Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, June 8

Hodge Podge Friday

Yesterday I needed a little teacher gift -- mostly brought to fruition by my kidlet. The packaging looked a little boring with just the recycled Tin Box from a Maya Road chipboard set -- perfect for magnets but boring.

To dress it up I ripped a narrow strip of a piece of fabric I had painted for a collaborative class at My Creative classroom and hot-glued it around the box - but making sure the wrap could be slipped off without taking it apart.
Then I wrapped orange grosgrain ribbon around and tied it into a knot and then a looped bow -- nothing fancy just a bow.
While the glue gun was still hot I grabbed a tiny 4" doily I have had forever and inserted floral embellishments through the holes in the center. To keep them from coming out I folded the little stamen in half and inserted it around one of the crocheted "legs" of the doily. I added about 10 of these then a dot of hot glue on the back side to keep them from falling out of my flower. When that was cool I added some hot glue to the inside around the center and scrunched it up and held it (proceed with caution here so you don't burn your fingers) in place until it cooled. A little re-shaping here and there and it looks like a pretty white lily. I also added a little orange paint to the stamens and then hot glued it to the center of the bow -- and voila -- a beautiful, quick and cheap package embellishment fit for a fantastic mentor!

BTW -- have I mentioned how much I love my 10 dollar photo backdrop -- AMAZING as you can see in the photos above!
In between the teacher gift I worked on a new art journal page. I am not in love with it.
in fact I don't even like it.
it was fun to do something different while trying to maintain my style -- I think I'll stick with flowers and doodles ;-) and leave the wonderful journal pages done with silhouettes to the lovely Dina Wakely cause she really gets them and I don't.  ;-)
that's all for today -- sorry it was such a hodge podge -- but as school is finishing up and I'm gearing up for a new class -- I haven't had much fun-art time. It's definitely showing on my altitude too. This weekend, I have promised myself some fun time to create -- JUST FOR me. 

Hope you have a great weekend -- stay tuned for something fun and new and exciting on the 10th.

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