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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, September 20

Beeswax Collage at Artascope

All photos on this blogpost are from Catherine Bickford of Artascope Studios.

I took a break over the past weekend with a couple of friends to take a workshop from Claudine Helmuth at Artascope Studios in Portland. It was awesome. We had such a great time - and I really really love creating beeswax collages. Above is a picture of the whole group, including Claudine in the middle with the greenish apron. Below is our new friend Danene, in the middle is me and on the right my creating pal Karen.

Here's my first project, it just came together so easy and perfectly. LOVE the blue crayon on this. It just needs a frame of some sort. Any recommendations for a wooden canvas - that's 1 5/8" thick?

Below is my last project of the weekend - that I threw together - because I had an hour or so left. It's not done....but can you see the image transfer of the tree on the circle in the top row?? And the foil transfer eyeball on the fish in the very left of the middle row.....or the texture of the middle of a coffee cup czy in the circle on the center, far right?? You can do so many things with beeswax, you should try it if you ever get the chance. I do have a couple of fun things to add to this collage - dimensional things, but I need time.

Here's another photo of us before we left Sunday afternoon....can you see the creative juices flowing from everyone??

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

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  1. So awesome!!! This looks like so much fun! and I love your canvases!


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