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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, December 29

Check out this COOL Give-a-way!

My friend Vic is doing two fantastic give-a-ways on her blog, and you've got to check them out!! This is what she has to say:

It's my turn to do the Crafty Secrets give-a-way now! yay! I haven't finished my Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine give-a-way so.... How can you beat two give-a-ways at the same time???So here it is! Sandy the owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage , has been so generous with letting all the girls on the team , letting each of us host our own giveaway. She has even given us choice of what we want to giveaway. This is my choice...


  • 1 French Mail stamp set
  • 1 Cherub stamp set
  • 1 Sweet Chips Chipboard house
  • 1 "Seasonal" booklet
  • 1 sheet of Valentine stickers

How is that for fun? ha! All you have to do , is comment in this post, and I'll put your name in for the drawing on January 2 ( next Wed) I thought I'd share with you , some Valentine cards I made using some of these stamps. All of these where done with these two stamp sets, with the exception of the one in the bottom right corner. It was done using the "Artsy Alphabet" stamp set.

I chose these stamps because I love how you can build with some of the elements in these sets. You can see how you can take the stamps and create so many different designs from by combining them in different ways.

The bonus about checking out Vic's blog is you'll see all of the beautiful things she creates....she's such an inspiration!

Good LUCK! Make sure to go over to Vic's blog and leave a comment on her post about the Give-away to have a chance at winning!!

Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Afternoon

Merry Christmas everyone!! I can't believe that my Little Valentine still believes in Santa....but he does. Last night the Santa Doppler came on the news and he was riveted to the news. It was so adorable to see. He wrote Santa a letter (and asked him if MOM was on the naughty list...he he he - naughty boy!) and asked for his address so they could be penpals. What a boy.
I also can't believe - after all the stress of shopping and deciding what to purchase, the gift wrapping with fancy papers, all the baking and extra cooking I've been up to - and then the money spent - it was over in a matter of 30 minutes. LV woke us up at 4:15 begging to get up. The answer wasa flat out NO, go back to sleep - and he did, until about 5:30... when he asked if he could go downstairs to see what Santa had left - by that time I was wide awake and decided it was time for all of us to get up. After the coffee was made and everyone settled in their favorite perch, it was over so fast. The wrapping paper that I so lovingly wrapped all his gifts in haphazardly discarded....and in the garbage heap right now...unbelievable.

You know, really - it was so worth it - to see the happiness on this boy - we weren't extravagant - but he got many of the things on his list. And our little Guinness iS HAPPY too - Santa brought her a new chipmunk to chew... this is her staring at the live grey squirrel on my Mom's bird feeder...the mere mention of the "s" word sends her screaming (quite literally) to the door begging to be left out!

My Santa brought me a new Epson 1400 or something like that ....yummy! Can't wait to start printing 13x19 pieces of fabric....look out people - this is gonna rock!

Ta Ta for now, the Crown Roast is calling my I need to prepare a salad and some other little things. I've got to melt the Jalapeno Jelly I made this fall and pour it over cream cheese for a quick before dinner snackie snack. I'm a little hungry right now! :-)

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas !!

Just a quick note to wish you all a Happy and SAFE Christmas with your family and friends. Cherish every moment - and don't forget to take lots of pictures to use in all your projects after the holidays!

Saturday, December 22

My Christmas Valentine...

okokok. But what else am I supposed to call him...he's my little Valentine - so for these pictures he's my little Christmas Valentine...he he he. These are the pictures we sent out in our Christmas cards this year. I usually stress over the composition and try to come up with something totally unique and fun...but this year I've been so out of sorts that I didn't even take the picture until the 17th... I do love how they came out, don't you? My Mom and I went out grocery shopping today and to find a few last minute stocking stuffers, and I've just got to say - what makes people so DANG rude? I try so hard to say excuse me and smile at people and make jokes when I can - I usually take lots of deep breaths too - but jeez - come on people ! It seems to me that it would be so much easier to smile and say have a nice day than it is to be mean and rude? Needless to say, it was a frustrating time out and about today! People must have thought I was having a baby or something I was taking so many deep breaths...LOL. I opened up a good ol' Sammie Adams the minute I got home to help relieve the tension....might have to have another just for good measure! Well, TTFN and have a wonderful Saturday night!

