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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, April 30

Joanne Lee Rocks!

So I got these LOVELY proofs from Joanne on Sunday....she is an awesome photographer...a [and she told me how to make a cool background like she has....add that to my TO DO list!] I loved her camera - it was a Canon 5D I think with a honkin' way cool lens. Totally awesome. Wanted it. We had so many laughs, she was such fun, and so patient and kind to Ian - that explains why she was a teacher. BTW, I am not to pleased with my haircut - just in case you noticed my hair was shorter!! LOL. I told you I was going to get rid of the Wild Mountain Man hairdo....but it's just a tad bit not what I wanted. Go figure.

But really, are we ever REALLY happy with our hair? I don't think I am. There are very few times that I have absolutely hated my hair - like a couple of years ago - but I don't hate my hair right now. It's short. It's cute. I don't look so white trashy can't afford a hair cut, but it's just NOT what I wanted.

I also reflected as I sat and had Cindy cut 4 inches of hair off, that everytime IN MY LIFE I find myself in personal crisis, I wack my hair off. Totally WAY off. This house business I guess I consider a personal crisis - so off it came. It feels good to have short hair again!

Sunday, April 29

Life is.....

just busy! I read a great post on Ali's blog today about being to busy....and that's how I feel right now. Stressing myself right into the bathroom, and just when I feel like that light at the end of the tunnel get's brighter - we have another set back. What have I been doing that's so darn important you ask?
  • Well, the Little V was in the Variety Show at school. He sang "Porcupine Pie" by Neil Diamond. OH my how cute he was and what an awesome job he did singing. I totally loved every moment of hearing him sing. In case you were wondering, I can rehearese the Pie song backwards and forwards in perfect tune - in my sleep. It's all we've been talking about here for about the last 8 weeks.
  • Cub Scout meeting at the Dump, er, I mean Land Fill and a photo session at my LSS with the awesome Joanne Lee. (I"ll share if she says ok.....promise).
  • When we weren't talking about the Variety Show - we were talking about the trip to the Bostom Museum of Science. Not just a trip but a sleep over. A bit of a logistical nightmare because I wasn't actually doing the sleepover - the Big V was and since he was in another location we had to arrange a meet and drop spot and then I had a sleepover of my own. Logistial Nightmare and lots of mileage. But, we all had a great time so that was all that mattered!
  • Little V makes his first communion/confirmation soon. We spent several HOURS at the church practicing today. They forgot his and his cousin's name on the list - so they weren't called to stand in line. ggggrrrrr, very unorganized. But, still re-thinking the Catholic School gig for next year.
  • The Big V retires from the his time in the military in 13 ish days. Yahoo, no more weekend visits we get him full time! Another logistical nighmare due to the fact that he's 4 hours away and so is the ceremony.
  • We still aren't living in our house. Each and every day is consumed with calling the unorganized, condescending, uneducated car salesman that's handling the pseudo-organizing of this venture to deal with this issue or that issue. Things ARE crawling forward- but there are daily struggles. The BRAND spankin' NEW Viking Range we had delivered and installed last week, is beautiful and looks nice in it's spot. But the oven does not work. Yup. Doesn't work. Makes me wonder if it was really new or something another customer rejected? One of the toilets upstairs leaks TONS of water when you flush it. There are holes in the walls that they want to fix AFTER we have paid them. The man that designed our septic system made an error and wrote 47 feet in one place instead of 17 - putting our septic system - oh in my dining room...... I will be so bored when this is done I tell you!!
  • Projects for Creative TECHniques, ScrapMuse {neener neener neener my kit came yesterday} Absolutely Everything and class samples for Kelley at Scrapbooks and Beyond.

That's it though I know there's more! I need a break man! Hey Big V, I need a vacation!! :-)

Thursday, April 26

I am so LAME!

This is the same exact post I made over at ScrapMuse (except I fixed a typo) to the DT so they would understand my abscence and Amanda wouldn't fire me ;-) but since I am a bit crazed this morning I just copied and pasted it so you understand my inconsistancy here too! They apparently have 5 OTHER customers in a similar boat as we are and have at least one OTHER lawsuit against them that I know of.

