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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, June 4

creativity is a drug

what a weekend, Saturday we went on a field trip to the Boston Symphony Orchestra to see John Williams conduct the Boston Pops. It was an AMAZING concert. I had no idea who he was BEFORE the concert. But think about the music for Star Wars, ET - and you've thought of John Williams.  He received something like 34 Emmy's, Grammy's or some kind of fancy award for his music, he is an amazingly talented man and seeing him conduct the Boston Pops -- his ORCHESTRA -- the place where it all started for him -- with his famous music was a once in a lifetime thing for us. Simply amazing.

Not only did he write those scores but he wrote so many more, like the one to my favorite movie: Dances with Wolves. He's also 80 years old this year. And came back for 2 encore's after a 2 hour concert! did I mention yet that it was an awesome concert?

Our son loves him and was totally engrossed in the concert, it made my heart happy to see him smile and enjoy the music so much. It was phenomenal. And a long day. We got home and in bed around 2am. 
I bet Williams has a pretty creative mind, I wonder if he dreams about writing and creating music the way I dream about creating art?
Ok. enough about Music -- let's get on to the art journal page for today, ha ha. 
I saw this quote by Cecile B. Demille and was in  instant agreement. There are days when creating art makes me so happy and euphoric that it certainly feels like a drug. Last week I started to have a crummy day and went into my studio and started making this colorful page, another Art of Subtraction piece. The 10 minutes I spent here and there throughout the afternoon definitely changed my altitude and brought me out of my funk.

I'm so thankful for those moments when art saves me from myself.
anyway, the rest of the weekend we spent watching the water fall from the sky and fill our pool to over-flowing and bring water to our basement and HUGE puddles to the driveway. It was a horrible weekend for rain, thankfully we have a sump pump and have a way to get the water out. 

How has art saved you? Was it your art. or was it music, or someone else's art? 
Thanks for stopping by today -- hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

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  1. Wow what a weekend you have, full of music, memories, art and needs to stop your art piece, your work is amazing. It's so true Art Saves-you it's where I can be totally me without judgement. It so makes my soul and heart and mind happy.
    thanks for sharing.


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