Friday, December 21

L.L. Bean ROCKS!

We went shopping at L.L. Bean in FreeKport yesterday and had a few extra minutes left over to check out the new addition to their Hunting and Fishing department. They created a huge addition with a log bridge, with a nice place to relax in front of a fire place on leather chairs watching a big screen They really know how to make ther customers feel comfortable..... ( I say Freekport because usually it's packed with rude people and cars and it just freaks me out.... but yesterday was nice because it was snowing heavely so most people stayed home! )

Anyway, the walkway on the first floor over to the addition has a lovely fish tank...with a bubble on the inside that you can get into and feel like you are really close to the fish. We had so much fun making faces in there....and while we were in the bubble my good friend Leslie walked by... I always run into her in the weirdest places....her daughter and my Little Valentine were fast friends in the bubble...and check out Leslie - she sure has that trout face down doesn't she?
That's us....yes - I've been wearing my glasses a lot lately.

Leslie making funny faces at the old cranky Brown Trout in the tank!

My little Valentine, face to face with Rainbow Trout, totally in heaven!

Well, TTFN...I've got a few people I need to make some special things for and hopefully get them in the mail tomorrow....maybe Monday....

Tuesday, December 18


For More Information, Contact: Amanda Hensley,

ScrapMuse, the online scrapbooking shop and mid-month kit club that provides “inspiration when you need it,” is pleased to announce its new Web site at The new site provides fresh graphics and easy access to the online store, kit club, gallery, forum and blog. A monthly, free newsletter is filled with scrapbooking designs, tips and articles from the ScrapMuse design team. A new For Boys Only section will offer scrapbooking supplies suitable for pages about boys and men. “I am really excited about the new Web site,” says Amanda Hensley, who just celebrated her first anniversary as owner of ScrapMuse. “The feedback from scrapbookers has been tremendous.” To commemorate the new Web site, she is offering a weekly giveaway of products:

Dec 11-18 – August 2007 Mega Muse kit (worth $32) Dec 18-25 –March 2007 Mega Muse kit (perfect for boys!) (worth $32) Dec 25-Jan 1 –Tinkering Ink Complete Collection (worth $30) Jan 1-8 – Three kits from 2005 (worth $30) Jan 8-15 – The January 2008 Mega Muse kit (worth $32)

To be eligible for the giveaway, visit and leave a comment in the thread under that week’s giveaway. To receive the ScrapMuse monthly newsletter, sign up at

Yesterday was QUITE a day!

but that's another save until the end. First things first....EVERYTHING IN MY ETSY SHOP QUALIFIES FOR FREE SHIPPING AND I discounted many items. EVERYTHING MUST go to get ready for what's coming next. FREE shipping ....what more could you ask for?? Just click on the link to my shop in the right column of my blog.... ------>>> over there... :-) Tooks this picture to use for our Christmas cards...but after lots of manipulating in PS7 thought that his face was just too grainy and fuzzy looking. So, I went back to the drawing board and got two others that I am happier with. I'll share them once I get a chance to take the card out of my camera! We ended up with a lot of snow...but it's not me that I'm worried about. My husband is a survival instructor for the Navy in the Rangeley area - and they got 18" of snow and 17 degree temps....he's gonna be cold, sore and tired when he gets home tonight....and in no mood to go to the mall tomorrow. Gonna have to get my tazer out on him, he he. So, yesterday as I was merrily making my way down to Staples and the bank and a few other things, this little boy was tailgaiting me in his dirtbag 1994 Saturn don't care if it gets dented. Roads had melted then froze into a solid sheet of ice....and he rear ended me. YUP. That's my news for yesterday. Teaching at Scrapbooks & Beyond tomorrow....still room if you want to sign up. Come on - you know you want to :-)

Saturday, December 15

ETSY Shop!

