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Monday, June 25

True Friends Journal Page or Happy Birthday to Me..

As I reflect on the last year and the many things that have happened I feel like I have somehow gathered the strength within myself to find a path -- or to re-discover -- my path and fully realize what it is that I want out of life, being a wife and mother, artist and just my life in general. Last year on my birthday there were happy things, but also frustrating and sad things that I struggled with.

I started 2012 setting goals and today I feel really good about meeting many those goals (except the exercising ones), actually putting those bullets on my list as actions I've taken instead of just writing on a list.

One of those bullet points was to journal as much as I can and blog more. Two things I have definitely done. I've also enrolled in an art class at a great College of Art, create more art that makes me happy, and have found a direction that I want to take my art in. While there are many more things I've crossed off my list - these are the ones I'm comfortable sharing. ;-)

Anyway, as I reflect internally on the coming year today -- I want to share my latest journal page with you. I have been attracted to birds a lot lately, I think it may be due to the fact that I have several nests on my front and back porch with Mama and Papa Robins and their babies. While these birds aren't robins, I did paint them to resemble the coloring, a little.

Notice how blah they look before I paint the eyes, very lifeless and empty.

But once I add the black with the white light in the center they almost come to life. 

I marveled a couple month ago at how amazing it is to see a painting transform when you add a black outline to the designs, but this transformation is so much more dramatic. The black eyes with the white light in the center really brings them to life. 

Here they are, two friends aloft on a couple of branches in the woods. Having a sweet chat about life, love and everything else in-between.

And here they are with a sweet quote I found about good friends. So fitting for the amazing friends I have as they truly have lifted me and shown me how to fly in the last year or so. 

For those friends -- both new and old -- you know who you are --  thank you for an amazing year and I'm definitely looking forward to a fantastic year ahead! 

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and I'll catch you up on my flower of the day flowers tomorrow! 


  1. Yes, adding the colour to the eyes certainly makes a huge difference, Catherine. Your painting is wonderful.

    I've just picked up a copy of Simply Cards & Papercraft in the UK and guess who has a card on the front page! Your article is fabulous. Congratulations :o)

    Chris x

  2. Happy Birthday & thank you for all you have taught me about art & life! xoxox


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