Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, August 31

Exciting Announcement about My Creative Classroom

I'm happy to announce that I have two on-line classes that I'll be teaching this fall at My Creative Classroom. I'm really excited about this - and I've been working really hard the last couple of weeks to get all the paperwork and images for my classroom just right. There's been plenty of brainstorming sessions with my sketch pad to work out the details of each class.....have you smelt the smoke?? I've also had lots of fun searching for products for each class. I've made endless trips to the bead store in Freeport and JoAnn's but things, I'm happy to say... are finally coming together. If you've done any type of teaching you know that there is a lot that goes into it....and teaching on-line to me has been a real challenge on top of getting everything else for my classes together! I'm happy that I finally have figured out the way things work and can noodle my way around to get the job done.

Here are the descriptions and a few pictures from each class. Click on the link for additional class details or to sign up. Registration for all classes will begin on September 1st.

Magic of Mixed Media Jewelry: Class begins on October 7th

Create 3 to 4 pieces of jewelry utilizing different techniques in mixed media. We will use images that you treasure, and many unexpected but beautiful items found in your Grandma’s attic or even the beach to create interesting works of adornment. Add personal items and create pieces that you will treasure or give to that special someone this holiday season.

This class will be an exploration into the processes of making wearable art and the use of found objects in jewelry. It involves combining discarded and non-traditional materials with traditional crafting techniques to make something beautiful and meaningful.

Stitch up a Happy Holiday: Class begins on November 4th

Join me in this fun and festive Sewing on Paper class as we learn the basics of machine and hand stitching on paper and complete 4 fun decorative Holiday projects that can be tailored to meet any holiday. In this class we will incorporate new and old papers, glitter, lace, ribbon, vintage buttons and more to create a beautiful banner, stamped and collaged cards, one of a kind gift tags, and unique and one of a kind Christmas tree decorations.

I hope to see you in My Creative Classroom this fall! Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, August 23

What we do in Maine....

We had some company over the weekend, but we ate them all. I think there was 80 of them before the other company came and we got started, yup, we had 80 Maine lobster for Saturday dinner. I didn't eat any, but just about everyone else did.

Two parties happen every year on my Mom's side of the family - the lobster feed and the Christmas party. It's pretty convenient - one because most everyone lives in the neighborhood and they can walk home - and two the lobster feed is always at my Mom's house and we do it outside.

This is the first year that the boy has been able to clean out his own, and phew I might add. Cleaning lobster can be a stinky job.

Well, that's all for today. It's been a long weekend and I'm ready for bed.

Wednesday, August 19

Rest by the Sea.....

These two projects seem appropriate to share with you today – we spent the most of yesterday at the beach resting by the cool blue water. Summer is in full swing here and the beach was a nice respit from the heat. I'm still not complaining about the heat - it could stay for the rest of this month and next for all I care, but it was nice to sit and chat with some friends without the distraction of the phone, computer, the sound of Mom Mom Mom and whatever else distracts me while living in the cave that our house has become to keep the heat out.

The last several projects I've made for Inkadinkado have an ocean theme to help them display ways to use new products they are releasing.

You can download the instructions for both of these projects (and many others too I might add) if you like...and find the products available for purchase on their website or in a local stamp shop near you! Just click on the photo to follow the link to the Inka website, from there click on the link that says "see all projects" to choose from several different types of projects to view and get instructions for. I hope you enjoy!!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this beautiful August day!

Sunday, August 16

blueberry heaven....

To say that this summer has not been a summer of crafting really is an understatement. As much as I've wanted to do it, I just haven't! So many supplies to use and no ideas in my brain that want to come out. So, rather than push it, I attribute it to summer and do summer things. Like surf the internet in the cool comfort of my home, LOL. (I must admit, closing the house up in the early morning from the heat and opening it up in the evening really works. When I came home this afternoon it was 74 inside and 86 outside, and the air conditioner is still in my closet untouched fromwhere it was dropped there 2 years ago! Don't tell my husband that I said that though, lol!!)

I must somehow step away from the computer, that's for sure! It's sucked me in. I've discovered that I find some really great blogs by going to one that I like and then following the links to their favorite blogs. MUST. STOP.SOON. Between Facebook and blogs I'm sucked in every night until late. WAY.TO.Late!