Ok, so I was up late last night updating my Etsy shop with the Holiday Goodies that were left over from my two shows this month (boy am I tired this morning!!). I am happy to combine shipping, charge actual shipping or accomodate you by shipping overseas or to Canada. What that means is I'll package your stuff up, go to the post office and get the cost of the actual shipment (or try to do it on-line) and have you send the actual cost of shipping along with your payment via paypal. If you want to send a check I'll have to wait for the check to arrive and clear my bank before I ship.
I"ve been wanting to share this picture and keep forgetting...while it's storming and snowy down here - up above the clouds the sun is shining and the clouds are puffy and beautiful! I took this picture through the window of the plane on my way to Virginia!
Have a great day everyone, we've got shopping and Christmas preparations to get to today so there's no time to dilly dally!!

Thursday, December 13

Pay It Forward...and catch up!

I am finally home from Virginia, and happy to be creating and catching up in my own little home. Managed to get a work out in today - along with my ScrapMuse Newsletter responsibilities and some other fun things.....phew. I am happy to be home, now I need to get ready for the Holidays. I haven't done a lick of shopping or cleaning or even cards....I am so behind....if I could just get away from the computer! Looks like I have the three participants in the PIF game.....Shawn, Kacy and Trace...send me your addresses and I'll send you a little something... Shawn...I already have your address so you don't have to ;-) THANKS ladies for playing along. Well, I think we, for the first time in YEARS...I mean A LOT of years...we're going to have a white Christmas. We already have about 10 inches on the ground, with more coming tonight and a major snow event coming on Sunday night. I'm good with it, that means that we get to stay home all day on Monday and have a pajama day....gotta love those pajama days!

I'm happy to report that Art from the Heart is shipping from Amazon. As soon as I get my copies I plan on a fun little give-away so stay tuned for that. Not sure what the hold up is but I know they'll be coming along soon. I have heard a ton of great feed back from people that have purchased get yours while they last! If you have a special some one that wants one you still have time to order and insure delivery before Christmas.

Many Hands Art Fair Leftovers

The cards below are left overs from the various shows, I've got a bunch more things to list but thought I'd start here. These are all hand made, watercolor painted stamped images with vintage papers, ribbons, gold sewing machine stitching and other things. If you are interested you can send the money via paypal and I will ship to you ASAP! These cards are so beautiful that they could be framed and used as a decoration next year.

Vintage Santa, set of 5 cards with Vellum envelopes: $28.00

We Three Kings Card, with Navy envelopes, recycled materials, reproduced music sheet and machine stitching. Set of 2: $14.00

4" x 6" Post Cards on Watercolor paper with vintage buttons, gold stitching, watercolor stamped image with a clear envelope. Set of 3: $15.00

Set of 4 Shell Cards: Stamped, stitched with ribbon and recycled materials. $24.00

ps. the kraft colored ribbon around the belly of the three cards is to hold my business card on the back with the price. It is not part of the design.

If you need closeup pictures email me at luvlife@gwi[dot]com

I'll post some more items tomorrow or late today!

Thursday, December 6

Pay it Forward!

I took a minute to read my good friend Vic's blog and saw her lovely little gifts for today for the Pay it Forward challenge and thought I'd join in. Just remember, I won't get my packages mailed until I return home from Virginia, but they'll get there. So, the 3rd, 6th and 9th person to comment on my blog will get a lovely little handmade prize from me. (I chose those numbers because the 6th is today and 3 and 9 are divisible by 3 like 9 is...) I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF (Pay it forward) exchange.I'm not sure what that gift will be. It will be a surprise! The only thing you have to do in return is to pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. So basically, if you’re one of the firsIt 3 comments, I’ll send you something crafty that I’ll make! Once you sign up, I'll email you to let you know that you are one of the three. Then copy and paste the above paragraph on your blog, and three other lucky people will be recipients of your handmade work. Pay it Forward! I'm having issues with uploading images to my blog and other places, so sorry I don't have any pictures to share with you, but it snowed here in VA yesterday. Chris' kids have been so excited over seeing the snow it was adorable. They've been over-seas for the last 3 winters and have not had many opportunities to see snow! Anyway, ttfn. Gotta get some things done for Chris today!

