Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, September 29

The hurricane that wasn't....and some Halloween Projects!

The hurricane that was headed for Maine missed us, and I'm pretty ok with that. We did get lots and lots of rain, enough to make a small ocean in our yard, but I'm still ok with that because we didn't loose electricity or even have any wind pretty much at all. I think the storm hit much further north than where we live. So yeah, thank you Mother Nature for sparing us.
I've been busy though. We hung out at home pretty much all day on Saturday, as a matter of fact - it was a pajama day. We played with all the new Lego's that arrived in the house recently, watched Nat. Geo. Channel and had a pretty great weekend. I crafted too. Coffee table crafting. LOVE it. I took my portable craft station (a Martha Stewart fabric covered storage box filled with papers, scissors, tapes and whatever I need in order to be mobile) and camped next to my boy. It was a great day of chit chat - Mother/Son bonding and just plain old relaxing. What else can you do when it's pouring out?? The Halloween papers I ordered from Lifetime Moments (love them, they have great customer service) arrived a couple days before and I was anxious to get to work using them. So, without further delay - here are the cards and ATC's I worked on...they aren't finished as they still have threads that need to be pulled to the back, tied in a knot and snipped away - and then mounted on a cardstock base with the gold thread - but you get the picture.
I just love Happy Howard, don't you?
Today after school the Little V and I went down to my Mom's garden to help her clean out all the deadness so my Dad can spread some lime and rototill it in before winter. Since we shared the garden space this year it's only right that I help clean it up. As was pulling out the tomato plants I found this little thing in the earth. A purple mushroom. I have never, ever seen any mushroom like this - and unfortunately my camera battery died before I got a picture I was happy with, but you get the picture. Weird, huh? I'll send an ATC from my last batch of them to the first person that can tell me what kind of mushroom this is, cause I have no idea!
Ta Ta for Now!

Friday, September 26

Sea Glass....ATC's....and a picture of the birthday boy!

What a busy time I've had this week....yesterday - after a day spent making art - I went out last night to a little Gift/Wine shop in Yarmouth that was having a Wine Tasting with two friends. I wasn't really sure what we were going to see, but I was happy to go and have some Sushi after. I knew it had something to do with sea glass, so I was happy for the adventure. My husband and I collect sea glass, and we have 5 gallon BUCKETS full.

When we got there I was happy to meet C.S. Lambert and see her new book "A Passion for Sea Glass". She was very captivating and a fun woman to chat with. I had to came home with her lovely book, because when we built our house I had plans to make an ocean wave collage in the master bathroom. As I was flipping through the book I noticed (on pages 11 and 12) that a lovely artist named Kathie Krause did the same thing, it's like she read my mind. She took what I had been thinking of and put it on her bathroom wall...either that or I read her mind. Doesn't matter, the book is beautiful and if you have a passion for sea glass you should check it out. I can't wait for next month as she (C.S. Lambert) is going to have a talk and I plan on showing her my special piece of sea glass. The one that has the melted gold in it! Maybe it's that Spanish coin that I always have dreamed of finding :-)

Moving on...have been working on some trading cards to send out to a few friends and a trade or two. These pictures don't really do them justice, but I couldn't wait until day time to take the photos. I wanted to get them in the mail as soon as possible.

We went on a bowling party Little V's 9th birthday and thought I would share a picture of him with his good friend from school. They were doing some funny dance!! We had an awesome time!

Ta Ta For Now...we're getting a huge rain storm. I think I will sequester myself in my studio and use up some of the Martha Stewart products that EK Success sent me last week!

Wednesday, September 24

At this VERY moment..

nine years ago today, this one was brought into this world. What a joy he has brought into our lives. He's smart and funny - and thoughtful - compassionate and friendly. A perfect child, what more could we ask for? I'm off to shop for dinner, cake and that ONE last thing that our responsible boy wants for his 9th birthday - a fish tank. ta ta for now! I also wanted to share this post that I just discovered from Martha Stewart today. She's got her own blog studio, lucky lady! I think I love the inspiration board the best....oh and the external hard drive where she stores all her digital images. But Martha, you really should try a Dahl trimmer...the blade lasts forever and their customer service is great. I just love my 550!!

Tuesday, September 23

I'm here...

just pre-occupied with my boy's 9th birthday celebrations (went bowling on Saturday with his buddies) and other things (new blog for a friend) I've been doing - like transplanting some peonies that belonged to my Grandmother from my old garden to my new garden, fall cleaning, walking with my Mom in the mornings and other fun stuff. I'll be back to regular blogging soon...with some fun ATC's I've been working on.I haven't been into sitting at the computer during the day...the weather has been beautiful and it's been great to get my yard looking lovely and ready for the much colder weather coming.

