Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, October 30

Computer funk..

do you ever get into a funk where you want nothing to do with the computer - even the basics of checking email and the normal day to day blogging? That's me the last couple of days. Just kinda tired of it. What I've been doing instead is having fun making stuff. Saturday I went to North Attleboro with Kelley to take a book binding class from Tena Sprenger. Wow, I am totally into that! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Having her there to get us out of trouble when we needed was awesome. She was a great instructor, and I am seriously thinking of signing up for her Big Picture Scrapbooking Series of book binding classes. I was so loving this skill that I learned that I started making some art journals from watercolor paper I've got hanging around. I've got a ton of watercolor blocks so I took them apart, cut them down and got them folded and the signatures ready for hole punching and binding. I need to find some cheap book board and make the covers and then they'll be done. I've also been working on another Prima Paintables project! I love this little girl that Sandy from Crafty Secrets sent me a while back - and every time I go into my images folder I see her looking at me - and so I did something with her. Anyway, a discovery while working on this - and RANGER look out. I've nearly got my own recipe worked out for crackle paint....yes. I have discovered exactly how to make my own custom colors of this lovely (and expensive) product. This accidental discovery totally made my day. Look out Ranger ;-) Anyway, on this canvas I used: Prima Paintables, vintage book papers, hand stitching, watercolor paints, Catherine's Crackle ;-), Sheer Heaven, Heidi Swapp bling and letters, vintage tape measure, and Creative Imagionations shapes covered with two colors of glitter. Oh, and those MME fancy cards that I love!
Anyway, I justed noticed I use anyway a lot.... he he he. Have a great day everyone!! I think I might send this one to Prima too....

Wednesday, October 24


My friend Vic gave me this "You Make me Smile" Award...thanks Vic...and right back at you, I love reading your blog and seeing all the very cool and beautiful things you post every day!!! Well, I'll keep this short and sweet and only post the top 5 from my list of bloggers that make me smile:

Shawn at BonoRama Mama. Her little pookie and projects make me smile every time I visit....she makes the nicest cards and is very sweet...xox.

Nat: my ScrapMuse Design Team sister...she's so very thoughtful and sweet - though she lives to dang far way in Germany....I love her out of the box creativity and techniques...very talented !

Lana: another ScrapMuse DT chickie - extremely talented - so very funny and gotta love her sense of humor...and thoughtful ness - and realness...xox.

Rebecca Sower: so very thoughtful and kind. and talented. I love reading her blog!

I'll also add Kelley from Scrapbooks and Beyond....she's my LSS...and she makes me smile when I go in an visit and eat all her candy ;-) xox Kell.

Playtime with Prima Paintables !!

Say that 3x fast... he he he ! I recently decided I need to spend more time making things that make me happy...creating projects that I really like working on - not the forced creation that I often find myself doing for whatever reason. Not that I don't enjoy the forced creation, honestly I do love making just about anything, but playing. I need to spend more time on playing with no deadline, no prethought idea or anything - just play play play. I need to pulling those creative what if's out of my head and into something tangible...because often times they just stay up there and I never do anything with them.

I've been thinking about this canvas now for weeks - maybe longer - probably since I started stalking every single store and on-line store for these papers. Since watercolor painting is really where it all began for me, this just seemed to fit. When I watercolored all the time I worked on a block, so my paper was always taught and never curled. {I really dislike curled paintings....} One of my worries about this beautiful paper by Prima was that it would curl.

When my pretty papers came with my ScrapMuse stuff I had this thought ....what if I mounted the w/c paper onto a canvas and then it would be the same as painting on a block...and dang it I just love it when my plan works. My only issue was that I didn't babysit it - to wipe out the wrinkles and there are a few wrinkles under old Eva.... (don't know who she is but her name really is Eva, it's written in pencil on the original !! ) but you wouldn't know IRL because she's hiding them. Anywho, there's more to this playtime project than paint and paper - and I do love the way it turned out. I entered it into the Prima Paintables contest, I hope they like it.

Monday, October 22

Fall Foliage, boy it's YUMMY!

Yesterday we went on a hike with the Scouts to Bradbury Mountain State Park. It was so pretty, the leaves in perfect color. At the beginning of the trail it seemed pretty steep, and I was quickly regretting my 50 minutes of running on the treadmill. My butt hurt - my hamstrings hurt - it was tough. And steeep. And rocky. And oh my gosh my butt hurt so bad. When we got to the top - I will say all the pain in my backside was worth it - because the view was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

I took a video to show the peacefullness of it - but well - imagine a small rocky mountain top with 10+scouts, their famileis and a bazillion other people enjoying the sun and foliage - and well, the movie just isn't peacefull at all!