Tuesday, December 4

December ScrapMuse

You have just got to sign up to get the ScrapMuse kits, and make December your first one if you don't get them yet!! This kit is so unbelievable and yummy!! You're gonna love it - though I am not sure what you're going to love more, the Hambly, the KI or the've just got to try'll be happy, I promise!! BTW, I'm in Virginia in case you forgot. I'll try to post pictures but I forgot my card that may not happen!!

Saturday, December 1

Artist and Crafts{wo}man Show

Thought I'd share some images of my wares I had at a local Artist Show. I certainly had a wonderful time - great food - great company - but not as many sales as I had anticipated. I have some things still available and will be putting them up for sale either here or on my etsy...we'll see how hard it is to figure out a PayPal link or sidebar or link to my Etsy shop....something so you can purchase these lovelies. If you see anything in particular you want - please email me and I'll get things going. This is a 6 x 8 Canvas with a collaged image attached to the top. The image has been stamped, painted, beaded and machine stitched with a strip of vintage tape measure added. I totally love it....I have three of these.

There are quite a few hanging decorations - 2 banner style and the other a standard rectangle. All decorated nicely for the Holidays (with some just friendship, love or inspirational messages).

I also have some watercolor card sets - all collaged, with an image that has been stamped, painted, machine stitched and some have a strip of vintage tape measure added. I have post cards in a clear envelope,

I am going to Virginia to see my friend Chris on Monday - so I won't be able to send anything until I return on the 11th....but first come first serve. :-) We can get a dialog started and figure out pricing and shipping, send an invoice and go from stress.... :-)

Friday, November 30

Vintage Christmas Class

Another quickie post, I should be drying my hair and preparing for my long day at the other Art Show I'm in today... but instead I chose to share this little ditty with you!! This is from my class on December 19th, Vintage Christmas.
Vintage Christmas Are you running ragged this holiday season and need a break to make something pretty for yourself? Join Catherine on December (whenever) for a fun class of miniature canvas'. We'll make two 4 x 6 hanging canvas' to decorate that little spot (or give to the hostess of your family Christmas Party, teacher or special friend) using pretty papers, stamps, crackle paint, vintage music sheets, watercolor paints and wire. Please bring your standard tool kit. Cost: $20.00

Thursday, November 29

Card Class

Just a quick post about a class I am teaching at Scrapbooks & Beyond in December:
Card Technique Class: It seems like everywhere we look people are talking about recycling and being green....if you are interested in our environment AND love making cards then this class is for you. Join Catherine on 'December 15th from 10am to 1pm to make three cards using recycled materials, some beautiful Christine Adolph papers (and four different stamps to choose from) just in, cardstock and watercolor paints. Not only are you making a beautiful card to send to that special someone - but they can frame it for a pretty reminder of you. We will also learn how to make custom sized envelopes using a standard sized envelope template.... Cost: $20.00 Please bring your standard tool kit.

Monday, November 26

Postcard Swap

A while back I shared some projects that were made by a lovely lady from Texas, Barb. Well, we've continued our talks - and they've ended up in a lovely swap. This weekend I received her lovely fall post card (Barb, I hope you don't mind I'm sharing it here....). She did such a lovely job with her stitching and stamping, I just love this postcard so much I'm going to find a frame and hang it on the wall in my studio! THANKS BARB, LOVE it.

I mailed your post card out today, but not before I took a picture of it. I just love these stamps, they make me so very happy!! I stamped them with black StazOn then watercolored and other various things and stitched and cut and layered and added a vintage measureing tape, and VOILA - a pretty card to send back to Barb. I hope you get it soon!!

I'll be sharing the images for my two December classes at SBB later - and maybe even tomorrow. Right now I've got to kiss the Little V goodnight! So, nighty night folks. I've got a favorite tv show on tonight so I'm going to park myself in front of the tube with my watercolor palette and some more stamps to paint up for cards and what not......later taters!!