I want to apologize to you all for my flightiness and inconsistant presence on the board the last week or so. We are having some issues with our General Contractor and yesterday contacted a lawyer to try and figure out what our legal rights are in this house business. We still are waiting for it to be finished on the inside - but the GC considers it finished and anything left to do will be a "service" issue. WRONG freakin' answer. There are holes in the walls where lights were relocated by the electrician, a heater that has no on/off switch, a light switch that trips the breaker when you turn it on, no appliances (though I think they are scheduled for delivery this week....), trash everywhere, illegal propane hookup, cracks in the foundation floor......and on and on and on. We started this process with this company in the beginning of August so that when Joe retires from the Navy in 2 weeks we would be living there and it would be completely finsihed. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

I am also working hard on an assignment for EK and an article for Creative echniques that I need to send out tomorrow and haven't even started it. :oops: :oops: So, please bear with me. If you need me please don't hesitate to email me - and I will answer ASAP.

So there you have it. I just am plain old crazed busy and simply lame!

Monday, April 23


Life has a way of getting in the way of my blogging.....but today I promise to not go so long in between posts! Last week was one HECK of a week - school vacation, flood dealings, teaching and getting my Little V to the Boston Museum of Science. I hope that this week things will settle down so I can work on assignments for EK and Creative TECHniques Magazine...Let's hope. Anyway, Saturday on the way down to meet the Big V to hand the Little V over for the overnight stay at the Museum we stopped at Absolutely Everything to spend a minute talking with Bernie Berlin about her dog/cat rescue {A Place to Bark} and for the Little V to give her the money he raised. I will tell you that it was the most rewarding experience for him to actually see the joy and happiness (and a few tears) from the fruit of his labors. He worked so hard on raising money - and was so dedicated to making life for the animals at her rescue better - that he wants to do it "again"! I am so proud of him! Bernie was very gracious, thankful and totally awesome - which made the experience so wonderful for Ian {and Mom...}. She took a break from the class she was teaching to come out and talk to us, and when she saw Ian and his ziplock baggie full of money she had tears in her eyes. Ian was suddenly shy - like the cat got his tongue - but he managed to spit out a few words about how he raised the money and how much. It was all over for him though when Bernie gave him a big hug. His face got red and he went and hid behind a display of glue. To cute! As soon as she puts up the picture on her blog I'll link it over so you can see how cute the two of them are! Thanks Bernie for being so kind and gracious! I hope you'll make it to Maine sometime!

Wednesday, April 18

Look how much water we have Mom!

Just wanted to share a few more pictures of how much water we have around here! I am hoping the afternoon tide isn't so high!

Tuesday, April 17

What a difference....10 Days Makes!

I took the snowy pictures of the Little V on April seemed weird to be playing in that much snow in April! Then, we had another snow storm in between that day and today.... I didn't take any pictures, by this time it was getting old.
And I took THESE pictures today - well you just have to see how much water we have around here!! I just had to share these with you! First of, it's been a long several days - we lost power on Monday ALL day. The wind and rain has bombarded us - as well as the Astronomical High Tide.... if we had had just the rain - or the AS. High Tide - things would have been ok. But add the Storm Surge, the rain and the tide and we've got a waterway instead of a driveway! These are pictures of the Little V. on the main driveway...don't you think that the one makes it look like he's walking on water?? Kinda freaky if you ask me! We also lost power all afternoon today.

April ScrapMuse Kit

Picture above is the April Mega kit
The two layouts are ones I made for my ScrapMuse Design Team responsibilities. This was an awesome kit - with so many different things to offer. Thanks Amanda and Gretchen for picking out some great stuff to work with. Can't wait to see what's coming for May!! If you are interested in ScrapMuse, sign-up for the ScrapMuse Newsletter for more information on the kits, sales and sneakpeaks of what's coming in the future. We'll also send out a note when the newsletter that I design is ready to download in pdf format from the site. This month it was 17 pages! WOW.

Sunday, April 15

I've BEEN tagged!

Tagged by the wonderfully talented Vicki Chrisman with the thinking blogger award - thanks Vic!! I read her BLOG daily, she's got a wonderful sense of color, design and is also on the ScrapMuse Design Team with me! Too bad she was the one that tagged me because now I can't tag her.....LOL. Now, to choose my list of thinking bloggers!!
  • Jane Wynn's Studio: Jane has the coolest projects ranging from jewelry to shrines and drawings. I love her work, and can't wait to see her new book: Altered Curiosities.
  • There's A Problem in My House: Lana is the most inspiring artist - she has a wonderful way with words - and she's got 3 beautiful kids that she scraps. She's also on the ScrapMuse DT.
  • Print and Pattern: This is an awesome blog for color trends, patterns and just really COOL stuff.
  • Claudia Roulier: Claudia has a WAY with transfers pocket shrines! She comes up with some of the coolest things, love her stuff!
  • Rebecca Sower: Another very talented woman - and also very uplifting and inspirational and kind.