I've been busy today, but need to get busier. I've had this project on my mind with the Prima Paintables - and since I thought I had missed the deadline for their contest I put it in the back of my head....but found out this morning that the deadline is 10/ I've been working on that as well as some things for Natalie over at Creative TECHniques Magazine.

For now, it's a batch of applesauce and supper for the little TTFN and happy Fall....or should I say Indian Summer?

Sunday, October 21

Busy busy = BAD Blogger!

Friday night I took my Mom to a card making class. She's been wanting to learn how to make cards for a long time - kind of a disgruntled card purchaser! The cost of buying a pre-made card is so expensive that she wants to make her own. So I signed her up and we went. We had a good time, though not as many laughs as normal. I think she was concentrating on her cards...
Anyway, yesterday was a computer-free day for the most part. Little V went down and had breakfast with Gram and let me sleep until 8:30 (oooh, how sweet - I think he was just hungry for her waffles...ha!) and then we decided to tackle Big V's office that hasn't been touched to unpack any box since we moved in. I decided it was going to be our own While You Were Out!! I had some things to return at Home Depot - got a credit - and purchased a shelving system. Then my DAd helped me put up the rails. Though, I picked up the wrong arm things and have to go back and exchange them today - I am hoping the Big V will be happy.

He doesn's like to clean or organize - and the room was such a mess that he didn't know where to start. So, with shelves I can organize all the books and boxes and what not...and maybe he'll get started in his Fly Tying Fiber business that he's needs to get going on. I hope so anyway.

Well, TTFN. Gotta get the treadmill done, then it's off to pick some apples and hike Bradbury Mountain with the Scouts. Busy busy day.

Thursday, October 18

October ScrapMuse Kit

I made this 14 x 14 canvas with the October kit from ScrapMuse for my very good friend Chris. We have been friends for over 8 years - I first met her when I was pregnant with the Little V - she was my doula. She is such a wonderful friend - though we have had our ups and downs...we're not anymore. Chris is the mother to 5 children - of which she homeschools. Her hubby is in the Marine Corps. and they just moved back from abroad.... Chris is battling cancer, for the second time. The first time she came to the states and everything was fixed - but her tumor has returned. So, I made this canvas to send her. To let her know that even though we don't talk everyday - I think of her ALL the time and send my prayers and good thoughts her way. I think butterflies are beautiful, and to me signify how delicate life can be at times...they are beautiful and delicate creatures that God put on this earth for us ....which I think she is too! Anyway, If I could choose who my family would be - well I'd choose her as my you girl!

Wednesday, October 17

More Rusty Pickle!!

I forgot that one of my page assignments from my LSS was using this super cute pirate paper and cardstock embellishments from Rusty Pickle - due soon - very soon - on the 20th...and I am thankful that I put all my other assignments in the Fed X box to their new home - Clifton, New Jersey - and can do something fun. I took these pictures of Little V and Gram in 2005 - during a blizzard or something when everyone had ants in their pants. She is such an awesome Gram (and Mother too) she will do just about anything the kids want her too. On this particular day Little V. wanted to play pirates with a hat made of newspaper and his Lego pirates....these are really cute pictures, however - Gramster is going to shoot me ;-) Well. looks like blogger is not happy - so I'll have to upload the picture'll keep you in suspense and coming back for more....more....more...

Monday, October 15

Rusty Pickle Challenge!

This is (was) my entry for the Rusty Pickle challenge....though I am not sure if I sent my entry and posted this comment in time. The deadline was noon on October 15th, and I think that Utah is 3 hours behind us, so that would make it only 11:30 am there....but - I am not sure that they are 3 hours....could be 2 hours. But, it is noon somewhere, right? Anyway, the papers and chipboard letters are RP, all I could find for RP products around here that matched. It was fun to make it, cross your fingers that I emailed it to them in time........

Wednesday, October 10

Halloween Place Card Holder

I made this little wooden block last year for a class I was going to teach....but had to cancel it because my Uncle passed away.... anyway. My dad cut the wooden block for me out of some old junky pine he had and I fancied it up. The pumpkin is a fancy place card holder that you would put on the table like at Thanksgiving or something. I plan on adding this to my Etsy shop (when I can breath again...) but if you are interested shoot me an email and we'll figure something out.

Tuesday, October 9

Monday, October 8

Busy FUN Weekend!

