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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, September 30

Projects from Claudine's workshop at Artascope

I'm finally getting around to posting my projects from the workshop I took at Artascope in Portland a couple of weekends ago. It was an amazing workshop - one that really kicked my creativity into high gear!!

It's always great to try new techniques and supplies - and this is one that I want to spend much more time with. I will say, this workshop just clicked with me. It just came so easily and naturally - that I wanted to go out and get a hundred canvases and start making beeswax collage pieces all the time. . . if only I had the time right now!

Anyway, here are 3 of the projects I worked on.....none of them are finished because I haven't had time - but close to being finished - and in plain sight so I don't forget about them!

This was my very first canvas - I worked on 8x8 wooden boards - with the exception of this one - it's 6x8. This one is really close to being finished....just a little something maybe a metal plaque or library label with some words....not sure.

Secone one, with some aha moments and solutions to problems I discovered in the first canvas. Still needs some green for the trees and the rising sun in the center. Yum. LOVE this one - I do think it's my favorite. I hope I can finish it so it looks like I imagine it to look!

This is my third canvas - called Living in Color. I like the concept - but the girls are a little dull and dark - I want them to be bright against the background not blend with it. I am thinking of taking a layer or two off and fix that about them.

That's all for today, must get to work....thanks for stopping by - enjoy your day!


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