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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, September 30

Bella BLVD and CardMaker Magazine Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Bella BLVD and CardMaker Magazine blog hop! I'm excited to share my project and quick little video using the AMAZING stash of Illustrated Faith products that Bella BLVD sent me! Also, make sure you hop on over to their blog because they will be hosting a pretty awesome giveaway over there.

I'm not much of the type of person that can write and draw in my Bible, it just doesn't feel right to me. I remember as a kid my Mom caught me with some crayons coloring in hers and she scolded me pretty bad. I guess that's probably why it makes me feel uncomfortable, like I am doing something wrong. If you're like me, you can still use the amazing Illustrated Faith products in a companion journal or even for your card making endeavors.

Today I wanted to share this colorful card I created with the Bella BLVD acrylic paints and the Friendship Die Cut shapes.

 Here's a quick video showing how I created the background. You'll need mixed media paper, water, a non-stick surface and kosher salt.

Once my papers were dry, I trimmed them to 4 3/4" x 6 3/4", rounded the corners and wrapped a piece of olive green ribbon around the center before I attached it to my card blank. Then I added the sprigs of leaves and the flower box -- which was on 1/8" thick foam tape.

The final step was to cut the sentiment from an old hymnal and glue it to the pretty flower square using a glue stick. If you were working in your companion journal you could easily create some found poetry to convey the parts of the Bible that you were thinking about.

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Thank for joining me today, have a WONDERFUL weekend! 

Thursday, September 29

Vida Showcase

Today I wanted to share my Vida shop with you -- and also a $20. Gift Code when you order -- and I'm pretty sure you can use it on anything in the shop. The sleeveless tops and scarfs are so beautiful, especially these two!

I think the sleeveless top would be perfect with a super cozy sweater this winter. I can't wait for my scarfs to arrive -- the $20 coupon code expires tomorrow night -- so make sure you take advantage of the savings!

THANK you so much for dropping by, have a wonderful THURSDAY!

Friday, September 2

Beautiful Inspiration Piece

See the pretty inspiration that I used to create this black and white card on the CardMaker Magazine blog

Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 1

Hello -- What's New?

I created a tutorial for this card over on the CardMaker Magazine blog, but made a little change to it that I thought I'd share. I didn't really like the background around the stamped design, so I added a little grey and light blue paint -- and I like it so much better now.

Here's what it looked like after I painted the background:

and what it looked like before:

PS. This is my Elegant Flower Frame from Art Gone Wild, you can find here!

Have a wonderful day, thanks for dropping by.