Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, March 8


Not much to say, just some pretty art. I'm feeling a little sensitive this week.
But I'm really happy with the Loosy Goosy look to these two pages. Thank you Martha for making me stick with it.
Such a departure from the first page I posted on Tuesday about trying something new.
My breakthrough -- it's all in the supplies you use. The first page was strictly with a sharpie and acrylic paint. This page is watercolor, acrylic paint, india ink, sharpie, watered down paint -- splatters of paint.
The complete journaling says: breakthrough your blocks. change your view. be happy.

What I'm also thinking: stick with it. don't get discouraged -- no matter what anyone says -- or doesn't say about what you do. Be true to your art, yourself -- and forget about the silent ones because you don't need their approval anyway. THEY may talk a good game about art -- but THEY aren't true to the words they speak or write.

Thanks for stopping by -- have a LOVELY day!


  1. I absolutely love this the post ;)

  2. These look beautiful Catherine. Great doodling and such lovely bright and cheery colours.
    Fliss x

  3. okay, you have GOT to come into the studio and teach me how to do this!!!!! I'll help you write, you help me make something like THIS! My week has been, um, crappy we can bury our heads together!!! Today? Tomorrow?

  4. Because of you my friend, I've taken out my art journal and started journalling again. Your butterfly a few days ago was so inspiring and then this post today!!!!!

    What type of acrylic paints do you use Cat?



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