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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, March 9

Inspiration Round-Up

I've had a pretty busy week getting my new class off the ground and making sure I've got things all buttoned up before I go to New Jersey for a few days next week -- so since I haven't finished anything new to share -- I thought I would share a few of my favorite people and what they've been up to this week. 
My Art Journal page from yesterday, a work in progress.

  • The first on my list is Heidi Swapp. I had the opportunity to chat with this amazing woman at CHA in January. (It's only taken me about 5 years to gain the courage to tell her how she inspired me, and then I couldn't say it without crying ha ha!) She starting inspiring me to think outside of the box in her Texture book that she wrote with Autumn Leaves WAY back. When I read her book a fire storm started in my head that hasn't turned off yet. What is even more inspiring to me is she is genuine and really cares that what she does inspires other artists to try new things. I think the reason for her success is that she is so genuine, thoughtful and shares her heart with people. Not only is she beautiful on the outside -- she's beautiful on the inside. Listening to her on the Paper Clipping Round Table was really fun and I love the idea of her new class, The Art of Observation. Thank you Heidi for being so sweet! 
Some Dick Blick love from yesterday!
  • The next person that always is awesome and awe inspiring is my sweetest friend Vicki Chrisman. Vic and I go way back -- when we were both on the ScrapMuse Design Team -- and I went out to Nebraska to visit her a few years back. She is an amazing designer, has a huge heart and I just love her to pieces. When she posted this sweet Tea Cups on her blog my jaw dropped and I was in love.  
  • While I don't know this artist personally, I love her blog and her card projects she shares. She is crazy talented with Copic Markers!  
Some Pioneer Woman Baked French Toast love from Sunday Morning.

  • The next spot on my Inspiration Round-up is Tammy Tutterow. Another AWESOME person, designer and artist. The colors in this tag she shared this week are totally gorgeous -- I love everything about it! She's got lots of beautiful and amazing tutorials on her blog! 
Some Sweet Dog Love in my Studio.
  • Dina Wakley -- is so funny -- and her use of color always amazes me. I saw her last fall in the airport in New York and when I got the courage to go back and say hey Dina -- I read your blog everyday - she was gone. But I did see her and have a little chat at CHA in January -- she is just the cutest -- and said the sweetest things to encourage me. THANKS Dina!   
  • And finally, I found this artist through searching for a print I saw on Pinterest  a while back -- Susan Black. This question really has been sitting heavy in my head this week -- cause I'm not sure what my super-power is at all. She shares beautiful photography, art and has a LOT of thought provoking posts!
Sweetest BOY love! 

Well that's it, I've got a TON of things to do today so gotta run. THANK You so much for stopping by -- have a GREAT weekend. I'll be back on Monday with a new art journal page for you! 


  1. Great post...need to check out Susan Black...thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. We share admiration for many of these artists and a few are new to me - thank you for sharing!

  3. You my friend, are such sweet and kind person and I am so blessed to call you a friend. You are one of the people who I credit with giving me a spark and opening my eyes and mind to new ways to create. You will always be "the one" when I think about sewing on projects.


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