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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, September 30

Bonorama Mama banner

I made this little banner for my new blog friend Shawn at Bonorama Mama, don't you just love her little pookie!! Anyway, I loved making this for her, I think you need new one too!!
Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Last Absolutely Everything Page!!

Just wanted to quickly share the last page I created for my class on October 7th! Uses Basic Grey!!

Scrapbooks & Beyond, October 12th

Just a reminder that I'll be teaching this creative card class at Scrapbooks & Beyond on October 12th. This is going to be a very fun and productive card workshop, hope to see you there! Also, a reminder that my Sewing on Paper class at Absolutely Everything is October 7th from 1 to 5. We'll be making 4 pages using the new Basic Grey summer releases!

I made it through my surgery ok, but have been so tired, and also working on a project for Fifi - you'll find out more about that in do time, so between recooperating and that and life - I haven't blogged. The anesthesia really wiped me out. I drove to town on Thursday afternoon, but felt like I still should be home in bed, I was a horrible driver! The part that bothered me the most was the remaining effects of the drugs, my stomach was bloated for days, and finally felt back to normal Saturday Morning. Anyway, I promise to be a better blogger now that THAT is over with. {I am sitting on pins and needles a little as I wait for the pathology report to come back, though no news is good news in my book on that topic!!}

Tuesday, September 25

Heart in Hand

Just wanted to give you a quickie post today, I'll be out of commission for a couple of days I think while I have minor surgery. I did finish my class for Heart in Hand Scraps and Tammy should have it up and ready for download on or around the 28th..hope you'll check it out! The quote comes from a Train song, can't think of the name - but I think about my art wheneve I hear this part of the song, 'cause that's how I feel.

Monday, September 24

He's Eight Today!

My baby is 8. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday that I was as big as a cow and getting ready, at this very moment, for a c-section. I still had 35 minutes without a child...and I was so very nervous. He's really not a baby anymore, he's e-i-g-h-t. 8. Oh my gosh where have the last eight years gone to? We've done so many things - gone across the country - and back I don't know how many times....lived here - there and and what seems like everywhere.
We had his birthday party on Saturday - mini Golf and then Ninety Nine for burgers. It was fun - but in the end I was spent. Totally exhausted. Tonight is birthday cake with Gram and Grampy. He's looking forward to that. We got him a Wii - and let me just say that game is pretty cool. Mom is the champion boxer - with 3 knockouts under her belt...yup. Don't Mess with me! Happy Birthday Baby.
The page below is one of my pages from the September ScrapMuse kit. The last I knew there were some mini-muses available - and let me say this is an awesome kit. Jump on over and check out the gallery, or you can downlad the newsletter, that's one of my jobs for ScrapMuse - design the NL!!
Also want to share with you the great deal going on over at Heart in Hand Scraps. There's a new reward program going on. This is what Tammy Tutterow, owner and designer, has to say:
"As always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and interest in Heart In Hand Scraps. We are committed to offering you thorough, low cost online classes that fit your time and budget. It is through your continued encouragement and support that we continue to grow. As a way to thank you for telling friends and fellow scrappers about us, we are instituting a new referral program. It is very simple- simply post about us in your favorite forums (of course following each board's TOU) to help us get the word out about our classes. If we see your post, we will reward you with a "Reward Buck" good for $1.00 off your next class purchase. We know that $1.00 doesn't sound like much these days, but with our already low class prices (currently $3.00 - $10.00), we think it is a pretty good deal! Plus, we will let you use up to three "Reward Bucks" at a time! Our teaching and support teams love surfing the scrap message boards, but we can't be everywhere. So if you do post a message about us, please drop us a note with a link so that we can be certain to get your "Reward Bucks" to you."
Anyway, head on over there to check out the classes that are already to download. I hope to get mine completed today or tomorrow it'll be ready for download on the 28th!

Thursday, September 20

Scrapbooks & Beyond

I am sure you can tell by now that I am on the team for my scrapbook store that's around the corner. I talk about Scrapbooks & Beyond all the time, and honestly I am surprised Kelley doesn't lock the door when she sees me coming. I love it there! She's so inspiring, a great listener - and very fun. Plus, she always has my favorite kinds of candy at the counter ready for me to take one, or two or 5....especially when it's starburst...hint hint Kell - I need to lay off the Starburst....LOL, just kidding!
Anway, I made the page above for my September projects for her. I used the CriCut on the title, the jury is still out on if I like it or not, but I do like the way the title came out all done and everything ...and the papers are CArolee's (I think, didn't look at the back - just made the page! ) The colors aren't so great - it was a little dark this afternoon when I snapped the picture and using the flash created an awful glare. But you get the picture..

