Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, January 14

learning to see...

it's hard to train yourself to see.
I mean REALLY see and take in your surroundings.
breathe them in like a breath of fresh clean air.
into your heart.

for me it's one of those things that comes naturally. maybe i've done it so long that it's just a part of who i am. maybe i was born with it. i don't know.

for instance. what do you see in the first photo? i see a line going down the center of me - splitting me in half. reminding me that i often feel torn between doing what i love 24/7 and taking care of my family.

in this photo. i don't really see myself. i see the beautiful trail in the background and the shadows of the trees that fall across the trail where i just came from. i do see that my hair is the same color as the trees, and i wish it was not so grey.
in this picture i see my brand new christmas cross country ski's and the unbroken trail in front of them. i see the beautiful blue from the natural light and the lens on my phone. i see the shadows of the beautiful shrubs falling over the tips of my ski's creating fingers reaching out to me. I see cute little curvy tips creating a nice little serif on the ends of my ski's. i see peacefulness and also feel peaceful when i see this. i love this picture.
i see the wind blowing the snow off the trees creating a tiny temporary blizzard. i see the snow stuck to the sides of the trees -- and the huge widow makers falling over the trail where i need to go. i hope they don't fall on me as i ski under them.
in this photo i see a heart made of freshly fallen snow encased in a prison of branches.
this photo makes me think of the 4th of july and the beautiful fire-works that a local community has.

what did you see today that was out of the ordinary or maybe not so that inspired you to take a picture and remember it for all your days?

THANKS for stopping by -- have a inspired and creative day!


  1. Brand new reader! I am doing Creative Jumpstart 2013 and finally caught up to your video. I had to come directly to your blog as I love your video. And you blog is great. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I love your photos, and just wanted to let you know I was very touched by the one you saw as a heart held prisoner...when I first saw it, I saw an infant being cradled in the hands of God, my how different we can see things..beautiful work! And thank you for encouraging me to keep looking at things in new and inspiring ways!

  3. After seeing your photos I am more anxious than ever for my new camera to come so I can take photos again. I'm suppose to have it next week. :-)

    I belonged to a group that every week we were given a photo assignment. It was so much fun and I was sad when the group disbanded. I have fun looking through the photos I took during that time and would like to challenge myself to at least take photos of more than just my projects for my blog weekly. I see another intention in the making.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and for encouraging me to really take in my surroundings with all of my being.


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