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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, October 4

What I did on my summer vacation #3

Took a workshop on my birthday weekend with Donna Downey and two great friends Hannah and Leslie from Beattie Chicks at Artascope Studios in Portland. It was a wonderful weekend -- Friday night, Saturday and Sunday -- totally emersed in doing artsy stuff and not worrying about cooking or laundry or cleaning. Oh, and the husband dude got me an iPad. That's a whole other addiction I am dealing with, ha ha.
I think this is one of my journal pages from the weekend. Not sure as I don't recognize this, LOL. It might have been the beginning of something that got changed later. We did a lot of that during the weekend.
We went strawberry picking a couple of times and made a few batches of jam -- and froze a bunch for smoothies this winter. YUMM! The picking was great this summer and it's a fun thing I always love to do with my Mom.
The boy and I took horse riding lessons for a while. When we started trotting he got "smashed" a bit on the saddle and decided he didn't like it. It was almost the end of summer so we just stopped. I might start up again when I'm not so busy with classes and creative stuff. It's a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon. I know I feel much more comfortable around horses and am not afraid to sit on them now. I can check that off my bucket list that's for sure!
More art journaling -- this page was made at the Beattie Chicks art journaling night. Love the way this page came out!

Just one more post -- but I'll post about some other stuff tomorrow! have a great day -- thanks for stopping by.

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