Sunday, November 25

Many Hands Holiday Open House

I am participating in the 2nd Annual Many Hands Holiday Open House on Friday, November 30th. I hope some of you will find a moment or two in your day to stop by and check out all the great hand-crafted items that will be there! Please feel free to forward this to any of your friends in the area that would enjoy stopping by or print this out and add to the bulletin board where you work. I am hoping to have copies of my second book, Art from the Heart available for purchase.

In other news, well - the same news really....I've been busy in my studio making pretty little things for this show and one from this past weekend, so sorry for those of you that are sick of looking at the water stain on my floor. The Contractor did send a man out to come fix it - but we haven't had any heavy rain since so I am not sure if he actually did a good job or not.

I am also happy to announce that my entry "Remember this Moment" in the Prima Paintables contest came in first. That was a great accomplishment for me - THANK you to all of you who cheered me on.

Also, I've got two classes coming up at Scrapbooks & Beyond next month. The dates still need to be locked down, but here are the descriptions. (I am pretty sure they will be morning classes because that's what many people are looking for)

Card Technique Class: It seems like everywhere we look people are talking about recycling and being green....if you are interested in our environment AND love making cards then this class is for you. Join Catherine on (whatever morning we choose from 10am to 1pm) to make three cards using recycled materials, some beautiful Christine Adolph papers (and stamps) just in, cardstock and watercolor paints. Not only are you making a beautiful card to send to that special someone - but they can frame it for a pretty reminder of you. We will also learn how to make custom sized envelopes using a standard sized envelope template.... Cost: $20.00 Please bring your standard tool kit. Vintage Christmas: Are you running ragged this holiday season and need a break to make something pretty for yourself? Join Catherine on December (whenever) for a fun class of miniature canvas'. We'll make two 4 x 6 hanging canvas' to decorate that little spot (or give to the hostess of your family Christmas Party, teacher or special friend) using pretty papers, stamps, crackle paint, vintage music sheets, watercolor paints and wire. Please bring your standard tool kit. Cost: $20.00

Well, ta ta for to the flea market for baby doll parts and vintage music sheets...

Tuesday, November 6

They WERE supposed to fix this...

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some black stuff on the molding behind our side door when I was cleaning. I made a mental note (which flew out as soon as I asked the Big V to look at it) and I completely forgot all about the black stuff.
Now I know exactly what that crap is. It's mold. BLACK mold growing on the wall - from the water that is seeping in when it rains. The people that built our house were supposed to fix the door, because it was installed incorrectly. Looks like they didn't do such a hot job. And, now that I've pulled the linoleum back to let the floor dry I can't get it back in there flat....They said they'd have someone "contact me right away) to get it fixed. That was first thing yesterday morning. It rained and was windy all day today....and I've not gotten a phone call from anyone. It's so frustrating I tell ya! Do people have pride in their work anymore?

In happy news, I've been making stuff like crazy for two trunk shows I have coming at the end of the month. My coffee table has been turned into my evening work table - so I can work AND watch my favorite shows. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow to share. It was so dark (almost like dusk) at 2 this afternoon that I decided to wait until tomorrow!! Well, ttfn. Hope it's dry where you are!!

Monday, November 5

Scrapbooks & Beyond this Friday Night!

Just a quick post this morning while I wake up and get ready for the day. I'll be teaching this little recipe book this Friday Night at SBB, I hope you'll join me. We'll have lots of fun, and you'll make a lovely little book to give as a gift to that favorite cook in your life...or for your self to keep all your favorite recipe cards close at hand!
Join Catherine to make a beautiful holiday gift. In this class, you’ll transform a chipboard album into a lovely recipe book perfect for storing 4x6 recipe cards. The album comes with 10 page protectors & refills are available for purchase. To cover the album, we’ll use Basic Grey’s newest holiday papers, a little of Ranger’s new Crackle Paint and some other lovely items. . . the perfect gift to stuff the stocking of your favorite cook! Please bring basic tool kit, small paint brush, and a cutting mat & knife if you have them.

