Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, June 1

a surprising fire...

I have been prepping a lot of birch boards lately by painting the sides black -- to get them ready for art or to complete a piece I created eons ago. Yesterday I was messing around on the newsprint that covers my desk to clean off the extra acrylic paint on my brush. I started making circles. rough and raw. circles.

 just a row of circles with no color. no lines. just three circles.
Later, when I was working in my journal with some watercolor and acrylic paint I added the orange and blue.
And then later, when I went back to prep some ATC panels the straight lines happened.
And last night, when I went in to sharpen a pencil -- I saw it. so beautiful on my table. silently beautiful. and different.
This morning -- I woke up with a fire inside my head so big and furious I couldn't get through my coffee and shower before I ripped it away from the table, cropped it down to remove the blobs of blue red and green. I had a vision for this so vivid and strong nothing could keep me from it. 
I am in love  with this random piece of beautifulness that started its life as a scrap that would end up in the garbage. I can't wait for a moment to complete it! 

As you go through your day -- whether it's exciting or mundane, keep your heart, your mind and your eyes open -- so you can receive the little bits and opportunities placed before you to create beauty with!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, thanks for stopping by!

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