Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, March 30

Benefit for Haiti at My Creative Classroom

Join My Creative Classroom as we help the victims of Haiti's recent earthquake. Ten of the MCC faculty and myself have come together to offer this wonderful class. It really is a 'buffet' of different styles and techniques that you won't want to miss!

All proceeds from this class will go to a wonderful organization - Haiti by Hand. Haiti By Hand is an artisan group of Haitian women begun by Rebecca Sower. Just days before the earthquakes of January 2010, Rebecca was in Haiti working with this group of women. She opened this etsy shop to showcase and sell the handcrafts of the Haitians, as well as a shop to sell items donated by artists and crafters who want to help this group of Haitians rebuild and establish themselves after the devastation of the earthquakes.

Joining me for this wonderful class are the following MCC Instructors:

  • Colleen Shaan
  • Shirley Pando
  • Jennifer Priest
  • Samantha Star
  • Linda Dotterer
  • Kim Fairbanks
  • Kim Parkinson
  • Donna Maligno
  • Kylie Hopkins
  • Jeri Parks

This class is now open for enrollment - and images of all the projects as well as supply lists will be available soon.

  • Course Start Date: April 27th
  • Course Fee: $20
  • Course Length: 3 Weeks

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you in the classroom!

Monday, March 29

Get Creative with Punches

It's been a crazy busy time - with projects and classes to teach - and to top it off there was no school today and half a day on Friday. Thankfully I was able to get some work done today - and some over the weekend, so it's all good - even if it did pour all day and we were stuck inside. It was a good (no - great) pajama day!

Here's another sneak peak from the Get Creative with Punches class I'll be teaching at My Creative Classroom. I really love when a project that I imagine in my head turns out exactly as I pictured. I can't decide if I'm going to keep it or give it away......I'm leaning to the latter - and making another, LOL.

Anyway, I used 17 different paper punches to make this, yes I said SEVENTEEN - but I did use them over and over again.

Be sure to check out the details over at MCC.....I think you'll love this class!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you're doing great!

Thursday, March 25

Finally, some needle felting....

I love Wednesday Night Needlefelting classes with the Beattie Chicks. One, because they are so generous with their information, supplies and friendship - and Two because I can go out for a couple hours and come home with some really cute completed projects. If you live locally you should check them out, the prices are reasonable - the fun is AWESOME - and the talent is even more awesome!!

Last night we made some Easter themed projects....the first - this cute little chickie. I was so happy that Leslie showed us how to wire up the legs - they look so much sweeter with little legs.

I think he's about 4" long. I just love him. I hope I have some yellow in my stash because I think I want to make some more before Easter.....hmmmm - that's only a little more than a week away - probably won't happen. But it was a good thought.

Then we made these sweet Easter eggs. LOVE them, and so easy - a cave woman could do it... LOL.

Well, back to work...have a glorious day. It's not raining here - the sun is out and it's almost 60. The wood stove is off and the back door is open, yahoo.

THANKS for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 23

My Saturday Night Date!

leftover frozen pizza, Twilight, New Moon, mint tea and this......

This is what I've been working on since Saturday afternoon. . . . 150 8" x 8" scrapbook pages....duplications of an original. My wrist is sore and I'm almost out of adhesive. But I'm almost done too, yahoo!

Anyway, back to work, thanks for stopping by, hope it's not raining where you are - it's been pouring cats and dogs today. At least it's not snowing!

Monday, March 22

Want to get more from your Craft Punches?

Do you have a lot of craft punches that you don't use? Are you interested in punches but not sure how to use them? Take this class with me at My Creative Classroom and we'll make some fun projects: cards, atc's, and a few others in this 4 week class. The it's pretty reasonable too, $25. for 4 weeks, that's just $6.25 per class.

I'll also show you how to maintain your punches and how to use some of the different types of punches available at the craft store.

Here's a sneak peak from the first lesson. I hope to see you there! Email or post any questons you have and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 18

i LOVE u Card

Just a quick post today, sharing another card I made and posted at Spotted Canary.

You can get a complete supply list and how, just jump on over, go to the gallery and look for projects by CMScanlon. I like the "u" alphabet stamp very much, I think I should start using the set it came from more often.

Wednesday, March 17

Wire, Paint and Paper Starts TODAY!

I've been busy so working on my lessons for Wire, Paint and Paper over at My Creative Classroom that I forgot today was St. Patty's day AND the first day of lessons - and pretty much everything else besides laundry and feeding my family! I'm not Irish - Scottish actually - so I don't usually pay much attention to green today. :-)

Speaking of My Creative Classroom, I just finished up creating Lesson 4 - and it's a little colorful and very whimsical - you're not going to want to miss this class! You can see some sneak peeks of the lessons I've completed so far here, here and here, you still have plenty of time to sign up. And, remember - for every class you sign up for in March you get a $5 coupon towards classes that start in April. That's a great deal, and we have some great offerings. If you sign up for my class in March, you can use that $5 coupon towards classes by any other instructor at My Creative Classroom beginning in April. Unfortunately I don't have any classes starting in April.

In case you were wondering, Wire, Paint and Paper is 6 weeks long. For each lesson that I present each week you get a slide-show presentation with voice over, a pdf hand out and supply list. That works out to about $9.16 per class- AND you can work at your own pace at home any time of the day or night. It's quite a deal, and you'll learn a lot about different supplies and how to use them. I hope to see you there!

