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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, October 7

What I did on my summer vacation #4

 More Art Journaling, love the way this little inclusion turned out. Did I mention I did a lot of art journaling over the summer?
Took lots of pictures of everything with the Hipstamatic App on my phone. I am so in love with this thing! And look at all those strawberries -- we filled that tray 3 times as full as that.
Got a cool birthday present for my garden from my parents. She surprised me by putting him in the center of my purple and yellow irises with this bow and a balloon tied to him. My apologies if this offends anyone, he's in my garden now blessing the flowers and tiny animals that frequent it -- without the balloon and bow-tie.
This horse (I think her name was Allie??) at the stables LOVED the smell of my Passion Tea. She was trying to lick the outside of the cup -- but I think what she really wanted was to drink the whole thing. She is a very sweet horse, that loved our attention. She would stamp her feet on the wall whenever we walked in the stables to get Babe -- the horse we rode for every lesson. When I stopped to scratch her head and stopped scratching but didn't walk away -- she would nudge my arm with her nose for more scratches. My dog does the same thing. It was very calming to be around the horses, and with all the crap that went down -- going to the stable was just what I needed.

Thanks for stopping by -- hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

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