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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, October 30

My Little Helper...

On Sunday when I was at Pamela's house she had a lovely gift for everyone. One of the ladies got a box filled with these York Peppermint Patties decorated with pumkins and scalloped circles. She had picked up the pumpkin stamp at Joann's for a buck and lucky me she didn't mind that I stamped a bunch of them to make my own for a Halloween treat for my 4th Graders at our Friday Crafting Class. Tonight my Little V. helped me punch and assemble the treats, he's such a great crafter! I bought the largest bag of peppermint patties, not the extra large patties but the one bite patties. One bag made 37 party favors with 3 patties left over for the taste tester. I used the 2" EK Success Scalloped Punch and the 1 1/2" Nesting Circle Punch for this project. One scallop on the bottom, one on the top and add the pumpkin in the center. We used a small piece of double stick tape to stick everything together. Little V did most of the punching - didn't he do a great job?
Look at the concentration on his face! I've got a million things to do this weekend so I may not post tomorrow.....have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 29

Before AND After....

I made this little collage on Sunday while I was at Pamela's house. After the Technique Show & Tell we got our supplies out and started making things, and besides eating a lot of little chocolates that were on the table I made this. I just cut and pasted, no ruler - no paper cutter - just my scissors and a piece of chipboard so I could get a semi-straight line.

I did everything for this little collage, on the 12th Day of Christmas except the stitching while I was there. It's been silently calling to me from the bottom of the pile of scraps on my desk since Sunday. Begging me to finish it. Add the words and the golden stitching that would transform it from blah to oooooooh la la!

So, while I was procrastinating, looking for something to do - anything but what I am supposed to be doing - I decided to stitch this lovely and share it with you.

Notice I even stitched the red Christmas light reflector thingie.

Sewing on Paper is easy. If you can sew on fabric you can do this. If you've never sewn on fabric, I challenge you, TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to try it. You'll never stop. You'll become addicted to it, just like me!

BTW, I never heard from two of the winners of the EK Success drawing - and I still have the chipboard books left. I decided that I'm not going to wait any longer to hear from them - so I'll send one set to the 10th poster and one set to the 11th poster....and posting twice doesn't count ;-) no internationals (sorry) - but Canada is ok.

Paper Crafts Gourmet !! Yum.

Looks what our friends at Paper Crafts magazine have cooked up! If you like to CRAFT and COOk, then this book will be a must have for your library. They've compiled 50 original recipes and over 110 paper-crafted creations into a beautiful book called Paper Crafts Gourmet. You can read more about it here and also be sure to order your copy and one for a friend too! I can't wait to get my copy...there is nothing I enjoy more than baking, cooking, and paper-crafting!

And, to help entice you a bit more about this book, I get to share a project and recipe created by Alisa Bangerter that you'll find inside the pages of this book. Perfect for a Halloween Feast this Friday night --I'm thinking chili and biscuits in just a few days :) Plus they're fast and easy to make too! Here's the supply lists, instructions, and the recipe for you to create your own goodies. Maybe I'll type up my vegetarian chili recipe and share that tomorrow!


Enjoy Halloween Tag

Designer: Alisa Bangerter

SUPPLIES: Cardstock: (ivory) Dye ink:(Black) Stewart Superior Corp.; (Summer Sun) Stampin’ Up! Specialty ink: (Mango Lemonade color wash) Stewart Superior Corp. Color medium:(black chalk) Craf-T Products Accents: (black brads) Making Memories; (chipboard bat, moon) Melissa Frances Fibers: (black striped ribbon) Pebbles Inc. Font: (Black Family) Adhesive: (foam tape) Finished size: 3" x 4 1/2"

1Make tag from cardstock. 2 Crumple tag and smooth out. Spray edges with color wash; let dry. Apply chalk. 3 Ink chipboard moon; let dry. Chalk edges and adhere. 4 Ink chipboard bat; let dry. Adhere with foam tape. 5Print sentiment on cardstock; trim and tear edges. Chalk edges and adhere with foam tape. Attach brads. Attach ribbon with brad.


Cheesy Garlic Drop Biscuits

Alisa Bangerter

This is a perfect recipe to pull out if you are short on time because there is no rolling or cutting. The cheese and garlic add extra kick to a plain biscuit, and kids love them. They are the perfect accompaniment to serve with soups or stews, and are great served with a salad.