Since no post is complete without some type of photo or project, I wanted to share this pretty card I made that's up on Spotted Canary. This is one of my all-time favorite cards, I think it's because I like butterflies so much.

Thanks for stopping by, oh - and if you have any questions about how on-line classes work over at My Creative Classroom - don't hesitate to post them, along with your email address and I'll get to you ASAP!

Enjoy this beautiful SPRING like day. The wood stove is off and the back door is open, yahoo!

Tuesday, March 16

Sketch by Numbers Cards!

Just a quick note to share these cards with you today. Have you ever done a paint by number, sketch by number or other project like that and then DONE nothing with it, let these cards inspire you to turn those old, unfinished or unloved projects into something great!

These three cards were made from 1 11" x 14" Sketch By Number canvas. I probably could have gotten one or two more cards if I had been more frugal with my cutting, LOL.

If you like these, hop on over to Spotted Canary for a complete list of supplies and detailed how-to's.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Friday, March 12

they HOLD my heart

If you haven't signed up for the Wire, Paint and Paper class that I will be teaching at My Creative Classroom - you have plenty of time - it doesn't start until next Wednesday. If you haven't made up your mind, here's another sneak peak to entice you to join us.

And don't forget, for every class you sign up for at My Creative Classroom in March you get a $5.00 coupon to use on classes that start in April.

The weather has been beautiful this week - I need to get some fresh air! I've been inside all week working away on this, that and the other thing!

THANKS for stopping by, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 9

Inspired by the Ocean

We've been experiencing glorious weather the last few days - which is almost a miracle for Maine in the beginning of March! Saturday, Sunday and Monday I let the woodstove burn out and opened the doors to blow the stink of winter out - and get the sickness that's been going around for the last 4 weeks OUT of this house. It was wonderful! If I'd had a clothesline I think I would have washed all the quilts and hung them out so I could snuggle down in that delicious smell of clean, laundry dried by the sun. Bummer, must get my husband working on that for me ;-)

In between walks in the sun, a tiny bit of pre-spring spring cleaning and running errands I've been working on another canvas for my next on-line class at My Creative Classroom.

It's funny - the way the creative process works for me! This canvas has so MANY layers - and it wouldn't look AT ALL like this without them - but you can hardly see them. It's the process that I enjoy. I am always amazed at how something that starts out white and boring can end up looking so cool when it's done.

If you're interested in learning my process for creating canvases like this, take a trip over to My Creative Classroom. This class - Wire, Paint and Paper starts next Wednesday and lasts for 6 weeks. We'll be making a new canvas each week! You'll find lots of techniques, ways to use suppies and a new presentation each week.

THANKS for stopping by, I hope the weather is as nice for you as it is in New England this week.

Sunday, March 7

Wire Paint & Paper at My Creative Classroom

Just wanted to share a little peak of my next class that starts on March 17th (St. Patty's Day) over at My Creative Classroom. And, thought you might like to let you know that there’s a special going on to celebrate that March is craft month! For every class you sign up for at My Creative Classroom in March - you get a $5.00 coupon for classes that start in April and beyond. That’s a great deal, I hope you’ll take advantage of it!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you in my Wire, Paint and Paper class, it’s starting NEXT week! I guess I better get busy!!

Tuesday, March 2

Mixed Media Jewelry at My Creative Classroom

I was so excited about this last lesson I created for my on-line course at My Creative Classroom that I had to share. I'm pretty sure that I'm longing for spring by the colors I chose. It's been so brown (or white and windy) for so long I am really ready for lots of splashes of color to brighten things up.

This is usually the time of year when I start moving things around, purging closets and getting rid of junk - which leaves me feeling renewed until we have the pretty colors of spring out the window. I've got so many things going on that I don't have time to right now .....I think I need to hire a maid, LOL!

Well, thanks for stopping by....hope you're finding some ways to get a little spring color in your neck of the woods!

Monday, March 1

What can I say?

Long time no many things to say - no words to say them...ha ha ha. So, here's a list to catch me up for the last week:

  • I was feeling better, well enough to jump back on the treadmill and do a couple 5k's last week, now I'm getting a sore throat and feel a little hot. URGH. I just don't have time to be sick right now. My husband is sick, and I think he has something that we didn't now that's what I'm getting. urgh. EmergenC don't fail me now!
  • I finally got the OWOH packages mailed today, sorry ladies - between being sick, having sick people and lots of work backed up I hadn't gone to the post office. it's done now...look for your packages soon.
  • I haven't picked a winner of the 500th post yet, but they're going to win a copy of a book called Craft Cycle and an ATC made from recycled papers. (ok so JINGLE, you're the winner, send me your address and I'll get this book out to you ASAP)
  • Took a field trip to Absolutely Everything on Sunday, it was great to finally get out of the house for the day. I was a little crabby to come home.
  • Between working on my artsy crafty stuff I'm also planning a trip to NYC for April Vacation. Any suggestions on places to stay? Looking at the Roosevelt.
  • We had some wicked weather over the weekend and lost power for 24 seemed like a REALLY long time. I did manage to read an entire book on Friday and finished it up by candlelight. Also managed to cook an awesome dinner by candlelight.
  • I told you, lots to say and few words to say them with.....

Here's a little block of 16 inchies I made. Easy little things to create, they go fast and are fun little collages.

So, what have you been up to lately? Thanks for stopping by!