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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, August 31

Onion Goggles!!

I made bread and butter pickles yesterday....and had to cut up 4 LARGE onions...since I had a very sharp knife, I decided it would be smart to try and NOT cry so I could see clearly through all the tears.... I racked my brain and racked my brain on JUST WHERE those swimming goggles of Little V's were.....and when I found them I was so very happy...cause I could cut onions and have no tears, that's a truly wonderful thing! Little V took the pictures, so sorry one is blurry.... we laughed and laughed and he just couldn't hold the camera still! I am also still in my pj's!! ha .

I also made this little hanging card out of EK Success calendar cards and Rebecca Sower BookWorks letter stickers ...and lots of other non-EK products (shhhh, don't tell anyone!!) I love how it turned out, and it most likely will be a Make and Take or a prize I'll donate there for the Susan B. Komen Event she's going to have in September! Stay tuned on that!

On to other things, my studio has no power!! As I was sitting in front of my laptop last night, everyone was in bed, the dishwasher was finishing up - the breaker popped and I lost my wireless connection and lighting in there. I've got to get my class for Heart in Hand finished and I can't to it without light!! I'm a little freaked by this...hoping the electrician can figure it out quickly - as this is the 3rd electrical issue we have had here with popped breakers....and short fuses!!

Have a great day everyone!!

btw!! CONGRATULATIONS CONTESSA KRIS!! You are the winner of the page!! Email me your address so I can get it shipped out to you! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 29

Other things I like to do!

So, it's pretty obvious that I like art - and all things artistic. I've tried so many types of art - watercolor, oil, acrylic painting, pottery, calligraphy, quilt piecing, print making,black & white photography - I don't think I need to go on.....I thought I'd share with you some other things that interest me - really - there's more to me than just art ;-) I also enjoy cooking and preserving foods. The best part about preserving is picking the berries for jellies and jams, planting the beans for dilly beans (ok, well that NOT so much -but I help my Mother plant her garden and then she lets me have veggies). So this year to date I have made blue berry and strawberry jam, spaghetti sauce, (and hope to make blackberry...) bread and butter zucchini pickles - that turned out to be a flop because the recipe didn't say to rinse the brine out....anywho - also one batch of sweet pickles...secret recipe on that one. Tomorrow I am going to try ONE more batch of bread and butters.....cross your fingers because it makes 7 pints...Friday my Mom and I will make a batch of salsa to split and on Saturday we are making hot dog relish. My pantry should be full by then....and I still need to make apple sauce and am going to try making some apple pie filling.....busy little domestic diva!! Anywho...the rock wall and flower beds are coming along. Little V helped me today fill 3 wheel barrows full of loam to fill one of the beds and then we also moved some rocks around....needless to say I am exhausted!!

Thought I'd share this little ditty I made for a good friend that's getting ready to embark on a new life path - well - she's already started but will be making some more changes real soon (hope she's not reading...) . Anyway, it's a hanging card...I hope she likes it. Do you? I'm afraid it sounds a little corny!

Anyway, that's all I've got in me today! Mighty night. I've got to get my studio cleaned up and organized - like yesterday for some photo ops coming around the corner, and honestly I just don't feel like doing it right now!!

Tuesday, August 28

Remember the GiveAway!!

Little V and I went to the beach again today....perfect weather again...we stayed from 11 to 4 - just hanging out in the water (brrrrrr it was cold, I think somewhere around 65 degrees!! ) looking for shells and more sanddollars, which we found 99 of...well, actually over 100 but he gave some away to people he said looked nice...awwww, so sweet! It was very nice and relaxing - I am thankful I remembered the sunscreen because we would have been TOAST - burnt toast. It was great.I kept saying, time to go home - but I couldn't drag myself away...15 minutes later I'd say it was a great time. As I was sitting on the beach I called my good friend Vic to make sure everything was OK with her son - Iasked her if she could hear what was going on in the background - she couldn't tell.......when I told her it was the Atlantic Ocean she sounded a bit Vic, the above picture is for you....that was my view as we talked on the phone!! My silly feet just to prove it!!
Some of the sanddollars we found. Little V picking up a baby sanddollar, just so you can see just how big they aren't!
And, because I haven't shared her in a while, this is the little face that wakes me up in the morning....when the other little face doesn't! ;-)
I don't think I said when I was going to choose the winner of the page made with the ScrapMuse kit, so I think it'll be this Friday...remind your friends!! Have a great night everyone!!

