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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, January 9

Wire, Paint & Paper at My Creative Classroom

Last semester I taught a Holiday Sewing class at My Creative Classroom - it's been over for a few weeks and I've been hard at work on classes for the next semester. I'm really excited to shar with you what I'm working on, and hope you'll jump on over there to see my and all the other classes we've got on the schedule! This is what I've got coming up for the Winter/Spring semester, enrollment starts on January 18th.

First up I have a Mixed Media Jewelry class that starts on February 17th. I'm really excited about this class - as I created some really sweet projects for it.

On March 17th the Wire, Paint and Paper class starts. This class will be all about creating a new canvas each week for 5 weeks using the technique and supplies and the 6th week will be a larger canvas incorporating the techniques from the previous weeks into a larger piece, which will be a source of inspiration every time you look at it. I promise you will LOVE this class, I love this class!! On March 31st I have a short punch class starting. In this class I will have a complete presentation on punch maintenance and different things you can do to extend the life of your punches and things you can do to make them punch better if they aren't doing such a great job. We'll also create several great projects including a card or two, a little shadowbox and an Artist Trading Card or two. If you have any questions about any of these, please feel frree to email me or leave a comment and I'll answer your questions here. In other news, if I was a cat, I'd say I lost one of my lives today. Or at least got SEVERAL more new gray hairs, as if I needed any more this year, LOL. I had planned to go to Portland with my Mom and a friend of hers to pick up some more wool roving to feed our addiction I mean for our needle felted projects and my son stayed back with my father because he was going over to play at a friends house. They were going to pick him up - and the plan was all worked out after I left, but it was worked out. In the middle of the store, my phone rang and his friend's Mom, Mrs. S. was on the line and wondering if my son was still coming over, and if I was giving him a ride. He was supposed to call her when he was ready for her to come and it had been almost 45 minutes with no phone call. She had tried to call our home with no answer and also my Dad's with no answer. Needless to say, for the next 20 minutes I had no idea where he was. And, we'd had a strange van driving around in our country neighborhood today (we live in a private neighborhood where no one but the people that live here or their friends ever come), and that's all I could think of. My neighbor (she's also my sister-in-law) ran down the street looking for him and couldn't find him. I was relieved after a very long 20 minutes when Mrs. S. finally called to say that my Dad gave him a ride to their house. We had headed home but then decided we had time to do a little more shopping. When I got home I gave him a short lecture about when his plan changes he needs to call his Mom! But, Phew, what a relief!! Let's hope I make it through his teen years with the rest of my 8 lives intact and hair on my head! LOL, I know, it's just the beginning!


  1. Yep. It's only just begun, Cat! LOL! Here's to growing boys!

  2. Oh my gosh Cat I had to hurry and read the ending to make sure little V was ok!!! Thank goodness he's alright! I've been playing around with the roving too, did you know hob lob sells it? They had a bunch of colors on clearance. Maybe we could do a little felt swap for Valentines day? :) Take care


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