Anyway, back to the local scrapbook store - the only thing lacking there is a good Starbucks Mocha Latte. HOnestly, it's so organized - filled with lots of new and cool stuff, and so much beautiful paper - embellishments, and stamps. (Did I mention I picked up a new stamp set, some embellishments and paper today ;-).....

Be sure to drop by and visit her store this weekend if you live locally - she's having her Yard Sale AND some things are 50% off like the yummy Tim Holtz stamps I picked up today ... yes folks, things can't get much better than Scrapbooks & Beyond.....

Wednesday, September 19

Feeling Sorry for myself!!

I needed a little art therapy today so I spent the day in my studio making stuff. It doesn't help that I had a deadline of the 20th for my LSS projects and hadn't started them as off 10am this morning....I am happy to report they are officially done!!! One of my assignments was to make something for the ScrapPINK going on around the country. It was the type of artistic therapy that my heart needed. Glue, paper, ink and ribbon ....and this is what I came up with. The picture of the girl is me - and I'm about 5 or 6 I think. This is a reminder to me to Stay Strong, BE ME and go pink.... I used: Fancy Pants, EK Success, Heidi Swapp, Delish, My Mind's Eye, ribbon, and so much more.....come on over and play!! It'll do you good.

I recommend art therapy to certainly soothed my soul today! Just a reminder to everyone in my area, Scrapbooks & Beyond is having a yard sale this weekend and I've got a TON of great stuff I'm bringing over tomorrow, you don't want to miss it!

Tuesday, September 18

Quickie today!!

Sorry I don't post yesterday, got stuck in the studio and my supplies wouldn't let me come out, ha ha ha. Anyway, made this fun little hanging card yesterday. I am addicted to these little buggers. Been thinking I might make a bunch and put them in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in these, please tell me - would you pay $12.50 plus postage for one? The size is about 5 x 7 and as you can see are very three dimensional....just kinda checking. If you are interested in this one, let me's available ;-)
The Tree below is for my Sewing on Paper class on October 7th in Topsfield. Have three done and one left to do. So far, this one is my absolute favorite! I don't have Glimmer Mist, so I use RAdiant Rains from LuminArte (that's what Kate carries in the store). Can you tell how I used the Rain spray?? I am just like my friend Vic, but I am addicted to the Radiant Rains (that's all I can find around here....) LOL. Have a great day everyone. I've got a cub scout project to work on today for the troop....

Sunday, September 16

New Class Idea!

Just a quick post this morning, made these little hanging cards yesterday for a new class in October at Scrapbooks & Beyond. Not so happy with Just Be ( the hanging tag says "you")... so I'll probably re-do it. I need to come up with a date now....any requests?? lol.

Saturday, September 15

Got my issue of Sew Somerset today!!

and I am pretty pumped! I've got 4 or 5 scrapbook pages AND an altered book from coasters I picked up at Chili's....I'll take some pictures of it tomorrow and share with you! Just a reminder in case you forgot, I'll be teaching this class on September 26th at Scrapbooks & Beyond. Sign up now while there is space available. If you have any questions email me or call the store and Kelley can help you out. It's a 2 hour class and we'll be sewing AND making a transparency! I've also got some pages I am working on for Absolutely Everything on October 7th. Three are complete and one left to do. Lots of fun techniques, so also - sign up while space is available. It was raining out today so I couldn't take any pictures outside - so I'll try and get them taken and share tomorrow. I promise, you'll love them. I spent the afternoon working on another class for Kelley at Scrapbooks & Beyond - and then I've GOT to get my class completed for Heart in Hand and write an article and questions for an still have a ton of stuff to do. Guess I better get busy and stop playing around!

Friday, September 14

Another Blog Banner

I made this new blog banner for my friend Kelley at Scrapbooks & Beyond, what do you think? I am thinking I might offer this as a service, anyone interested in a blog banner? Email me and we'll talk. . . or if you have my number call me and we'll talk even longer !!

Thursday, September 13

The Leaves are Changing!

Thought I'd share this picture I took of the Little V a few days ago holding a red leaf, yes thatdoes mean that fall is right around the corner....not to mention that it's been pretty cold at night. The days have been warm, so that's a wonderful thing - warming up the house. Right now my fingers are so cold I am having a hard time typing!

