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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, April 26

A Little ADD today

I've been working on lots of things this week -- mostly Tuesday and yesterday -- and haven't had much journaling or art time, insert heavy sigh here. I have, though, spent a LOT of time organizing my new stamp storage shelve that my father made for me.

This is what my storage wall looked like before the stamp shelf -- yes -- the bookshelf is just a little bit bowed from all the books and stamps being stored on it. All he had to buy was a $12.00 piece of plywood to make the stamp wall. I painted it the same color as my walls and he made the little shelves for the stamps -- and yesterday he brought it down, ready to install. It is so awesome -- I just keep going in my studio and looking at all those stamps, happy I can finally see them all. 

He also made the smaller wooden stamp "hutch" that's on top of the bookshelf a LONG time ago. While, it was perfect at one time -- I've since gotten a LOT more stamps and they don't all fit. I've been storing them in a plastic bin underneath my counter!  I love this little hutch, and didn't want to find a new place in the house for it. 

This little hutch is perfect on my punch wall of shame filled with little jars full of chotchky's, Golden Products, and other things. I love having it right behind my work table - all I have to do is turn around to get what I want. THANKS Dad, you're awesome!
I found myself spending a bit of time working on a little secret project that will be revealed next week, May 3rd. Here are a few of my samples and experiments, watch for a cool video that I had a ton of fun making next Thursday. 
I also watched a cool video by Alisa Burke Monday night before I went to bed and couldn't stop thinking about it Tuesday when I got up -- so while I was drinking my coffee and waking up -- I decided I just had to try. Now that I've tried it -- I'll do my own thing and make it something more my style. This little sample was enough to know that I really enjoy finger painting. It's very relaxing, offers quick results and -- the best part -- you feel like a kid again getting your fingers all painty and messy. 
Inspired by Alisa Burke

THANKS Alisa for the inspiration! Click on the picture to go to Alisa's blog and see the video yourself. I'm sure you will want to get started finger painting RIGHT AWAY! Next time I will use my own photos for inspiration and do my own thing, with my own spin and my own images -- it will definitely be a thing to love.

It HAS been a crazy week filled with lots of fun things, I'm not complaining -- but so over-joyed to have fun things to keep me busy! Have a WONDERFUL day, thank you got stopping by!


  1. Thanks for the link and what a fantastic video !!! Yes i just want to give it a go, but not sure I can "release" myself enough. Your pages inspired by Ailsa are fantastic Catherine.

  2. That new shelving is fantastic... I'm green with envy!

  3. Love the stamp the the painting...I'm counting down the days until I can do just that...oh my!!!

  4. oh, I love Alisa Burke and her finger painting...and everything else she does! Yours looks wonderful, too. That shelf is uber-cool!

  5. What a nice looking shelf! It's always more fun to walk into an art room that is organized before creating, no doubt about it:)
    Love the paintings!

  6. love your stamp organization! I'm curious about how you have your punches hung up there....?

    Came to your blog via Julie's stencil hop and I have to say - I am totally crushing on you! <3

  7. Sara -- the punches are hung on hooks that are suspended on a metal grid -- I got them when my LSS closed. The punches are in their packaging to make them easier to hang.


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