2 c. flour

2 tbsp. granulated sugar

4 tsp. baking powder

1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1/2 tsp. salt

2/3 c. butter or margarine

1 1/2 c. grated cheddar cheese

1 1/4 c. milk

Chives (optional)


Mix together dry ingredients. Cut in butter with pastry cutter until mixture is fine. Add cheese and mix well. Add milk and stir until just moistened. Drop by spoonfuls onto greased baking sheet. Sprinkle top with chopped dried or fresh chives if desired. Bake at 400 degrees for approx. 15 minutes.

Thank you Paper Crafts magazine and Alisa for sharing!

Tuesday, October 28

Been a busy couple of days around here!!

I can't believe it's Tuesday already, seems like it should be Saturday afternoon still! I've been busy making art with friends, getting ready for the craft fairs we've got planned in November and working on assignments for EK Success.

For the first time since we lived in Washington State I've got a couple of groups of friends that I get together with to make art. Thursday of last week I went to my friend Hannah's house - she is the one I'm doing the fair circuit with and we crafted all day with our other friend Heidi Boyd. We also had a lovely lunch that we all contributed to, and that's always great!

On Sunday I went to another friend's house for an art afternoon. There were 6 of us sitting around her dining room table sharing techniques, eating snacks and talking about art and creativity. Food for the soul! It was a great time and I can't wait until we do it again!

And yesterday I went on a junkin' tour with my friends Karen and Kelley. We also stopped for a great lunch at Big G's Deli. Lunch was delicious - veggie soup and sweet potato french fries, but dessert was the best! And no, I didn't eat THAT monster all by myself! We split it 4 ways and Kelley took 1/4 of it home to her hubby!

Before we went home we stopped at Karen's house and visited it with Sassy. Isn't she adorable! I think she wanted to come home with me because when we got to the front door to leave she hopped on my foot and tried to climb up my leg!! At one point I laughed at something she did and said "that was funny" and she said " that was so funny"...she was super funny but didn't like it when we laughed at her!

Today it's back to business as usual working on EK Assignments, it's raining like the dickens and I've got to pick up the boy for his drum lesson this afternoon! I'm hoping I don't melt ;-) Ta Ta for now.

Friday, October 24


I finally added the Halloween cards to my Etsy shoppe, sorry it took me so long. I was waiting to hear back from a woman that expressed interest in several of them, I've listed what's left. Don't forget, these cards are an awesome price - two for the price of one...all collaged and machine stitched with gold thread...with a vellum envelope. You still have time to get them shipped to you before Halloween if you act ASAP!!

Thursday, October 23

How I'm feeling today.... Domestically Challenged!!

I'm not a lover of housework, never have been - never will be either I guess. A couple of years ago when I came out of my studio with this ATC my husband cracked up and it's been a running joke between us ever since.

Don't get me wrong, my house looks clean and there isn't any clutter, except for right at this very moment....but that's another story... for another paragraph! I just don't like to vacuum - or dust - or wash the floors. I do it, honestly I do do it - but I grumble and bumble every moment I'm spending on cleaning and not creating!

Anyway, I'm really feeling awful the last few days because I haven't done laundry at home for over 2 weeks really, not entirely my fault mind washing machine died a couple of weeks ago...and first I couldn't decide what I wanted to replace it with, then I was washing it at my neighbor's house (well, she happens to be my Mother too) and drying it at my house...then her dryer died and my old dryer went to live at her house...then my new stackable front loading washer/dryer unit was FINALLY delivered - and the dryer was USED. Or rather not new. Whatever you call it I didn't use it because it had a you know what kind of hair from SOMEONE ELSE inside it. (insert disgusted face and a loud eeeeeeeeew!) So, my new dryer will be delivered NEXT week sometime, but in the meantime I've got to do some laundry. I think my neighbor may be tired of me using her dryer, but I"m not entirely sure of that :-). She does like the mid day tea and cookie break that an unexpected visit from her only daughter brings....

ON that note, she's having a big turkey dinner and we're gotta go or I'll be late...though it's only a 400 yard walk from my house to hers...I love that! So, ta ta for now. I've got to go find something vegetarian at her house.

Friday, October 17

I'm Selling Halloween Cards on my blog!!

***edited to add: I think I'm going to add these to my Etsy tonight or tomorrow...and mark them WAY down to get them out of here! I thought I could side step the Etsy charges by listing them here, but I guess I'm not going to have any takers on this two for the price of one sale. So, if you are interested in buying these cards check my Etsy shop...the link is at the top of the page!

