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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, January 22

Craft + Hobby Association -- behind the scenes

While you would never have known I was away last week because my blog was updated -- I was happy to find myself in Anaheim California for the Craft + Hobby Association meeting. It's a show where manufacturer's, buyers, educators,  and designers come together to see and play with new products.

Designers like me often venture out there to look for new work or demo the new and exciting products. Or -- to network and take the cool workshops offered. It's a great opportunity to meet new people that share the same love art and craft supplies. 
I went looking for some new opportunities. And to learn some new techniques. And MAN was it exactly what I needed. I can't wait to share -- I've got some pretty exciting news coming -- just not sure when I'll be able to tell....sooner -- later -- only time will tell ;-D

When I left Maine it was quite cool -- but arriving in  CA I kinda felt like I was home. It was cool -- no really cold to many -- but the sun was shining, plants were green and there were pretty flowers so that wonderful. It felt more like a warm Maine Spring day where you go without your coat and maybe have a chill here and there but it feels amazing to shed the heavy winter coat.  
Our early morning walk over to the convention center. Love the long shadows of my roommates and I. 

I was really excited to see the new products being introduced by Spellbinders -- Ice Resin, Bezels and a NEW machine. AMAZING products and I can't wait to share a little how-to in a few days or so. 

My friend Martha taking a funny picture of me -- but look at her phone case -- it's one of mine she bought from my Zazzle shop!  


Cool Geode ring that Suzan Lenart Kazmer was wearing. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! 
One of my bezels in the Ice Resin class....I still need to pour the resin!

 My little birdies from the last Spellbinders cute and fun to work with.

A not so healthy snack, I tried to eat right it's just so hard when you are traveling and the options are not that great to start with.

My blurry picture of my art in the Tattered Angels/Canvas Corp. Booth. It looked great. I've got a how to coming up on that one too!

The pretty fountain outside the convention center. It looked really cool, sadly I missed the Philharmonic playing at the dedication that day.

I did spend a little time chitty chatting with my sweet boy -- he missed his Mom and thankfully we were able to text back and forth -- but because of the 3 hour time difference either he was sleeping or I was sleeping it was a little tougher to manage.

Pretty leaves on a not-so pretty looking piece of meat. Not sure what this was -- it was Martha's dinner on the last nightbut I loved the way the cilantro looked on the melted cheese.

Well that's it.....I'm finally rested and ready to tackle everything on my to-do list! Phew -- hope I can manage it all! Thanks for stopping by -- hope you have a GREAT day!  


  1. I love seeing CHA pictures. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to hear more about the spellbinders newness. I love them.

    I really came here to tell you that I have gotten so much out of your in and out watercolor card class already. It has changed my confidence with water colors, the media that first drew me to trying art and then intimidated me into other mediums. You made it so simple. Well, a lot simpler. I am loving the white border trick and knowing how to use my different brushes. Thank you! I'll post my card there when I'm finished.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the picture of the fountain. Looks like dancers to me.

    Did not know that Spellbinders had brought out a new machine so had to check it out. It just may replace my Big Shot. Ha! Ha! If they need someone to test it and give it a review I'm available.

    Look forward to your posts.


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