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Sunday, August 19

On the Road with Saint Motel

Last month when my sweetest friend Vicki Chrisman emailed me and asked me Martha Richardson, Ronda Palazzari, Louise Nelson and Nat Kalbach to play along in a fun little project -- and since it had art, music and a blog hop -- I just couldn't resist. I'm so happy that I did, because she introduced me to an awesome band with great music and I created a project that I'm pretty pleased with.

The band she talked about is called Saint Motel. Have you heard of them?? You can check out their blog: Saint Motel I do believe they come from Los Angeles, here's one of their posters with tour dates for 2012.

Oh, and here's their latest music video -- and the link to YouTube in case you can't get it to play. 

So on to the art. The only requirements were that we had to be inspired by the eyes on the Album Jacket -- which you can see are kinda fun in the poster up above.

Knowing how I am -- I listened to all the songs I could find on the internet AND THEN searched for the lyrics so I could make sure I got them right on my poster. I know I mentioned it, but I'm pretty pleased with this piece of art.

This is a real hybrid mixed media piece -- I scanned a photo of my relatives -- it's from the 30's and I have no idea who they are. After a little manipulation -- I merged that image with a magnifying glass.
Cool, right. But wait, it gets better. 
I also made up a fake arrest record poster and added VOYEUR to it and made my great great uncle henry -- or whatever his name is - hold it.

And gave them all Voyeur eyes.

The background of my poster has a few words to the song "At Least I have Nothing" written into wet paint in the background. (I had high hopes for our generation.......) The background also has pages from the telephone book collaged under the paint -- yes I chose pages from the S section of the phone book. And then lots of distressing, inking, calligraphy, more distressing - and voila -- my Voyeur project is complete.
I'm really quite pleased with the results. What do you think?

Check out what everyone else created for the release of their new CD:

Saint Motel news blog
Vicki Chrisman
Catherine Scanlon <-----you're already here!
Lousie Nelson
Martha Richardson
Nathalie Kalbach
Rhonda Palazzari 

I hope you'll take a moment and look around to see what everyone else created. I have only seen a few sneak peaks here and there and I'm really excited to get up tomorrow morning and see myself. 

THANKS for stopping by -- have a WONDERFUL day.


  1. Tis is awesome...your attention to detail just blows me away!

  2. Love that you used a vintage photo! Very fun and funky artwork. Love this so much.

  3. Fabulous take...bit quirky like the band! :)

  4. I am just blown away with how this all came together. I LOVE your project SO stinking much!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU for doing this with me!

  5. I am so in Love with this!!!!! What a brilliant and fun idea- Love it!


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