Ok, so that's a few people from Daily Reading list.....who's on your daily blog reading list?

I've got some home pictures to upload here, but the Big V took his camera back to Rhode Island so you'll have to wait!! Our lighting was installed this week and I think the stove will be delivered this coming week. Our shallow well has been installed - and we're ready for the plumber to come and start plumbing!! LOL. Soon people soon. Every night lately I have images of my studio {future studio} dancing around in my head. I wake up with lots of ideas of the way I want to arrange things....I've even found some plans for a cool rounder thing to store my stash out in the open so I can see what I it still called stash if it's not stashed away? I think not.

We've got another HUGE big gargantuan storm headed our way. Forcasting 2 to 4 inches of rain and 2 to 18" inches of SNOW>OH MY freakin' gosh. Make it stop people. I can't handle it any longer....just kidding. But, my little Valentine and I brought wood in for the wood stove, filled water containers got candles and a flash light ready and at the waiting, and the wood stove is READY for a match to start it IN CASE we loose power - which they say most likely WILL happen. The portable DVD player is on the cell is on the charger....and the laptop is unplugged from it's strip to save it from any surges. Before I go to bed tonight I'll have to unplug this baby to save IT from surges too.

We have plenty of milk, and shortly we're going to make some banana bread. We have plenty of canned goods in the "store" in the basement....I think we're good. Just make it stop and the Girl Scout in me won't be disappointed, k. NO storm...please?

Friday, April 13

Benefit for Joey Gallacher

Although I am mostly a lurker at 2peas it's a wonderful community of mostly thoughtful and talented women. The other day I read a post about a talented lady who's 12 year old son was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. I sat and cried. The next day her friend Tania started a blog to help the family through. I made a donation, I just couldn't NOT do something. My heart goes out to this family! Read more from a post on Nancy Nally's blog:

The 12-year-old son, Joey, of Jen Gallacher was recently diagnosed with cancer. Jen is a wonderful woman and an active member of several online scrapbook communities. She is also a talented scrapbooker whose work has inspired many others in their creations.

...In an effort to do what little can be done to help, a benefit fund blog has been set up for the Gallacher family. Donations can be made via Paypal until May 1st, and contributors will be entered into drawings for donated products or the design services of talented scrappers to work with your pictures. If you would like to contribute to the benefit fund, or would like to donate your products or services, please visit the benefit fund blog for more details at or by clicking on one of the links supplied above.

Thursday, April 12

Happy Easter, Happy DEADLINE and BIG Storm!

It was nice to have a family picture taken on Easter.....usually I can't get my Valentine Boys to smile or even sit still for 5 minutes to take one. Both of them just ABHORE the can that be when I am a scrapbooker? I tell them they MUST smile, but it just doesn't happen! Notice my paisley shirt?? Joe said he had one with the exact same print when he was Ian's age, LOL. All in all, it was a nice Easter. We had a family collaborative dinner - Joe made the lamb roast, I made a key lime tart, my S.I.L made potatoes and a salad and my Mom made roasted carrots from the Food Magazine... it was nice...the children were even mildy behaved and played well together....

On to other things, the April ScrapMuse deadline for projects came yesterday and I am happy to report that I am ready to start on the newsletter. I've been designing the ScrapMuse monthly newsletter since September, 2004.....each month I have a plethora of pages, projects and articles to put together for our members to the beginning I was limited to 8 or 10 pages because they were printed and included in the kit. Now that we've changed the format to PDF files and make them available for the members to download and print as they desire - the potential for the newsletter is totally unlimeted. Last month I think that we had 14 pages....this month I think it may be a tad longer.... hoping to have it finished tonight. The kit was lovely to work with - and the team did an awesome job with their commitment, it's a good thing!

On to other news, CAN YOU BELIEVE ANOTHER WINTER STORM WARNING is hogging the news today? I have never been much of a complainer when it comes to weather - I love living in Maine because we TRULY experience the 4 seasons (well 6 if you include mud and blackfly season.....) but come on, this has got to STOP! And, to top that - there's another one forcasted for Sunday and into Monday....Calgon, we still need water - but give me a freakin' break!

