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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, January 10

In + Out Series at MCC

I am BEYOND excited to share my new class concept at My Creative Classroom! I know it's not new to what other people are doing -- but for MCC and the classes I offer it is --- and I am BEYOND excited to share.

Last year I had a test class in the fall that I called "In + Out Art Journal". The premise was that you could pop in to the classroom and watch all the videos, download the art, instructions and anything I had in the classroom related to the class and get started creating. Everything you needed for the course was there -- much like when you take a class at an art or scrapbook store. Easy to pick and choose what you like and not feel overwhelmed with a TON of information.

Plus there was no guilt if you didn't make all the projects, which often happens when you take classes sometimes.

the supply lists are smaller so you don't have to be overwhelmed with a shopping frenzy if your budget is tight -- as is for most of us these days.

The course fee is really reasonably priced considering you'll get a lot of video (In + Out Art Journal had over an hour) and other information!

With the one lesson format you will receive everything you  need to make a journal and then a page full of journal prompts to fill your pages with. 

This concept was SO successful for me I was overwhelmed -- and inspired to offer more.

With that -- my In + Out Series was born. I decided to offer one class a month -- in topics that teach a technique and others that teach a specific project. I think you'll be happy

So, without further delay -- here are the dates and classes for the In + Out Series! 

BONUS- If you SIGN up for all classes in the In + Out Series throughout the year and you'll get a FREE Class in January 2014! You can't sign up for all of them right now - but the In + Out Watercolor for stampers is open and starting on January 21st! 

Please let me know if you have any questions about the In + OUt Series in the comment section and I'll get back to you asap!


  1. This sounds a fantastic idea Catherine. I am sure there will be one or two that I will do!

  2. After watching the Creative Jump Start I'm now going to look into these. Ah life is wonderful!!

  3. Just got the notice from MCC on this course and followed the link from the supply list. Thank you for supplying that also. I think this is a fantastic idea for conveying a course and your outline for the upcoming year looks outstanding. I will look forward to every month this year!
    I am grateful for the price of the course also, I know the time it takes to prepare and am sure we will come away with an enormous amount of information and Inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talents and your time.


  4. Found you through creative jumpstart today (had missed your video when it aired somehow) and was so inspired by you that I immediately went to your class descriptions and signed up for this in and out class. I saw! : ) Thanks for sharing on creative jumpstart and for keeping your classes so affordable.


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