Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
Join me for the 10th Anniversary of CJS2021

Monday, July 27

Fabulous Fungus!

I have a nice Canon DSLR — but my iPhone takes great shots too. I just love this quick mouse’s view of a mushroom! 

Sunday, July 26

Solace in the Garden

There’s no question in anyone’s mind that the last several months have been hard on nearly everyone. I am grateful that I live in a place where I can get outside everyday and find comfort and healing in my garden. Through caring for my flowers to flinging big rocks around — I find this is a great form of therapy for me. 

Here's a path I created from bricks that were the chimney in a farmhouse built in the 1700’s. 

I removed a bunch of rocks to make room for the brick path. It turned out pretty great, and the bricks were nearly free. 

Friday, July 17

Save the Bees!

This beautiful bee was on the railing of my back porch, obviously struggling to live. I squirted out some organic honey thinking it would help give him strength, he perked immediately up and began drinking. Sadly, he didn’t make it, but I cherish watching him drink up the honey.  

Thursday, July 16

The Best of.....

The Best of Creative JumpStart Vol. 3 is the third collection of CJS video lessons from the archives. You will receive links to 12 downloadable video lessons from Creative JumpStart 2017

The collection includes project and technique based lessons from 12 unique and super talented mixed media artists. Download the lessons to your library and enjoy learning at your own pace from a diverse group of Creative JumpStart classics. The Best of CJS Vol 3 collection is just $9.99 and is available immediately. 

Get ready to JumpStart YOUR Creativity! Learn more and read a description of the lessons HERE:

Wednesday, July 15

Fond Memories!

One of the pages from my coloring book from a few years ago. I turned the colored image into some greeting cards and love how they turned out. If you like to color, and you live local – – you can find a new coloring book from me at Hatch on Maine in Brunswick.

Wednesday, July 8

Thank You for the Beautiful Season!

Peony season is over and I'm thankful for it this year and every year. I cut 17 large bouquets (with 6 blooms) and 6 large bouquets with 12 to 14 and 1 extra large bouquet with 21 blooms. See you next year my beauties!