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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, April 3

Snow -- really?

The week before last we had temps in the 80's -- which prompted shorts, flip-flops and a nice airing out of the stale winter air in the house. While it was VERY unseasonable -- I knew it couldn't wouldn't last. You get used to having weird weather living in Maine. 20 Degrees in an early morning in March and 80 degrees the next day  -- definitely weird. We also have more than 4 seasons when you add mud season and black fly season. Like I said, you get used to it and really aren't surprised when weird weather hits.  I definitely wasn't complaining about the warmness in March.

The funny thing about weird weather -- it doesn't last. Take last week -- when we had snow just a few days after the 80 degrees. We still have the wood stove going -- and the winter coats haven't been put away just yet. Maybe at the end of this month.
Here -- evidence of the snow, while it wasn't much -- it was SO COLD waiting for the bus with my nephew. I'm hoping that the mosquitoes and other bugs that started to hatch on those warm days have gone to an early grave in the resurgence of winter. 

Since we were in the summery state of mind -- we couldn't resist going to an antique show -- which was more like a flea market but it seemed to mark the beginning of junking season for us. Jeez, that makes 7 seasons so far... ;-D
I already had the large pitch fork you see here - and picked up the small one to make a fun little sculpture in my garden -- also thought I could use it to protect a delicate plant from the deer or my dog that likes to run through at top speed hunting for squirrels.

I also spied SEVERAL very cool vintage items -- while I didn't buy -- I did photograph them to remember the colors and patterns. Very lovely -- and inspiring. This one prompted me to make yellow scallops in my journal!

Well, that's it for today, hopefully I'll have a pretty journal page to share with you tomorrow -- or maybe the beginning of one. Thanks for stopping by -- hope you have a great day! Hard to believe EASTER is this Sunday!

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  1. cool pitchforks! Sounds like things in the weather dept. are very similar in CO and Maine! So odd, here too, and we are also used to weirdness in weather. Sounds like you had fun junking. I love to pick up inspiration like that, too. Hope you are doing well!


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