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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, October 3

What I did on my Summer Vacation #2

I did some other things that were fun over the summer -- like finish the last few details in my studio.
My husband helped me install the bead board wainscotting, I painted the iron brackets and shelf and we got that installed as well. It's the perfect place for all my little chotchky's, jars of buttons, paints and lots of other things. The pencil sharpener reminds me of my Grandmother -- she had one just like it in her house that I always loved to use because the pencils were so SHARP. 
We went to the local country fair. I spent the evening walking around reminiscing about what it was like there when I was a kid. I got some fun pictures of my son and his friends too!
Took my Mother to Massachussetts to visit her sister -- then we all went to Connecticut to visit their brother. They took us shopping for lunch at Stew Leonard's, wow -- it was my first time and Wow. Just Wow. I loved that place. It would  be dangerous to live near there! I will say, I didn't like the way they corral you in to walking down EVERY aisle. I saw these beautiful sunflowers there and took a TON of pictures of them with my hipstamatic.
My sweet -- now taller than me -- boy holding some of those beautiful sunflowers at Stew's.
Here he is with his Massachussetts pal -- they look so cute celebrating her birthday together. He's too young for a girlfriend!

I've got just a few more posts of fun pictures for the summer - but I promise to mix a few artsy craftsy posts in there too. Thanks for stopping by -- have a GREAT day!

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