Saturday, April 7

Good Friends, Good Fun and Good Mail!

Diva Night at Scrapbooks & Beyond was a great time, it was a wonderful thing to connect with women that share the same passion for making art as I do....and the best part - I think they ell enjoyed making the Butterfly ATC....and it was pretty simple. I was very happy to meet a woman that is my behind neighbor. I know, that sounds kinda funny, but if I walk on MY back trails in the woods, I'll come on the back trails in HER woods - making us behind or back neighbors. And, she sells Silpada.....if you have never heard of Silpada and love good quality Sterling Silver jewelry, you' ve got to find a consultant in your neighborhood and book a party. Yes, what more could you ask for, shopping for beautiful silver jewelry in the comfort of your own home!! I have several pieces of their jewelry, and love it. I can't wait to order some Silpada from her....... Anywho, it was great to meet you ALL last night! Hope to see you again soon.....Nat - Vic - you guys were late....lololololol! Speaking of Vic, I sent her a fun little envelope this week of supplies to make ATC's with. She's sent me so many little envelopes of goodies - I decided it was time that I did the same! She posted a picture of the Designer trading card "Beautiful ArtGirl" I made for her. I thought we could start a new trend - DTC's. 4 x 6 cards.....ya ya ya. Like we need another thing to swap! Anyway, check out Vic's blog. She's one of the most talented ladies that I am happy to call my friend. She always knows just what to say to make a girl feeling sad feel better, she sends the best "good mail" I've ever gotten - and she's just so much fun to hang out with. But, she lives to DANG far away........
Happy Easter everyone!!

Friday, April 6

Good Friday...

Thank you dear friends for your kind words of encouragement. I feel better today.. thank you! Just seeing a picture of her has set my heart at ease - I can see that her parents are capable of taking care of her now and that she looks happy. I miss her. I always will. I forgot to share this picture and article from a local free Newspaper called the Coastal Journal. They did this little article about me a couple of weeks ago. It was a very nice interview! So, for those of you that are into making ATC's and want to make your own album pages, here's an idea I came up with from a class I taught last weekend at Absolutely Everything. The directions are:
  1. Make a template on a piece of thick chipboard that is the same size as the page protector that shows a cutting line and a stitching line and insert it inside the page protector. Each pocket should be no smaller than 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" to allow the cards to fit. My pockets are about 1/4" larger than that first, to allow for even spacing of the cards and second my ATC's are lumpy!
  2. Cut from left to right with a craft knife (with the chipboard inside the protector because you don't want to cut all the way through both layers of plastic.
  3. Then, with a slick writer or photo twin mark the two stitching lines from top to bottom and removed the template.
  4. Then I stitched those two line - and voila - a page that stores 6 ATC's....A little hint, when stitching, start from the bottom or closed part of the page protector because you get less slippage and the pages won't get puckers and bunching.

Good luck. Post any questions if you have them....

Wednesday, April 4

Thank you Sharon!!

Isn't it funny how sometimes a person can totally change the way you are feeling just by saying a few kind words? Even though they don't know you are feeling a little down and out, it just comes at the exact right moment? Today it was Sharon, a very sweet woman from my class last weekend at Absolutely Everything. This is what she wrote:
Hi Catherine, I took your sewing on chipboard class this past Saturday and bought the Valentine's banner kit. I am unable to get onto your blog. Your card says ww.cmscanlon.blogspot but the site is not coming up. Are you having difficulties on your end? I want to get a closer look at your photo(s) of the banner. You also mentioned that you might have the directions. If so, I would love to get a copy. I'm out of town Thurs-Sun but will be doing a lot of sewing on paper and chipboard on my return and can't wait to make the banner. I've shared Saturday's project with friends who also craft and they LOVED it! I didn't finish it yet, but I know that the finished album will be gorgeous! Your class was wonderful and your style of teaching was perfect.
Thank you again Sharon for your thoughtful words today.

Tuesday, April 3

PMS Meter

I need one of these little things from Spoon Sisters. Though I am not PMS'ing, I feel pretty bitchy right now. Things are just kinda sucky sometimes....and today is one of those sometimes!

Have you ever had one of those skeletons in your closet come out, totally unexpected, and smack you broad side in the head? Today was one of those times for me. I felt the pain in my head and heart instantly like it were THAT very moment, the moment that my heart was ripped out of my body and stomped on the ground by a million pairs of golf shoes, it was on a cold day, November 24th, in 2003 at exactly 4:06 PST.