Saturday, November 3

Remnants of Noel

are here....and the wind is howling outside. It's cold, about 39 when we got back from town - raining - and windy. That makes for a very cold yucky afternoon. Luckily we've still got power and a nice warm cup of Hot Chocolate did the trick to warm us up. I've got things ready in case we loose power - candles, flashlights, water (for coffee) laundry done, dishes done - and we'll just have to go to bed early if we do loose power....a little extra rest never hurt any one!
In other news, I'm working hard on the sample for my class this Friday Night at Scrapbooks & Beyond. It's going to be darling - trust me. A little album to hold those recipe cards you use so often, and if you don't want it to be that - you can swap the ribbon and make a brag book - or a quote book - or a whatever you want book. It's a ring bound album - and we'll make it pretty with basic grey, a fancy shape, some ribbon....and some crackle paint from Ranger. The class is a steal - only $20.00 so sign up while there's still room. I'll be posting a picture soon, once I line the inside front cover and add the shape to the front. I promise, you won't be disappointed! SIGN up now.
In the health department - the little V has an ear infection AND bacterial conjunctivitis...GREAT.
Do you remember this page I posted awhile back?? Well, I won a prize package from Rusty Pickle for it. (I think I was the only one to play along, but who cares - I can't wait for my prize pack to come....)

Well, I think I'll publish this post before we loose cable and power......TTFN. Hunker down everyone!

Friday, November 2

Barb from Texas

About a month or so ago I got a really sweet email from Barb in Texas asking for some tips on her sewing machine and any other tips I might be able to give her for Sewing on Paper. She'd taken my book, Scrapbooking Techniques: Sewing on Paper out from her local library and wanted to ask me about the tension on her sewing machine. I am happy to report that Barb emailed me a couple of pictures of her successfull projects, thanks for sharing Barb....keep sewing on paper!!

I just wanted to say, that if you have questions about any of the techniques I have used in my books or articles I've written or projects you've seen that I made for EK Success, ScrapMuse or WHEREVER you've seen my stuff - please don't hesitate to email me and I'll get right back to you as soon as I can.

Have a happy Friday. TGIF and all that too!

Tuesday, October 30

Computer funk..

do you ever get into a funk where you want nothing to do with the computer - even the basics of checking email and the normal day to day blogging? That's me the last couple of days. Just kinda tired of it. What I've been doing instead is having fun making stuff. Saturday I went to North Attleboro with Kelley to take a book binding class from Tena Sprenger. Wow, I am totally into that! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Having her there to get us out of trouble when we needed was awesome. She was a great instructor, and I am seriously thinking of signing up for her Big Picture Scrapbooking Series of book binding classes. I was so loving this skill that I learned that I started making some art journals from watercolor paper I've got hanging around. I've got a ton of watercolor blocks so I took them apart, cut them down and got them folded and the signatures ready for hole punching and binding. I need to find some cheap book board and make the covers and then they'll be done. I've also been working on another Prima Paintables project! I love this little girl that Sandy from Crafty Secrets sent me a while back - and every time I go into my images folder I see her looking at me - and so I did something with her. Anyway, a discovery while working on this - and RANGER look out. I've nearly got my own recipe worked out for crackle paint....yes. I have discovered exactly how to make my own custom colors of this lovely (and expensive) product. This accidental discovery totally made my day. Look out Ranger ;-) Anyway, on this canvas I used: Prima Paintables, vintage book papers, hand stitching, watercolor paints, Catherine's Crackle ;-), Sheer Heaven, Heidi Swapp bling and letters, vintage tape measure, and Creative Imagionations shapes covered with two colors of glitter. Oh, and those MME fancy cards that I love!
Anyway, I justed noticed I use anyway a lot.... he he he. Have a great day everyone!! I think I might send this one to Prima too....

Wednesday, October 24


My friend Vic gave me this "You Make me Smile" Award...thanks Vic...and right back at you, I love reading your blog and seeing all the very cool and beautiful things you post every day!!! Well, I'll keep this short and sweet and only post the top 5 from my list of bloggers that make me smile:

Shawn at BonoRama Mama. Her little pookie and projects make me smile every time I visit....she makes the nicest cards and is very sweet...xox.

