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Wednesday, April 11

it's all in the detail

I had a fun conversation with my friend Martha over the weekend about paying attention to the little bits and bobs that make my projects -- the sewing -- layering -- the stenciling and inking and painting -- all  little details that to some are monotonous -- but to me they REALLY make the project stand out from the rest.  They make my heart sing.
I really love details. 
I mean  -- I REALLY LoVe details ;-)
I DO pay a lot of attention to the LITTLE things, and art takes a bit longer to create -- but it's the little  spots here and there on a completed project that really make it.

When I say details, I mean:
  • taking the time to make sure the stitching on a card, scrapbook page or any paper project is straight, corners are square and ends are trimmed
  • papers are cut straight, mats are even
  • pencil lines are erased on cards and scrapbook pages (but I don't worry about that on journal pages -- that adds to the artsy fartsy look I want there)
  • designs are balanced -- stamped images are as straight as I can make them
  • words are spelled correctly
It REALLY is all about the little details.

Do you know what's important to you when you make art? When you cook? How you decorate your home? Have you thought about the little things you do that make what you do special?

Have a wonderful day -- thanks for stopping by.

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