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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, January 29

Above the Earth

Last weekend -- Friday really -- there was the most bright and beautiful full moon in the sky. I was amazed really at just how big it looked. Much bigger than these photos show.
I first noticed it on the highway but couldn't get a good picture of it until I got to my bridge. And, I might add -- it only showed up on my pictures when I used either the hipstamatic app or the standard camera on my phone. The two photos below have been Instagrammed from my Photo Album.

But that doesn't make them any LESS cool. I really felt like I could reach out and touch the moon -- grab it right out of the sky and put it close to my heart - I am a moon child after all AND it felt like it was that BIG and CLOSE. 

As I was working on some other projects for consignment this month, you remember the little stamped and painted sculpey shapes from this Looking Back post -- right?? -- well I made some more but turned them into hearts instead of circles --  I couldn't stop thinking about that moon as I worked on those hearts. I kept thinking about how I wanted to keep it close to my heart. I kept looking to the sky for it. Every time I went outside I looked up to locate and orient myself to it. 

All weekend. 
It was bright at night -- keeping me awake a little. 
But it was there during the day.
Comforting me with its existence.

Anywho -- as I was working on my hearts I found some little words in an old hymnal and glued them on to my polka dot cheese heart and Voila - I'll turn my Moon Heart into a magnet and see it everyday -- and always remember to keep that big, bright beautiful moon close to my heart.  Being a moon child and all. 
PS. This is not to be confused with my other moon.

Well that is all for today. Quite enough I might add. Please stay tuned for tomorrow --  I'll be sharing my TMW page and reflections on what it meant to me through out the month over on 

Feel free to join in if you want.  We'd love to have you.

Oh and let me know -- did you see that HUGE moon last week?


  1. Great pics, great heart love the PINK, and yes the moon was spectacular....xox

  2. I missed seeing that big moon. Otherwise I would have had my camera out taking pictures. I love looking at the moon and stars.

    Look forward to seeing your post about the word of the month.


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