Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, December 30

I need to GET ON THE BALL!

I am teaching a class at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, Mass. in February and I need to get on the ball. This is the sketch I emailed to Kate of what I'll be making - but I need to get that dang sample done. It's going to be a fun stitching class - I haven't taught in eons, but I am totally looking forward to it. In case you can't tell - it uses Rusty Pickle chipboard letters, and can you guess who the papers are from?? LOL. I am looking forward to being there - but I must get on to CHA first.....and I can't wait to see the new product line from the lovely Rebecca Sower/EK that whe will have there. I saw a preview at EKstrav - it's YUM. Total yum. And then in March I'm teaching at a weekend crop for Scrapbook Village Crop Events in Plymouth, MA. Now that will be a fun weekend too! I am anxious for the wonderful things that 2007 has in store for us....a second book on the near horizon, teaching and traveling opportunities - and a BRANDy SPANKY new house..... it's gonna be a good one! But for now, Happy New Year EVERYONE.

Tuesday, December 19

Working Furiously!

I have been working so hard on another new project with Chapelle :-) and my mind has been totally boggled. I thought long and hard, asked for some inspiration and assistance - and VOILA I am good to go. Thank you God for the help! I woke up this morning with a wonderful thought that I brought to almost completion. Man, that felt good. I also woke up to the excavator driving down to "the lot" where our house is going to be. The concrete footings were poured today (and man THAT HOUSE looks TINY) but it's not really. The complete foundation should be/would be/might be in by Friday. The house is expected to be delivered mid to late January....from Customized Structures in Claremont, NH....same as below but with no garage or breezeway for now.... I WANT my own house! Sorry, no eye candy today....not even the sneak peak from SCRAPMuse.....sorry - but all I can say is if you aren't signed up you should GET signed up because this is the BIGGEST and baddest ass kit....I can't wait. AND, Marci Lambert is going to be the guest designer for January. Woohoo. rock on Marci.

Sunday, December 17

Everything Shipped!

This is how I feel at the moment:

I got 24 books in on Wednesday and shipped them all out and took 6 down to my local scrapbook store, Scrapbooks and Beyond in Topsham. I think I'll stick with writing books as calculating postage correctly is not my forte - I THOUGHT that Priority was 4.20 or whatever no matter WHERE it went - boy was I in for a sad surprise! Anywho, there are a few special people that helped me IMMENSELY that are getting a little something extra as a little thank you from me - you know who you are :-) I hope you like! I am also trying to put a link from Amazon to the book here but I am just not getting it just yet....maybe when I don't have so much to do and so little time to do it I can actually sit down and figure it out. ON another note, I am totally UNPREPAREd for Christmas! This is the first time in YEARS that I have felt so uninspired to go shopping or even make pretty things - anyone that knows me knows how MUCH I love to make pretty things. My friend Vicki was born inspired, check out her blog to see the awesome Christmas angels and ornaments she's posted.....I just can't get my act together. On another holiday note, today was the Christmas Pagaent at church - and it was like that funny movie with the kid and the BB would have thought that I told Ian he was going to work with a chain gang or something....he wouldn't even smile - and he said

"Mom - just don't take any pictures - not even with your camera phone 'cause I don't want to remember this moment and I don't want anyone to see me dressed up like this"

LOL.... to bad cause it would have made a great scrapbook page! He made a cute sourpuss shephard!

Wednesday, December 13

Shipping !!

Ooops, forgot to tell ya. I am expecting Sewing on Paper today or tomorrow. When I called the warehouse they actually shipped on Monday. I have the boxes ready, labels printed all I need is to get the postage for everyone on and they will be on the way to those that wanted them.

Shutterfly ROCKS and Page 4 of Gallery Magazine!

I confess, I was lazy this year. I just didn't have the energy with my {big project} in the works to think about getting us together with smiles on our faces to take a photo - and then try and find the perfect frame seemed totally exhausting to me ....So, Shutterfly came to my rescue! I totally LOVE Shutterfly, I always have but after receiving our Christmas cards in the mail this week - I am totally diggin' them! I have used them to make portfolio books too, makes it easier to apply for a job and show my work without carrying the actual pieces! Check out their photo books and cards. Finally getting around to posting the image from Gallery Magazine, I just love those little canvas pieces! So much fun to make - plus pretty messy. I love getting messy in my studio!

Tuesday, December 5

Back from Vegas!

Vegas was a total whirlwind - but quite enjoyable. I got to the hotel at 10pm on Monday and didn't leave for any fresh air until Friday afternoon....I love working in this industry and working for EK is a great learning experience - and they are a wonderful company to be associated with! A great time was had by all - and I only gambled away $20.00 on the penny machine....Last of the big spenders. Ha. Good News as far as Sewing on Paper is concerned - the copies I ordered for signing are on the way and those that ordered them will have them as soon as I get them from Sterling - and sign them. I got my advance copy of Somerset Studios Gallery Magazine while I was in Vegas - and was totally excited when I saw that I was on PAGE 4 with my Inspirations on Canvas excitement! And also check out the Winter Issue of Creative TECHniques Magazine to see my Divine Miss Walter Clock and Promise of Spring Canvas art....

The Divine Miss Walter

Well, Happy Tuesday and only 20 days until Christmas.....OMG I need to get my big old booty in gear! LOL. Later tators.