I'll leave you with this fun picture: My pride and joy on his 6th birthday....

Wednesday, September 17

I Inspire Me Number 8

I Inspire Me 8 is up and is it ever GORGEOUS! We are so lucky to have Stephanie Howell as our Guest Designer this week for the IIM 8 - Linen & Textile Themed Post. All the layouts this week were inspired by some piece of linen, bedding or textile. Also, check out what the RANDOM winner of this challenge will receive! The sold out Scrapmuse Butterfly Dreams kit !! Lana will draw one lucky winner from all of the Linen-Inspired Participants! All you have to do is comment on this post to be eligible to win with the link to your Linen-Inspired layout and we will randomly pick a winner in two weeks!

This is my page, inspired by the colors of these two pillows in my living room.

Well, that's all for now, I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things real soon. Still feeling VERY tired and NOT myself this week! I was a lot sicker than I thought!

Friday, September 12

300th Post and Etsy Listings

I just noticed this is my 300th Post, wow....that's all I can say! Anyway, I'm feeling better today, MUCH MUCH better though I'm not 100% yet! Exhausted still, but trying to get things done AND take it I guess that means working behind the computer, huh?? Anyway, I've finally gotten 10 of my collages scanned and added to my etsy shop. I have 18 more of them, but am planning on saving them for my Christmas Art Fair this fall...need to get going on that too! Hope you like them, time for a nap now!!

Thursday, September 11

Be BACK soon...

I've been REALLY extremely lay on the couch for days and eat nothing sick since Friday night. Feeling better today - well enough to get some groceries and go to Target.

Thursday, September 4

A fortune on an ATC!!

I love making ATC's....I camp out in the living room in front of the tube with my Creative Box and start cutting and pasting...and before the evening is out I've got a nice pile of them made. I made these the other night, and just found the time this morning to get them stitched up. I've been needing to get them done for some friends - and feeling guiltier and guiltier because they gave me the ones they made and I hadn't gotten mine now a BREATH of relief - 'cause they are done! The ones with the little blue houses are for my friend Kelley and Karen. The one in the center is for me...I just love the way these came out! The blue heart was made by Kelley, I just love that stamp, and the light spot on the right side is silvery...THANKS Kelley!
The house one was made by Karen. OMG, look at all the detail on this. She hand cut each and every ivy leaf and attached it. Even the roof is cut individually and glued on. AWESOME attention to detail Karen, THANKS!
The next two ATC's were made by me to send to a couple of good friends that always send me stuff. You know who you are :-)
This last little gem is up for grabs...anyone wanna trade? I'll send her anywhere you are!
Have a great day everyone! I've got some work to get on!
UPDATE: looks like I'll be trading with Stephanie from On the Funny Side of Life!! Can't wait Stephanie! :-)

Wednesday, September 3

I Inspire Me, Challenge Number 7

We needed to look for inspiration in windows and doors. I waited until the last minute - because I wasn't seeing anything in my windows but dust! So I got out my camera and started taking pictures of my door - and lookie lookie what came up. What you see in the background of the center prism (it's also on it's side) are the things that hang on the wall in my studio. I thought this was a great source of inspiration for this page about my husband and I being married for 9 years!

You've got to jump on over to the I Inspire Me blog to see where the other designers found inspiration in their homes!! Everyone did such a fantastic job, dontchya think? I hope you'll play along, you could win BIG if you do!

Tuesday, September 2

First day of SCHOOL, yahoo!

Today marked another first...the first day of 4th grade for my son and niece. Aren't they cute here? They are only a little over 2 months apart in age, Little V loves her so much. He's so protective of her sometimes, and always will carry her backpack if she asks or helps her do ANYTHING that needs to be done. I hope they are always as close as they are now. That backpack, BTW weighs a TON. I can't believe how much stuff he had to take for 4th grade!

I spent the day getting STUFF done. A little cleaning, a little visiting with my Mom, some organizing of my studio, my Inspire ME page..and 40 minutes on my treadmill. Donna Downey inspired me to kick it up a notch in the running department. Over 3 something miles and lots of calories burned. It felt good. Though, the 2x a week I barely managed to get in this summer - just to maintain my stamina - is now getting upped to 4+ if I can. I need to get back to NOT eating bread, sugar and all the other evils that plague me these days. I've been having a lot of migraines (yesterday - for example) and I think it's because of the bread! Who knows, but I don't like 'em.

Stay tuned tomorrow for this weeks post of I Inspire's gonna be a GREAT one. Until later, I've got to go bite my nails until the bus gets my Little V home!