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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 12

you KNOW what you want!

I think it's fair to say that I have found a new way of creating art that I'm fairly addicted to. What's not to get addicted to anyway -- the color, the relaxation, creating the ART? It's like living in a dream world having a few minutes here and there to work on art like this. 
I'm so pleased with the vibrant and vivid colors in this page today.  

As I was creating the art no transforming the scribbles on this page into colorful art -- I felt at peace. like -- yeah -- you are definitely getting back to your roots with this page.  (I'm a watercolor artist at heart.)
For this page I started out with a wash of watercolor paints (Koi Brand) and added color everywhere. 
Then I went in with my Studio Paints and started mixing the Koi paints with the Studio paints (oh my heck - YES -- why have I never done this before????) and bing -- the color just POPPED. Yes. 
I couldn't help but think to myself - you KNOW what you want -- so go get it. Seize the world by the pants and just GO for it. 
Make your life this beautiful, patterned, colorful world make it WORTH it. Make art. Make delicious food. Make a happy family. Make friends. Share my art with my friends and make friends with strangers. 
This style of art is the ultimate in brave for me. Typically this is something that I would SHY away from -- no wait -- scratch that -- COMPLETELY avoid. Creating this page with pen or pencil on white = no problem. Adding color has typically been the problem. What if I mess it up? Where do I start? What if it doesn't  come out good? what if what if what if. Don't get me wrong, I like color and I'm good with it. But that loosey goosey colorful look that I love has always been a dream. 

I'm trying to change my thinking to: what if it comes out beautiful, colorful and awesome? 

I never thought about it like that. what if I want to design papers and stamps and other vibrant and colorful things to play with? So far it's been a little blip on my radar, I'd like to do that but CAN I do that?  

Yes, I definitely can -- you know why? Because I want to. Because I know it's what I want to do. That's why. Yes, I'm definitely on the brink of something wonderful. (and painting on the couch on a saturday morning is NOT the extent of that wonderfulness ;-)

Do you know what you want to do? What's holding you back? Is it adding color to that otherwise black and white sketch? Making the sketch? Or is it the fear of jumping into the ocean and drowning? Hmm, I think I'll leave you with that today.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend -- I know I did -- minus the business of Springing Forward. I've got another page in the works that I hope to finish by Wednesday to share with you. Have a great day -- and think about what you want -- then make a plan -- or don't make a plan -- but definitely go for it.

PS. sorry if the text is all weird sizes -- having issues with them being either too small or too big and no matter what I do to edit the HTML nothing fixes it. 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this Catherine and it made me smile a lot. The artwork is so gorgeous and colourful and your doodling looks fabulous.
    Still to do my class work unfortunately as my DT work got in the way over the weekend plus my elder daughter's birthday is today and I haven't yet finished her card!
    Have a great week.
    Fliss x

  2. This is amazing- those colors and the whole page make me happy ! Thank you!

  3. This is VIVID! Love the words as well as the art.

  4. Love love this Catherine! So many tiny little details. It really is brilliant work - I just wish I could let go and have a go at this. I need a course!

    PS I think you have more students from Shetland.

  5. Gosh, you felt like you couldn't, so you didn't, too??? Congrats on breaking free. Your art/color is BEAUTIFUL. I look forward to the day I break free!


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