Monday, August 27

Picture Her Very happy!!

I recently participated in making a special birthday album for a dear friend, Nathalie Kalbach - owner of Scrapbook Trends website and member of the ScrapMuse Design Team. Granted, this gift was given to her in July, but I didn't have access to my page to upload to my blog, so it's a belated birthday present to Nat. I made this page from a portion of a box that I got a camera in for Mother's Day. The camera was a pink Sony (I think Sony...) and when I saw the box I knew it would be good for saving some memorey - or some type of craft. As I worked on the page the quote just came to me, and in case you can't read it it says "she who has many a thoughtful and caring friend is a very, very happy cat." Which is kind of a pun because they call me Cat over at ScrapMuse!! Nat is a very devoted member of the ScrapMuse team, a great writer - and a good friend too. She interviewed me last year sometime for her website to help me promote my book, Sewing on Paper. So, not only is she a good friend - but she's a great marketing agent too! So, just wanted to say a quick thanks Nat for being so nice.
Happy Belated Birthday girlfriend!!

Sunday, August 26

More Beach Pictures and a GIVE-AWAY!

thought I'd share a couple more of my favorite pictures from Popham yesterday. you may notice the small change to my photographs, I've decided (when I can remember AND have time) to start putting some ownership on my images. been hearing and seeing a lot of not so nice things around the internet and I think it's a good idea. It's a scary world out there....really scary. Anywho, don'tchya just love that wad of Juicy Fruit that's on the little V's mouth? grrrrrr!! Anyone ever remember Juicy Fruit being that color? When I was his age (and I won't tell you how many years ago that was) it was always gum color. ha ha. just what exactly is gum color anyway?? ha. On to the fun stuff. I've decided that it's time for a give a way. I made this page because I thought we were going to do something like a swap at ScrapMuse with the August kit but I was a month offf...typical for me. At least I am not a day late and a dollar short....ha ha ha! Anyway, it looks like I have a lot of visitors BUT only a few commentors. so, leave me a comment - and tell me what color Juicy Fruit was when you were a kid and I'll have the little V close his eyes and pick a winner. PS. This page may change because I don't like the way the "I" you may be surprised if you when when it arrives in your mailbox.

Saturday, August 25

400th Year Celebration for Popham Colony

wow, what a fabulous day! We went to the beach, Popham Beach to be exact to check out the 400th year celebration of Popham Colony. Oh, the weather was spectacular {nice breeze, no hot sun - but warm, tide JUST perfect} we checked out the Fort for a while, also checked out the craft fair. So many cool and talented people there. One woman does Batik Watercolor paintings - and they are so amazing. The one I had my eye on was a little out of my price range but exceptionally beautiful. I will probably dream about it tonight.
We also decided to take a short walk on the beach before checking out the Colonial Re-Enactment that was going on, but seems like the beach had a hold on us that never let us go - because we never made it there. Little V and I found twenty-eight {28 - oh my} baby sand dollars, they are so beautiful. We figured out the secret to scarfing them up just after the wave brought them in and just before it washed them out again. We also decided that there was a sand dollar hot zone and we had found it today. The Atlantic Ocean was oh my gosh so dang cold, but so very refreshing at the same time. We only got wet from the knees down, and to be honest - after a few minutes I couldn't feel my toes so it was ok!! The big V even smiled to have his picture taken, life couldn't be any better then this folks!!
While I was there I had so many memories of when I was a kid. We lived about 10 miles from that very beach and used to go there several times a week in the summer time. Not much has changed down there really, except the cannon from the old Coast Guard Station has been removed and the Fort Popham sign was gone too. Oh, and they removed the bars from the jail so we could go in and have a visit or two :-) Little V loved the day. We finished out the after noon with a splurge of fried clams..... oh my it sure was heaven!