Today I gota ton of stuff done, and really kicked it up a notch on my treadmill, and that felt pretty darn GREAT! I created two pages for EK Success to use for the SDU (Scrapbook Design University) that I wish I could share with you...I am really in love with them. Totally out of the box for work I usually do for them. Anyway, the challenge was for journaling - and I really need to follow the prompts that they sent when I do that on my pages in the future. Wow, I dragged my feet on getting these pages done - but once I settled down to get my assignment done I totally rocked it. I am very happy. Tomorrow I'll be sharing 3 of the 4 pages we'll be making at Absolutely Everything on October 7th, thanks Kristin for that! My class is on Sunday, October 7th from 12 to 4. 4 pages 4 hours....better get stitchin!!

On another note, thought I'd share a favorite pass time of the Little V. He likes to walk up to Gram's house in the mornings on the weekends and pick the tomato hornworms off of her tomato plants....he also likes to throw the rotten fruit in the woods - and sometimes we catch him throwing the good ones in the woods too! LOL. We've got pumpkins growing in the patch, and the rest of the veggies are about done forthe year. I am not sure, but it might get so cold we have a frost tonight. Yes, it's that cold.

But, right now I am not happy because the Presidential Address just came on and I am really sick of hearing the justifications for not bringing our boys home. I suppose it's time to say good night before before I start talking about religion too! LOL. Nighty night everyone.

Wednesday, September 12

Old Stuff and a SUNNY day!!

I tried to post last night, but it appears that my connection is not fixed! Had this long post typed and then when I uploaded I couldn't connect, grrrrr. Anyway, wanted to point out that I added a few more favorites places for you to check out - places I check a couple of times a week. Nice places, inspirational and funny, and with cute Pookies like Bonorama Mama....check out her cutie patootie pookie!!
Anyway, the page above is an old one, because that's all I could find last minute. I haven't made it to the post offce to mail Collage Contessa's page (sorry) but I will. I have a deadline for EK Success that I need to get finished today, and Tammy over at Heart in Hand must think I fell off the face of the earth. I haven't - just having a hard time geting my class finished. I promise Tammy, it's close....oh so close!
Here's a sneak peak of it. Though, it's changed a little since this image, and this one is pretty dark...that was when I didn't have any power in my studio....but that's been fixed! Sorry it's small, I haven't the time to add my name to it and I am afrad it might find it's way somewhere where it doesn't belong....I'll change that and reload it for your viewing pleasure!!

Monday, September 10

Scrapbooks & Beyond....

I just love the Amy Butler line of papers and stuff - especially the bags. I can't quite bring myself to buy one of the bags because I am afraid it's a bit on the big side for me, but I just love the colors and patterns of the fabric. I stopped by Scrapbooks & Beyond to say hey to Kelley today and pick up some of the Making Memories Holiday stuff I've been waiting for her to put .....(and dang it if everything I wanted was sold out!! She just got it last Wednesday for crying out loud...he he he.) Anyway, I told her I'd model the bag for her so she (and the mouse in her pocket, he he Kell...) could post a picture of it on her blog. I wish they sold the Amy Butler fabrics around here !
On to other things. School started last week. Heaven I tell you -but I am not getting all the things done that need to be done. My Mom and I did make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce, and I"m working on some class samples for my class at AE on October 8th (Kristen, I'd love it if you can come. I need to write you back.....soon) I'll hopefully have some pictures to post tomorrow of the samples. 4 pages in 4 hours. YUP you can do it - and I'll do all the cutting...LOL.
Anyway, back to school. Thought I'd share this picture of my little Pup from the first day of school. Isn't he handsome??

Saturday, September 8

Internet ProblemS

Sorry I haven't posted, I'm having some internet issues that I need to get resolved! Sometimes I can log on - sometimes I can't....usually when I get to posting here I can't log on!

Saturday, September 1

New Banner, whaddya think?

oK, I've spent the last two or three nights working on a new fall banner, but - I am not sure about it. So, please let me know what you think so I can decide to post it or not. I do like it better this morning than I did last night. The image is little snippets from one of my pages in SEW Somerset.

Speaking of Somerset, check out the review of Sewing on Paper in the September/October Issue on page 122.. Thanks Amanda Nolan, you did a great job. Well, TTFN everyone...maybe I'll post again later today.