Two 5 x 7 Halloween Cards for the low price of $7.00 (that's only 3.50 each....for a handmade card!!) plus shipping and handling or two 4 x 6 postcards for $4.00 plus shipping and handling. I normally sell the larger cards for $7.50 a piece (they come packaged in a clear bag and have a vellum envelope) but since the show I was planning on taking them to got canceled out I'd like to give these cards new homes before Halloween. Just email me at luvlife (at) and tell me which two you'd like, or post a comment here and I'll email you the details. The 4 x 6 postcards don't have a vellum envelope but you can put a stamp on the clear bag and send it through the postal system.

I accept PayPal payments, which makes the speediest delivery. If you order today or over the weekend I can ship them on Monday and you will have them in time to give them to someone special for Halloween - or keep one for yourself.

These collage cards can be framed and hung every year at Halloween. Hurry, while supplies last!

(above) Merry Halloween
Pick Your Own Pumpkin
Tonight's Memories #1 - ready for a little message from you
Adventuring De Lux
October 31st 5 x 7 Owls
October 31st Spider
October 31st Jack O Lantern
Tonight's Memories #2 - ready for a little message from you
Happy Halloween 448 These are 4 x 6 Postcards:
Spirit of the Sightseer Happy Halloween Owls Happy Halloween Woman Happy Halloween 4 x 6 Card This is a 4 x 6 card with a Vellum Envelope but still a 2 fer on the 4 x 6

A Conspiracy to Create...

I keep forgetting to post this, and my friend Kara Ward posted it on her blog today and it kicked me in the but to get it done! Hope you have a store in your area with this going on, it looks like it's going to be a great time!

A Conspiracy to Create...

You can become a Deputy Crafter for a Crop Scene Investigation. Visit this website : and register for some crafting fun! Until November 10Th, the site will host daily giveaways and give you clues to help solve a crafting mystery. Celebrate on November 15Th at participating local stores for even more fun. Join EK Success, Martha Stewart Crafts, K and Company, Inkadinkado, and Prism for the some crafting excitement.

By the way, I've only heard from one of the winners of the drawing with her address - first come first serve on the goodies. Tools go first and then chipboard books last. KT - a handmade surprise for you....come on ladies - email me your addresses! luvlife (at) to claim your goodies.

Wednesday, October 15

The Winners are....

drum roll please: Well, it was really really tough to pick the winners...I just loved what everyone had to say, and I have to agree that I have many favorite tools from EK, but the ones I reach for the most are my scissors - the Fabric Bee's (which are discontinued....but they cut fabric like buttah) and my Cutterbee Titanium (the blue ones) scissors. But, be careful you don't poke your eye out because they are pretty sharp at the tip! Anyway, to get on with it ... the winners are:

Winner #1: Anonymous said...

The question is....What EK product DON'T I like!!! lol! I am anxious to hear how you like the Craft Cleaner. I have always used my cutter my favorite product is the tweezers that came with my scissors. The tweezers have same my fingertips from being glue on many detailed projects!!! They are a staple on my craft desk. I actually panic if I cannot find them easily! Karen Cheetham

Winner #2: Gramjak said...

My friends say I'm the EK Queen as I love all my EK products and use them all the time. The tools are spectacular and I'm dying to have the new Gingerbread House and Mittens Mini Albums. Please take a chance on me!!!

Winner #3: Andrea said...

Wow......lucky you to get "extras"!!! It is so nice of you to give them to your scrapping buddies in blog-land!! Hope I'm not too late for my entry, crossing my fingers that I get lucky! :)

Winner #4: Jean said...

Have punches and a cutter bee cutter. Love so many of their products! What a wonderful giveaway!

Congratulations everyone. Please email me luvlife (at) suscom-maine (dot) net your address and I'll get the goods out to you...and your package will be a complete surprise!!


Thanks for being so patient veryone...just wanted to pop in and tell you I'll be drawing the name later today or late there's still time to leave a comment on the post below!! Good Luck everyone and thank you for all your lovely comments so far!!

Friday, October 10

Finally...after about 6 months....

I wanted to share a canvas I've been working on, looking at - puzzled with for the last 6 months or so. I started it when I taught a class at my friend Loretta's house and have been wanting to finish it...but something about it kept bugging me and I'd look at it for 30 minutes - paw through my stuff looking for that perfectly exact thing that it needed for completion. I ripped things off. I painted. I gessoed. I put it away. I dug it out. I went to the flea market looking for that perfectly exact thing that it needed and came home empty handed. (Well, not exactly empty handed - I had things - just nothing for this....) Believe me this canvas was a constant source of frustration because I wanted to finish it!