Nat: my ScrapMuse Design Team sister...she's so very thoughtful and sweet - though she lives to dang far way in Germany....I love her out of the box creativity and techniques...very talented !

Lana: another ScrapMuse DT chickie - extremely talented - so very funny and gotta love her sense of humor...and thoughtful ness - and realness...xox.

Rebecca Sower: so very thoughtful and kind. and talented. I love reading her blog!

I'll also add Kelley from Scrapbooks and Beyond....she's my LSS...and she makes me smile when I go in an visit and eat all her candy ;-) xox Kell.

Playtime with Prima Paintables !!

Say that 3x fast... he he he ! I recently decided I need to spend more time making things that make me happy...creating projects that I really like working on - not the forced creation that I often find myself doing for whatever reason. Not that I don't enjoy the forced creation, honestly I do love making just about anything, but playing. I need to spend more time on playing with no deadline, no prethought idea or anything - just play play play. I need to pulling those creative what if's out of my head and into something tangible...because often times they just stay up there and I never do anything with them.

I've been thinking about this canvas now for weeks - maybe longer - probably since I started stalking every single store and on-line store for these papers. Since watercolor painting is really where it all began for me, this just seemed to fit. When I watercolored all the time I worked on a block, so my paper was always taught and never curled. {I really dislike curled paintings....} One of my worries about this beautiful paper by Prima was that it would curl.

When my pretty papers came with my ScrapMuse stuff I had this thought ....what if I mounted the w/c paper onto a canvas and then it would be the same as painting on a block...and dang it I just love it when my plan works. My only issue was that I didn't babysit it - to wipe out the wrinkles and there are a few wrinkles under old Eva.... (don't know who she is but her name really is Eva, it's written in pencil on the original !! ) but you wouldn't know IRL because she's hiding them. Anywho, there's more to this playtime project than paint and paper - and I do love the way it turned out. I entered it into the Prima Paintables contest, I hope they like it.

Monday, October 22

Fall Foliage, boy it's YUMMY!

Yesterday we went on a hike with the Scouts to Bradbury Mountain State Park. It was so pretty, the leaves in perfect color. At the beginning of the trail it seemed pretty steep, and I was quickly regretting my 50 minutes of running on the treadmill. My butt hurt - my hamstrings hurt - it was tough. And steeep. And rocky. And oh my gosh my butt hurt so bad. When we got to the top - I will say all the pain in my backside was worth it - because the view was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

I took a video to show the peacefullness of it - but well - imagine a small rocky mountain top with 10+scouts, their famileis and a bazillion other people enjoying the sun and foliage - and well, the movie just isn't peacefull at all!

I've been busy today, but need to get busier. I've had this project on my mind with the Prima Paintables - and since I thought I had missed the deadline for their contest I put it in the back of my head....but found out this morning that the deadline is 10/ I've been working on that as well as some things for Natalie over at Creative TECHniques Magazine.

For now, it's a batch of applesauce and supper for the little TTFN and happy Fall....or should I say Indian Summer?

Sunday, October 21

Busy busy = BAD Blogger!

Friday night I took my Mom to a card making class. She's been wanting to learn how to make cards for a long time - kind of a disgruntled card purchaser! The cost of buying a pre-made card is so expensive that she wants to make her own. So I signed her up and we went. We had a good time, though not as many laughs as normal. I think she was concentrating on her cards...
Anyway, yesterday was a computer-free day for the most part. Little V went down and had breakfast with Gram and let me sleep until 8:30 (oooh, how sweet - I think he was just hungry for her waffles...ha!) and then we decided to tackle Big V's office that hasn't been touched to unpack any box since we moved in. I decided it was going to be our own While You Were Out!! I had some things to return at Home Depot - got a credit - and purchased a shelving system. Then my DAd helped me put up the rails. Though, I picked up the wrong arm things and have to go back and exchange them today - I am hoping the Big V will be happy.

He doesn's like to clean or organize - and the room was such a mess that he didn't know where to start. So, with shelves I can organize all the books and boxes and what not...and maybe he'll get started in his Fly Tying Fiber business that he's needs to get going on. I hope so anyway.