Friday, August 24

STFU and an OH My!

I love to get a good chuckle first thing in the morning, tends to make my day! So when I followed a link from my good Friend Vic's blog to this blog (btw Happy belated birthday Shawn!) as I was scrolling and sipping my hot coffee I saw this image over to BonoRama Mama!! !! Ha ha ha. Since I have SEEN the original without the acronym I know what STFU means. I think Shawn is brilliant for changing the acronym {and since I had to clean my screen} I thought I would share this with you! Ha ha ha. Shawn, I think that's a new acronym that they'll be using on the Smack blog sometime in the near future. ha ha ha.

On to other things. What an on my great day I'm having! I've cleaned the toilet, my son's room, made my bed - and he's in the tub cleaning is DIRTY feet. I am surfing with me fresh cup of coffee and hear a little email ding and jump on over to see who emailed me. Why, it's the lovely Natalie Rhinesmith from Creative TECHniques....and I am happy no excstatic (so happy can't even spell it...ha ha ha) that she has used one of my projects for the FREEBIE project for the fall issue. It's for my majestic..... Check it out here.

thank you're the best ever!!

Wednesday, August 22

Art from when I was Seventeen!!

As we were moving in and unpacking, I looked at everything that passed through my fingers and remembered where it came from and the details of its life in my {our} possession. This little quilt was like a blast from the past as I took it out of the box. I think it was one of my Senior Art projects from high school - and I remember quite clearly how proud of it I was when I finished it, even if I did botch the stitching! It's a piece of white muslin that I "painted" proceon dyes on and then one time it was mounted on a canvas and displayed it in my home. Not sure what happened to the canvas, but I am glad that I still have this lovely and bright papillon as she sits on her pretty flower. I also wanted to share some of the art that hangs on my walls that I absolutely love. When we lived in Washington State we had our favorite little antique spots in Silverdale, Port Orchard, and a couple of other places that I can't remember the name right now. Anyway, this beautiful bouquet came from the town that has the Purple Haze Lavender farm - and the shop was a lovely, funky little place with lots of cool things. This oil, about 18 x 18 with the frame was only 60.00!! My husband so kindly procured that for me because I was so in love with it, he's a gem that way!! This little piece came from a little store down by Cape Disappointment. It was ONLY five bucks - I couldn't leave it. After I spent 75.00 on this frame for it I don't think I could ever part with it. LOVELOVELOVE it. It reminds me that I always want to have a room with a view, and since we are surrounded by trees I can look at this for a little "view".

I am not sure where these daisies came from (I think some little dive in Port Orchard), but they were in a VERY ugly frame with canvas on it. When we moved in here I discarded the frame and stuck it in this gold frame that I had hanging around. Still not the perfect frame, but at least I feel good about hanging it on the wall!!

This rubber tree plant I saved for last because it's my ultimate favorite. Everyone thinks I am crazy because I love it so much, but every day I find myself gazing at it. Maybe I am wondering why she never finished it? Or I am thinking that I used to have a bowl exactly like it. I am just not sure, but it was cheap and it's cool and that's ok with me. I've got a couple more that I will share with you tomorrow...for today I need to find a motivational coach to kick my arse so I will get it in gear and do what I need.want.can and should do. Do you know what I think is standing in my way? I do.

Tuesday, August 21

Heart in Hand Scraps

My friend Vic really looks after me, and I am thankful for her. A while back we both took a minute and chatted on the phone and she told me about an opportunity that she thought I might be interested in. She's always very thoughtful like that, and I love her because she's so sweet and nice!! {she's pretty talented too! check out her blog to see for yourself} Anyway, after a day or two of thinking about our conversation I decided to give it a try, and got in touch with the owner. I am happy to announce that I am taking the plunge into on-line teaching! I will be teaching on-line classes for Heart in Hand Scraps and is owned by Tammy Tutterow. She's a pretty busy woman - check out her resume - looks like she designs for lots and lots of cool places!! {Especially Basic Gray, yum! } Thanks Tammy for the great opportunity, can't wait to get that project out of my head and into a class!! That's all for now folks. Just wanted to pop by and say hey and let you know I am alive.