BTW, this was inspired by an article in one of the Somerset Magazines by Charlotte Lyons. When I blogged about this awhile ago I mentioned that but I forgot to say it again! I'll try and find the article it was inspired by and post the details!

I am happy to say that this baby is done. And only because I have an art show this evening and I want to bring it along - hoping that someone will recognize that perfectly exact thing that it needed and take it home to their house.

You wanna know what that perfectly exact thing was? It was the package of Basic Grey Mod Designer rub-ons in Green and Brown I bought from LifeTime Moments that came in the mail yesterday. No sooner did I get that box opened and see those rubs and I knew I had found that perfectly exact thing this canvas needed to make it complete.
I've got two of each of the following packages. One is a tool package contains a trimmer/scissor combo package, a snowflake border punch and a fancy dancy new and WAY cool Craft Cleaner and the other has two chipboard albums. Just leave me a comment and tell me what YOUR FAVORITE EK Success product is and I'll pick four winners on October 15th. Please, tell your friends - families - post this where ever you want....the more the merrier!

Thursday, October 9

Shipping Error = GIVEAWAY time!

Gosh, what a week. Seems like I've been on warp 9 again...and just not on the computer much this week. Between having an art day/birthday party for a friend, working on a project for Scrapbooks & Beyond magazine, volunteering at my son's school, drum practice, a new drama class and working on projects for some craft shows - well you get the picture. I've got more Halloween projects to post, patience and I'll get to them tomorrow!

Since I'm feeling really bad about not blogging for a week I've got mega giveaways....I had a shipment of product from EK Success and since they've been experiencing some mega changes I ended up with THREE of some things. So, rather than send them back - I'm going to be GIVING them away.

So, you ask what am I giving away....well - I've got two of each of the following packages. One is a tool package contains a trimmer/scissor combo package, a snowflake border punch and a fancy dancy new and WAY cool Craft Cleaner and the other has two chipboard albums. Just leave me a comment and tell me what YOUR FAVORITE EK Success product is and I'll pick four winners on October 15th. Please, tell your friends - families - post this where ever you want....the more the merrier!

I'm really sorry to say but no internationals please unless you want to Paypal me the shipping charges! The tools will cost a fortune to get to you.
Good luck everyone! Ta Ta for NOW!

Thursday, October 2

More Halloween Goodness!

Worked on a few more Halloween collages and ATC's fun to make..and so fast. I just love the way the stitching changes the look of the completed project...and the inking too! The ones I posted yesterday and DANGER from today will be available in my Etsy shop.

If you're in need of some great eye candy today, check out Donna Downey's blog....she posted some really awesome canvas pieces - which make me want to do some canvas art. RIGHT NOW instead of the other things on my agenda! Thanks for the inspiration Donna! Also, check out this cool Sweet Baby tag from Carolyn Peeler. I just love that too!

That's all for now, I'm working on an album for a good friend and need to get my butt in gear! I haven't even dried my hair yet. Have an awesome day.

Wednesday, October 1

Blewits (Lepista nuda, Clitocybe nuda)

I think Rainy is correct, the mushroom I found in my garden is a Blewit, or Lepista nuda. Here's another picture of it. Lori, I googled the species that you mentioned but I am pretty sure that's not it. The mushroom I found is definetly purple on the underside(the purple has faded on it as it's been out of the ground since Monday), it looks exactly like the mushrooms shown here at the link Rainy sent me: I don't plan on eating it, as a matter of fact I've already put it in the garbage (not the compost bin) just in case it is poisonous! THANKS ladies for the help in identifying this!

I am really excited about the I Inspire 9: Metal and Wire post today. First it's gorgeous, second because Rita Weiss was the guest designer and THIRD and most important of all the I Inspire Me Blog was featured in ScrapStreet Magazine this month. What an awesome write up....thanks ScrapStreet!

Here's my page for the I Inspire Me Metal and Wire Challenge:

I've also made these little 4x6 Halloween Collages last 10:30. eeek. No wonder I am tired today! I meant to show you a picture of them BEFORE stitching and then again AFTER to impress on you just how much sewing on paper adds to a project but my before pictures didn't come out so great. So, take my word for it and start sewing on your paper creations TODAY! Practice makes perfect! Gotta run, ta ta for now!