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Tuesday, April 10

Habit Forming….

They say it only takes 21 days to make a habit - or break one for that matter. I'm not sure about that -- I participated in a 21 Day Challenge with Rhonna Farrer YEARS ago -- my goal was to cut out the sugar -- the root of all evil. ;-) at least my hips think that... I like sugar. I don't think I'm addicted to it, but a little sweeetness is good for the soul.

For me, that habit didn't stick. 
nor did the Weight Watchers habit stick.
or the washing my face every night habit
Or spending 30 minutes a day doing a little cleaning here and Saturday chores weren't so much of a chore.
or the one where I thought I'd enter my receipts into my Excel spread sheet once a week to make tax season easier.  urgh -- that's what my week is.
Or the one where I said I wouldn't fall asleep on the couch at night and wake up at 12:30 with a broken neck.
Face it -- you can't make habits of things you don't like -- no matter how you try.   How can you make a habit of something you can't stand doing? I did however, make a New Year's Resolution to make a few changes in my life -- and while I didn't implement them until the end of January -- they are definitely sticking. Actually, they weren't Resolutions so much as new Rules of the House.
The First Rule -- you will get up, get the kid-let off to school, have 30 - ish minutes of Social Media time, then it's time to hit the shower and get dressed -- by 8am. I can honestly say doing this everyday makes me so much more productive -- and then I'm not hiding when the FedEx lady comes at noon and I'm still in my pj's (but working in my studio since 8) and feeling embarrassed about it.

Second Rule: Blog More, Art Journal More -- create MORE art just for me. That -- as you can see - has definitely been a huge success. Because I'm still on fire. I end every night and start every morning with a little time doing something that is only for me -- it is AMAZING how great that feels.   

Third Rule -- Friday's are meant for goin' to town (we live in a forest) -- having lunch with friends -- getting creatively inspired and making more art just for me. And that one is working too. I don't schedule any work on that day -- and stick to the showered by 8 rule so I have time to do things before Number 1 son comes home from school. 

That's all for my rules -- or habits -- whatever you want to call them -- Routines....they are working for me. I will admit -- getting up and attem by 8 was really hard to implement at first -- and I AM starting to worry a little about what will happen for Summer Vacation when #1 is home....hoping like heck I can keep the momentum going.  It's not time to cross that bridge -- so I'm gonna stick to this side of summer until then.

So, today I will leave you with this thought -- what little things, rules, routines, habits could you make that would make your life a little more enjoyable? Have a WONDERFUL day, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing Catherine - that has really made me think - realistic, but life changing rules/routines are necessary, I paricularly like your Friday rule - I really need a day like that. Three years into retirement and I'm busier than when I was at work. And yes, I loved all the ones you hadn't stuck to - been there too!!!

    Just absolutely loving your art -2012 is really buzzing for you! x

  2. You are so right Catherine! Can't make good habits from things we hate. But getting a few rules or habits is a terrific idea. I'll have to ponder on that. Thanks for sharing.


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