Thursday, August 16

Two fer One.....

Sharing my pages from the August ScrapMuse kit. The stitching opportunities with these papers was amazing!! Loved the Tinkering Ink, it just begged to be fussy cut!! LOL. For the top page I cut out the flowers and swirlies and then used them as a stencil and sprayed some fancy spray stuff, then turned them over when they were dry and stitched them on. I also shaded and outlined the sprayed area, love this.

I couldn't find any pictures from my high school times so I did a page with no pictures of some of the things I did that year. Again, lots of cutting, stitching and shading on this one!

Sew Somerset!!

I am so happy! I got my Post Script from Stampington this morning to see the first advertisement with the working copy of Sew Somerset.....and when I went to the page I saw this!! What a greatway to start my day!! Thanks Stampington & Co.!!
Well, gotta get my booty in gear....I've already made a batch of bread and butter pickles AND blueberry yogurt - but my pj's are still on and my teeth unbrushed.....and my Big V. waiting on me to get primped and ready to go out!
Patience my dear, patience!

Tuesday, August 14

A beautiful DAY in our Neighborhood!

The weather here is perfect! Low humidty. Cloudless blue skies. A slight breeze. A wonderful day to go to the beach. Hopefully I can get all my things done today so we can go later on after the crowds have left. Fun Pack Weekend, was fun. I was in the minority in our group as the ONLY Mother, but that was Ok. Other than abstaining from swimming during free time I participated in everything - and the Little V. had a wonderful time. Sleeping - well that didn't happen either, he's such an active sleeper I was afraid he would roll off his cot and off of the platform and fall a couple of feet and hurt himself. The Council had an amazing obstacle course, BB and Archery program - and fun entertainment on Saturday night. To be honest, I was a little Oh my Gosh I don't want to go at the beginning when I discovered I was the only woman....but in the end we had a great mother/son bonding weekend and he appreciated that Mom will actually go in an outhouse {as long as she has a lookout}!

On to some creative talk... the weekend away from my studio gave me plenty of time to refresh my creative juices and now I am itching to get a project completed that I have been mulling around inside my head for quite some time. It feels good to have the creativity oozing like it is, REALLY good. With that said, I thought I would share some more of those things I made for that really nice woman I know.....

Saturday, August 11

Cub Scount Fun Pack

I'll be camping with little V this weekend but promise to share pictures when we get back. Until then I leave you with these . . . a little something I made for a very nice lady a while back.

Wednesday, August 8

i'm feeling { guilty }

because I haven't shared anything creative that I have made for a seems like a GOOD long while. This week has been crazy - my little V has been in the slumps (and an almost 8 year old should not be slumpy) and I've been worried. And we've been running the roads this week, I don't usually go to town everyday - but so far this week I have - and yesterday it was 2 times. I like to stay home in the coccoon of my lovely comfy house and make cool stuff. REALLY, it makes me happy. Running my ass off everyday on the tar going thisa way and thataway makes me ugly....NOT TO MENTION, the 5 pounds I thought I had gained actually turns out to be 13.4 - confirmed by my new physician, we'll call her Lilly. Hello Catherine, reality check - 3 Muskateers actually DO have calories and are NOT light as a feather! So, my big V needs to get his doughboy into action and fix my treadmill or risk having to buy me another one because I refuse to drive to town and go to the gym everyday! That's all for now, I'm going to find something light to eat....ha ha ha. this whole post I've been feeling so bad - I don't want to feel that guilty anymore for keeping secrets from am posting two sneaks from the ScrapMuse August Kit ;-)

Tuesday, August 7

A Good Old Country Fair!

We took the little V to the fair tonight - to watch the Demolition Derby. Oh, it was so much fun watching him cheer them on and the smile on his face as they cracked up. Every boys dream I think, must be to drive a car in the Derby. He and I both cheered for the one woman that we saw driving - she had a paper crown on the top of her car - and her car was all pimped was awesome, except her car caught fire and she had to get out before her heat was over.

