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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 19

Bloom where you are Planted

I've been out of town playing with some super secret new product that EK Success is developing, wow. It's going to be fun. Unique. Cool -- and so many other things. 
I brought my art journal with me to New Jersey but only managed to finish up the page I started the other day and not much else. Then I had a little technical difficulty and the two pages stuck together. The repairs to the page only made the damage worse, which made me sad.
But it was definitely a lesson regarding the products I used, even though I let them dry COMPLETELY before closing the journal they still stuck together. 
I came home on Saturday night and thought I would have the energy and creativity to journal to create something for today. But I didn't. I was exhausted. My flight was delayed and I spent over 5 hours walking around in the airport - which was not very exciting. I did discover a new Ben & Jerry's flavor that is TO DIE For -- Coconut 7 Layer Bar...oh my heavens it was so good. I could have eaten that all night, ha ha. 

I spent yesterday afternoon in the ER -- because my husband thought I was having a stroke. Turns out I have really low potassium and sinus cavities that are filled with fluid -- but not infected. I guess the combination caused me to have some Visual Disturbances and a weird headache -- bad enough to make me go have my head checked out. Turns out -- THERE IS something in there -- and it's doing just fine. My heart is beating to the beat -- and a very healthy beat at that. The Dr. said I was a very healthy 46 year old, phew. 
But I have to start eating more bananas, raisins and orange juice -- all the carbs I don't eat a lot. Anyway, the flowers you see here are what I was able to create this morning in between catching up with my email, planning my next lesson and taking care of my sick niece. Hopefully I can get a bit more accomplished tonight so I'll have something to share with you tomorrow. 

So, I've got to get back to work. A million and ONE things to do and only 2 hours to do them...hmmmm -- looks like I'm going to have a busy afternoon. 

Thank you for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful afternoon. 

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