I did manage to complete a fun stamping project (yes, a Halloween project can you believe that??) on Friday which turned out really cute. But, it was a struggle at first. Happily it's now done and just needs to be sent home to Pennsylvania. On a side note, you will love the new Inkadinkado fall stamps!! They've introduced some really lovely sketched images, and lots of other really cool images. Thinking I might get inspired by one of my favorite holidays....and make some Halloween projects..... or maybe I'll just buy some paint and paint the hall this week.

I'm thinking the hall will win out over anything else. We've got company coming for the weekend. Annual Family Lobster Feed. Lots of family. Lots of lobster. Maybe lots of beer too. And dessert. Can't have a party in this family without a lot of great desserts. It's like beer for those that don't drink, like my Mom. And me, but I drink.

So, here's one of the summer activities we've been doing a lot of...picking blueberries. We went again on Saturday and picked 9 quarts in 1 hour and 10 minutes. It was great. I froze some, put some in the fridge and gave some away....aaaaah. Love those blueberries. Like my boy says, it's like picking grapes off the vine.

Friday, August 14's August and we're STILL busy???

I'm really disappointed that 2 weeks into August and we're STILL way busier than I want to be!! Our round up this week included 2 sleep overs, a two lunch dates, 2 dr. visits, 1 crafting assignment, a quick business card design for a friend - or was that last week ????, a trip to the Fair to see the Demolition Derby, grocery shopping, and more but I can't remember....oh a conference call to work out some details of cool things to come in the near future :-), but you'll have to hold on to your pants for that because I'm still working on my part before I can show you your part!! hmmmm. mysterious.

The weekend is also BUSY - but fun busy. Goin' to the movies with two of my craftie friends to see the Julia Child movie - looking forward to that - but before that we're getting up early to pick 6 (or 8 depending on the berries) more quarts of blue berries for the freezer - then on Sunday I'm teaching a private scrapbooking lesson in Yarmouth. And Saturday is my Dad's birthday - which I was supposed to make a cake but instead played Boggle with the neighborhood kids and my Mom. When I got home I remembered I went to my Mom's to borrow cocoa powder and 1/2 cup of milk for said chocolate cake. She was relieved, though - because if I didn't make the cake then she didn't have to make the frosting for it....he he. Love how those things work out.

Oh, btw....I skunked everyone at Boggle. I got 40, the closest score was a 16. I attribute it to my creative mind :-)

So, here's a quick run-down in photos of my week:

Catching up with my friend Gayle. We can't remember the last time we saw each other, but both agree that the last time we actually had time to catch up was between 12 and 15 years. Phew, it felt good!

My boy and two of his friends at the Demolition Derby. They had a great time, but they had more fun on the bumper cars than watching the Derby, must be because they were re-living the experience???

One of my favorite flowers - the Purple Cone Flower. I told my boy to choose a cool table at one of our lunch dates (Wild Oats, yum!) and he picked the table with this on it.....he's such a sweet boy! When I asked him what he thought the center of the purple cone flower would feel like before I had him touch it....he thought it would be soft. He was pretty surprised, wished I'd gotten a picture of his face. If you've never felt the center of one of these, you should....I guarentee you'll be surprised. If you can imagine this, it feels a lot like what I imagine a dull porcipine feels like, LOL!!

Well, that's all for tonight. I must get my sleepy butt to bed. THANKS for visiting and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 12

I'm Pleased to introduce......Craft Cycle

My good friend Heidi Boyd has this cool book coming out in the fall -- and I've got some projects and recipes in it. I'm not sure I can share pictures of what I made, so I'll just share the cover that I found over on Amazon. It's a very cool book and Heidi put a lot of work into it.

My contribution to the projects part were a lot of fun to make - and I've already gotten them back. The recipes - well my first ever recipes in print - are a delicious black bean soup and some granola. I'm excited to see them, and have been thinking of entering some recipes in a I just may do that!

So, a quick thanks to Heidi for having me help out, I hope your book is very successful!

Monday, August 10

My Heart....

The summer, boy its finally made itself known here in the Northeast. The last few nights it has felt like fall - one night it was even 53 degrees. Beautiful 74 degree days with cool night, what more could one want??? Nothing, in my eyes. I guess others wanted more - and kept praying for more. Me, I was happy with no rain. or a little shower now and then just to keep my garden moist.