It also wouldn't be a fair without walking the midway, checking out the Exhibition Hall, Winning something at the Cork Gun and Dart games....oh and the Doughboy we shared was great. I was so disappointed with the Exhibition Hall, it was SO empty...but some of the crafts looked awesome.

Sorry I've been such a bad blog poster this last week, I just haven't felt like sitting here and typing - I've been trying to get some work done...Little V has been home and BORED and sad. Big V. started his J.O.B. and he's misses him terribly in the day. I love that he loves his father so much, but he's a very emotional and sensitive 7 year old. (Must take after his Dad that way cause I'm not super-sensitive AT all!! ;-) Well, I leave you with these pictures with promises to share some from last week tomorrow! Nighty night.

Thursday, August 2

I've been TAGGED!

My cutest friend Lana tagged me with the RGB Tag, thanks Lana...loved your video....she made me blush with the nice things she said.
So, passing this's tough because most of the RGB's that I would tag have already been tagged!! I think I'll do them anyway...
First, Vicki C. because she is hands down the nicest person in the world. And, not only is she the nicest, but she is so talented and every thing she makes is just drop dead gorgeous. Every time I have seen this awesome woman she gives me the biggest hug - just a great friend. THANKS Vic, you rock!
Another that has already been tagged, but deserves a second one is Nat. Nat is crazy creative, is very sweet and generous - and she's a great person to have on the ScrapMuse team. I see big things in this very talented woman's future!
Since the I first met her at CKU Boston as her teaching assistant, I have thought that Rebecca is an amazing person. Also very generous, and kind - and an inspiration to those around her. She also is very calming and reassuring....and nice.
Another person deserving of RGB is Amanda - even though she's been a bit busy this summer! Amanda has done wondors with ScrapMuse, and works very hard to make it a successful kit club! She's also very kind and a great person!
Another person that deserves the RGB is my new friend Leslie. She has got some amazing art furniture in her home that she has created - and she's an awesome person also!
Well, that about sums that up....
Today it was hot, but I managed to go pick some big honkin' blueberries and make a batch of jam. The recipe was a little different in that it called for lime (but we used lemon) and I wasn't sure how it would taste....but it rocks. totally.
Nighty night folks. Gotta get the little V ready for bed!!

Wednesday, August 1

A very fine DAY indeed!

Wednesday, was all day! I think Wednesday's may be my new favorite day! I had a very fine time on my own...dropped my boy off at Ecology camp....jogged/walked on my treadmill, got some very fine blue buttons from My Mind's Eye for my SECRET can't share with you project (but you did see a sneakie last week), chatted with my GREAT friend Vicki C. , saw an awesome DT project that Lana did at ScrapMuse (sorry, that's secret too!) and did some scanning, printing and getting ready for my next project for the big secret thing I am working on. Oh, and I also talked to my publisher....but that's a secret too! wow, i'm keeping lotsa secrets from y' all.... and I like it that way! ha. I will tell you that I am excited about a project that I {am pretty sure} I will be working on, but you'll find out in September....geez..... yup - you guessed it - I'm smiling right now! All right, I'll stop teasing about all the secrets I've got and start sharing! A while back Ian and I went junking and I found a cool wooden clog, kinda beat up but still coolio looking! So, I turned it into a planter for my hens and chickens. I love those little plants. So cute. Anyway, here's that. Oh, and a picture of my Pharoah...did I even spell that right? Anyway, at Scout camp they learned about ancient egyptians. They did a little skit on the last day and this was his costume. Isn't he adorable? And, he's crafty just like his Mom! Lots of good things to be thankful for. It's not thanksgiving but I'll share what I am thankful for right now:
  • my big Valentine officially retired from the Navy yesterday and STARTED his new job on the same day. . . seamless transition.
  • We are comfortably living in our new house and things seem normal - and we have food on the table
  • My Mom lives close by and last night we made a batch of dilly beans {in my kitchen} and I loved that.
  • The weather is nice - hot - but not raining
  • I have lots of great friends that share inspiration with me and I love that
  • Tomorrow my Mom and I are going blueberry picking.
  • We are healthy and happy
  • The little V sleeps through the night with no nightmares
  • LIFE is good I tell ya. Really good!