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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, October 6


I found myself spending a quite a bit of time trying to relax over the summer -- wanting to do something -- so I'd pick up a notebook and start doodling. I guess they call this form of doodling Zentangles. I don't know, but I've been making circles and swirls for a long time and filling pages for a while before I ever heard it called Zentangles. Seems weird that they would be able to copyrite doodling -- but they did and it's a wonderful way to pass 20 minutes or so when you are waiting for someone and don't really have time to start something new. Or -- are trying to stay off the internet but don't have a new book or new works of art going .

Some times my doodles start looking like things other than doodles. Like the one above -- I see a whale on the top of a bunch of waves.

And this one looks like a group of fish.

I've got nothing on this one, ha ha.
A witch with an owls face....or just a witch.

A mushroom and a fish, sorry it's blurry.

A peacock - but my Mother sees a poodle instead of a peacock. I can see both depending on how I look at it. I keep thinking I'm going to add some color to these -- but they are in a crummy old- college lined notebook and done with a pen that runs. If I added color I would want to use watercolor paints or watercolor crayons and I don't think the paper (or the crummy ink) will hold up to the water. I really like working in a lined notebook -- it helps with patterns and partitioning sections off. So I guess they'll stay black and white for now until I find a notebook that has paper with lines that will hold up to water.

It's almost the weekend -- and I've had a pretty busy week, and the boy has a 4 day weekend. Maybe the Fryburg Fair, or just weekend around the house to get things done and caught up on.

I've got 3 classes going at My Creative Classroom -- only one is new -- and another one starting next week -- and another brand new one I need to get ready for enrollment that starts in November.  Geez, I better get busy and get all this stuff done, my housework is starting to suffer, ha ha! Well, thanks for stopping by, hope you'll make a doodle or two today -- you'll never want to stop!

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