But in that moment of pain I felt this afternoon, I also felt happiness, because I saw HER, I finally saw her! My sweet Emma - as she is today. So beautiful and sweet and happy in all her 4 year old beauty. Today we got a picture of her in the mail. And all I can think about is how much I love her and miss her - and just how beautiful and sweet she looks! I thought I had healed from that, but I think a part of my heart will always be empty and sore when I think of her.

That's all for today folks. I'm exhausted.

Monday, April 2

Diva Night....FREE Make and Take

I'm doing a Make and Take this Friday Night at Scrapbooks & Beyond....we'll be making this lovely ATC..... with glitter, a little hand stitching, a vintage butterfly - and what I am sure is to be a GREAT time. The make and take starts at 6:00 - Nat and Vic - please DON'T be late....ha ha ha. This is one of the Creative Tornado projects I was talking about a while back....... Teresa, sorry I spelled your name wrong yesterday.... getting ready to start on those directions next. Don't forget to email me..... Today I spent most of my day painting my bedroom, as I did most of yesterday afternoon. It's going to be beautiful. The weather outside was dreary - and I was oh, so happy in my Robin's Egg Blue bedroom. I am almost done painting and promise to take some pictures and post them this week. On other new home news, the carpets should be installed sometime next week {he said Friday, but you know how THAT goes....Friday always means next week....} and we are still waiting for water, the power to be finished {fixtures installed}, plumbing {toilets, sinks, etc.} and appliances. We are also waiting on all the site work to be done! CALGON I am tired of waiting for my freaking tub for you to take me away!! Git 'er done It has been a very long and hard road. I found out today that the wonderful woman we were working with Holly is no longer working for them. This must be one tough joint because this is the THIRD person to just disappear from the scenery. It's to bad they let her go - she was the ONE saving grace, the ONLY thing that was a positive experience during this whole 8 months. Enough complaining.... I need to get to work on my ScrapMuse kit.... See you later alligators :-) Nighty night cranky!

Sunday, April 1

a Stellar WEEKend!!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend - but a great one at that! Saturday I drove down to Topsfield, MA. to teach at a Sewing on Paper class at Absolutely Everything. Wow, it was lots of fun. The morning class I had 8 and we made the Art from the Heart Butterfly ATC Album and in the Afternoon we made the pages for the Album and some ATC's.
I was disappointed that we didn't finish the album in the morning, but a few of the ladies in the afternoon spent some time at the end of the class finishing the pages up and learning how to make the ATC Storage pages from Page protectors! I'll post the directions for them soon.
Theresa - I promise to get the directions typed up for you - I haven't forgotten I just spent the day at church this morning then Sunday School and then I worked on painting my bedroom (it's a beautiful Robin's Egg Blue) so it will be done before they install the carpeting. tomorrow....
On other news, my sweet Little V started a fund raiser (on his own, I might add) at Christmas time selling the chocolates that came in his Christmas stocking - can you believe he sold his Godiva chocolate coins and the ones from Caeser's Palace I got while I was in Las Vegas???? I think he was a boy on a mission. He got a buck a piece for them so it was OK. From that little venture he raised about $15.00 which he has been planning to give to Bernie Berlin and her Rescue "A Place to Bark". But, lazy Mom hasn't gotten it together to have him write a letter to Bernie and take a picture of him with Guinness and send her the money. I guess everything happens for a reason! Imagine my joy and excitement when I learned yesterday from Kate that she {Bernie} is coming to Absolutely Everything in Topsfield in April! I could barely conceal my joy! I think she thought I was a little crazy when I shreaked out loud, LOL.... sorry Kate! So, this morning after church we went to the big Tar-jet and replenished the supply of chocolates and made a little sign to try and raise $15.00 more dollars in the next three weeks to give to her IN PERSON!
Target, didn't have any chocolate coins, but they did have Hershey Nuggets....on sale no less!! 2 bags for $4.00. {Ian offered to give me 50 cents to pay for the chocolates, ha ha ha. I told him it was my donation to the cause.} I didn't think he'd get a buck a Nugget so I picked up two bags for him. They are in a Godiva box, {does that count??} with a fancy plastic pineapple container for the money collection. Right now we're on the honor system as far as money collection goes, but it's all family so I am sure we'll collect the right amount.

ps. I am not sure why the line spacing gets all messed up - sorry if it's to hard to read....