Well, TTFN. Gotta get the treadmill done, then it's off to pick some apples and hike Bradbury Mountain with the Scouts. Busy busy day.

Thursday, October 18

October ScrapMuse Kit

I made this 14 x 14 canvas with the October kit from ScrapMuse for my very good friend Chris. We have been friends for over 8 years - I first met her when I was pregnant with the Little V - she was my doula. She is such a wonderful friend - though we have had our ups and downs...we're not anymore. Chris is the mother to 5 children - of which she homeschools. Her hubby is in the Marine Corps. and they just moved back from abroad.... Chris is battling cancer, for the second time. The first time she came to the states and everything was fixed - but her tumor has returned. So, I made this canvas to send her. To let her know that even though we don't talk everyday - I think of her ALL the time and send my prayers and good thoughts her way. I think butterflies are beautiful, and to me signify how delicate life can be at times...they are beautiful and delicate creatures that God put on this earth for us ....which I think she is too! Anyway, If I could choose who my family would be - well I'd choose her as my you girl!

Wednesday, October 17

More Rusty Pickle!!

I forgot that one of my page assignments from my LSS was using this super cute pirate paper and cardstock embellishments from Rusty Pickle - due soon - very soon - on the 20th...and I am thankful that I put all my other assignments in the Fed X box to their new home - Clifton, New Jersey - and can do something fun. I took these pictures of Little V and Gram in 2005 - during a blizzard or something when everyone had ants in their pants. She is such an awesome Gram (and Mother too) she will do just about anything the kids want her too. On this particular day Little V. wanted to play pirates with a hat made of newspaper and his Lego pirates....these are really cute pictures, however - Gramster is going to shoot me ;-) Well. looks like blogger is not happy - so I'll have to upload the picture'll keep you in suspense and coming back for more....more....more...

Monday, October 15

Rusty Pickle Challenge!

This is (was) my entry for the Rusty Pickle challenge....though I am not sure if I sent my entry and posted this comment in time. The deadline was noon on October 15th, and I think that Utah is 3 hours behind us, so that would make it only 11:30 am there....but - I am not sure that they are 3 hours....could be 2 hours. But, it is noon somewhere, right? Anyway, the papers and chipboard letters are RP, all I could find for RP products around here that matched. It was fun to make it, cross your fingers that I emailed it to them in time........

Wednesday, October 10

Halloween Place Card Holder

I made this little wooden block last year for a class I was going to teach....but had to cancel it because my Uncle passed away.... anyway. My dad cut the wooden block for me out of some old junky pine he had and I fancied it up. The pumpkin is a fancy place card holder that you would put on the table like at Thanksgiving or something. I plan on adding this to my Etsy shop (when I can breath again...) but if you are interested shoot me an email and we'll figure something out.

Tuesday, October 9

Monday, October 8

Busy FUN Weekend!

It was a long weekend, no school on Friday and Columbus Day today and we had a ton of things planned and did most all of them. Thought I'd share this little photo collage I made of the little V at Subway on Saturday before we ventured off to Michael's in BeanTown for a little Martha Stewart Market Research. He ordered his own sandwich (a melt with pickles, banana peppers, cheese, meat of some kind, tomotoes, lettuce, mayo....on some kinda fancy bread...all his own choice...including the two jalapeno peppers he requested!)

Oh my gosh we laughed so hard, I think the pepper was a bit hotter than he thought it was going to be. His eyes watered. Face got red. And he drank all of his water. He was so great about it. I also picked up a lovely writing table at a yard sale for 25 bucks on Saturday. I've dreamed of a desk like this for so long, now I have it....and I love it!! It's to be my new sewing machine table....for my new machine! ;-)

Little V and I also made a little video for Vic's 29th birthday...I can't for the life of me figure out how to put it here so you can see it over at her blog....I think she's smarter than I am, he he. I'm also not smart enough to flip the movie so you don't get a crick in your neck...but next time I promise to hold the camera properly. I think I'll make a video of my little girl singing for her