- run with it -- keep up the GREAT work. 
I have a bad habit of calming that little voice by saying -- yes -- this is the right way. This is what I need to be doing -- when it's really not. Don't be so paranoid -- everything is gonna be great on this path. When it's not. Time after time after time I've gotten into trouble by ignoring the murmerings. Sometimes they are very soft and gentle making it easy to soothe them away. But other times -- sleepless nights, creative blocks, crabby days -- jump out and almost slap me in the face. And I still soothe them away. 

I'm tired of paying the price, how about you? 
Lately though -- I have been trying really hard to listen.  And follow my heart. 

-- however -- I have been ignoring the whisper that says "get your taxes done" and now I'm scrambling to get things organized. ha ha. Plenty of time. There's plenty of time ;-) See -- I'm doing it again. 
I definitely have my listening ears on. I'm doing things that will help get me to where I want to be, and things feel good. Even, balanced. and VERY colorful. Yes. definitely colorful. 

Are you listening to what your heart is whispering in your ear? 


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