Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, August 29

Absolutely FANTASTIC Workshop!

Just popping by to share a few photos from a workshop I took on Sunday with the lovely Julie Fei-Fan Balzer at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, MA. 

You can see Julie's photo's on her blog -- she's got a lot more of the whole group.

When I first got to the workshop and sat down I was pleasantly surprised to be sitting next to one of my students at MCC, Penny. She's taken quite a few classes from me, it was nice to chit chat and get to know her a bit. You can check out her blog, she's very talented and lives not too far from me.

And a few Instagrams from the workshop. 

Me, my project and Julie.

And this is what my nearly completed project looked like last night.

I love using my metal letter stamps to sign my Birch Boards and add a little word here and there.
I also added lots of details in the center of each flower and a few more flowers here and there.
I am pretty pleased with myself, as I usually don't finish projects from workshops.
This one is for a special project next month -- so I'll give you more details then.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day - and I hope you find the time to do something creative today, it is Wednesday after all!


  1. Hey Catherine! It was a lot of fun to take a class together. It's always fun to be inspired by creative people - for me it was like two for the price of one :-)

  2. gorgeous your results- you talented chica you ! So fun you met Julie- wish I would have been there too!

  3. Morning girlfriend, oh how wonderful day to spend with amazing talented ladies. I have never been to that store,,I think I need to take a trip...hugs


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