I think for all those praying for better, hotter more summer like weather - well all their cumulative prayers finally kicked in - today it's a steamy 84 degrees. I suppose I should be thankful that it's not like the oppressive heat they are getting in Texas, but please - everyone - can we just have the 74 degree days with cool, sweatshirt nights back?? Those are my favs for sure!

Today I thought I'd share a little glass stamped project I made for Spotted Canary. Click on the image to go to the website for a complete supply list and instructions. I'd love to see you in the forum, we've got some talented ladies there chatting it up!!

Enjoy your Monday, I know I will, I've got yoga tonight and then relaxing at home! Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 8

Scrapbooking and Beyond Magazine

I've been so busy this summer that I forgot to post this project that I did for Scrapbooking and Beyond Magazine. This is the last in the 4 part series that I did for them using my Wacom Fun Tablet.

You can download the .pdf instructions here and make this page or something similar to it yourself. The instructions include the digi part of the page too! I hope you enjoy it!!

I've been cleaning out my studio - getting rid of stuff, moving other things around - making room for all the boxes of new stuff that's been coming the last few weeks - which has been no easy project since lots of new EK, Inkadinkado, and K & Company stuff has come!!

Thanks so much for visiting, enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Thursday, August 6

First Trip to the Beach this Summer

We've had a lucky streak - lucky in the weather department that is. The sun's been shining, finally - I must say! We've been pretty sick of the weather, as I may have mentioned before - so the last few days have been heavenly!

Yesterday we went to a nice little local beach with my friend Hannah and two of her daughters. It was a lovely day picking up beautiful flat rocks to use for jewelry, playing with hermit crabs and chatting about the meaning of life and art and how to make the two work together!!

Tuesday, August 4

EK Success Halloween Slim Punches

Thought I'd share a little video with you today. EK Success has a bunch of new Halloween punches coming out (soon I think) and I got several of them in the spring to make projects with. As you watch the video Joy tells about the new punches and then shows the different projects I (and one of my co-team members) made using them. Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, August 3

Artsy Fartsy Get Together

When I got up this morning my kitchen counter was clean - papers that usually adorn the corner were put away - crumbs washed off and any trace of lego pieces, rocks and bugs nicely put away. This was it - in the midst of our crafting time. Karen and Kelley showed up before lunch time, just after I took the brownies out of the oven. (perfect timing if you ask me, LOL) and stayed until well after 4. We had lunch, dessert, were entertained by my boy, looked around my studio - and worked on both new and old projects!

After Kelley finished her Art Journal from the month before last she got to working on this BEAUTIFUL rag rug. It's going to be amazing when she finishes it - and sturdy too! I'd like to learn how to make a few trivets for the kitchen one day.

Karen's the over-achiever of the three of us (he he he) and actually GOT a lot done today. Not only did she help us to finish our art journals but completely covered the outside of another one. Here she is trying out my punchinella. I think she liked it!

I made a few cards using scraps from my scrap basket. The greenish paper is something left over from an Inka project I did a couple months ago. It's been sitting at the top of my scrap pile just begging to be used....and today was the day! I just love the chipboard butterflies, don't remember who makes them but they are the perfect thickness. These two cards, plus another one just need some machine stitching and they'll be complete. I love how they turned out!

My two dear friends also got to witness what happens when I get new boxes in the mail. Today I got a box of Fall and Winter holiday stamps from InkaDinkaDo. Can you tell I absolutely love this Halloween one?? It's a perfect stamp!! Can't wait to use it!

BTW, love my new apron. It was on clearance for $12.99 at Williams Sonoma last month when I shopped for my niece's birthday present. She got one exactly like mine only hers was less!!!

Well, that's all for today, hope you had a CREATIVE and wonderful day too!

Sunday, August 2

some new cards....

I've been trying to get to these thank you cards for about a week now, got some that need to be sent out for nice things that have been done and last night after the boy went to bed I finally had an idea for a simple card, yet nice to make and nice to get. I think they still need a little machine sewing, but I'll get to that this afternoon after we've done some other things. I think I'll just stitch the heart on each card, fast and easy!! Though something tells me that I'll end up stitching a border, they look pretty naked with out that!

The rest of the pictures are of the picnic we went on one night last week to Popham Beach. The picnic part wasn't so nice because the mosquitos were ferocious, but after that we walked on the beach for quite a while and that was nice. My favorite picture is the one with my husband and my shadow on his shirt. I also loved the forest at the waters edge, that was pretty cool!

Well, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!