It was a long weekend, no school on Friday and Columbus Day today and we had a ton of things planned and did most all of them. Thought I'd share this little photo collage I made of the little V at Subway on Saturday before we ventured off to Michael's in BeanTown for a little Martha Stewart Market Research. He ordered his own sandwich (a melt with pickles, banana peppers, cheese, meat of some kind, tomotoes, lettuce, mayo....on some kinda fancy bread...all his own choice...including the two jalapeno peppers he requested!)

Oh my gosh we laughed so hard, I think the pepper was a bit hotter than he thought it was going to be. His eyes watered. Face got red. And he drank all of his water. He was so great about it. I also picked up a lovely writing table at a yard sale for 25 bucks on Saturday. I've dreamed of a desk like this for so long, now I have it....and I love it!! It's to be my new sewing machine table....for my new machine! ;-)

Little V and I also made a little video for Vic's 29th birthday...I can't for the life of me figure out how to put it here so you can see it over at her blog....I think she's smarter than I am, he he. I'm also not smart enough to flip the movie so you don't get a crick in your neck...but next time I promise to hold the camera properly. I think I'll make a video of my little girl singing for her

Sunday, October 7

HAPPY Birthday Vic!!

My friend Vicki Chrisman is a whopping 29 years old today. Not only is she a great friend, but as you'll see by looking at her blog, she's a fantastic artist and designer! We're both on the ScrapMuse Design Team!! Anyway Vic, happy 29th girlfriend!!

Friday, October 5

Long Weekend!

I made this page a little bit ago, can't remember the name of the papers, but you can get them over at ScrapMuse if you like them. Also got my October kit this week, and YUM, it's delicious. You should get one before they sell out, last month everything was COMPLETELY sold out!! gonzo. can't get one anymore. he he he. I've a cool project thought out to make....just need to find the time to get it done {big assignment for EK taking up my table, brain and life....}, long weekend, Big V working.....
The Little V has a 4 day weekend and we've got big plans for it! This afternoon we went to see the Seeker, rated PG - but he was a little on the scared side. He asked me if we could go home once, but I thought we should stay and finish - and we did - only he WAS IN MY LAP!! It was ok, cause I was cold and he leaned on me and kept my arms warm....we also plan on going to the outdoor flea market - and maybe a trip to P-Town...not the P-town down near the cape, but our P-town. We could also call it Bean Town - but it's not Boston....they do make Boston Baked Beans there....
The outside flea is the most exciting thing on the schedule to me, but if it rains we'll go to the inside one. They don't dicker as well, and some even get offended when you try to dicker with them....but they'll get over it when we move on.
Now that Sew Somerset is out I thought I'd share a few from those that I contributed. I sent in another one but I think they are holding it for another issue, most likely spring. I need to get my butt in gear and make some things for the other calls they have going on. I'll share another tomorrow if you like! {I love making my own transparencies like I did for this one} You can tell I really love this song by Train can't you? It's the second thing I've used it for, but I think that's ok. This is for my scrapbook and the other is for my wall. Or Etsy. Or a gift. Haven't decided yet.

Well, ta ta everyone. Charlotte you need to say hey!

Wednesday, October 3

Some NEW creations!

I've been playing around getting STUFF done, recooperating a little and looking for more stuff to do!! I made the Happy Fall card for the Felt Challenge over at ScrapMuse. The felt is from Fancy Pants and the papers from Dream Street {I think...}. I love orange. I love felt. I love to make stuff too! This other little ditty is about 2" tall x about 5" wide. You can see how small it is by looking at the little acorn cap on the twig. I just love this, and it was so fast and easy. I need to find more of those little canvas' them. I think this will be another little ditty for my etsy shop if I ever get it up and running again. What else have I been up to?? Well, I had a quick post-op check on Monday, and looks like I am cancer free. If things continue on in the same vain she recommends something else....we'll cross that bridge when it comes!!
I got a beautiful card yesterday from Shawn at Bonorama Mama , she posted it on her blog - it's very beautiful - THANKS Shawn. It was very thoughtful of you!! Chatted with my dear and lovely friend Vic on Monday too! Gosh I wish she lived closer, but we'd probably not get any work done because we'd be junking every day!! I also got a lovely little package of things I ordered from Teresa McFayden today - ooops don't have her link. But, I ordered a little crown and some other lovelies, and most favorite is the French dictionary pages. Yum. Can't wait to use that!! Well, that's all for today! Have a great rest of your night!!