Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, January 20

Gearing up for OWOH!

I leave for California early early early on Friday morning, even before the birds get up. I'll be working in the EK Success Brands booth at the Craft and Hobby Association Convention, demonstrating some new, and I must say very very cool new products in the InkaDinkado section of the booth. It's going to be a busy, and exciting week, they always are!

I'm looking forward to meeting old friends and renewing creative ties with them, and meeting old friends for the first time and I'm also looking forward to forging new friendships with kindred spirits during the 7 days I'm there. If you are planning on being there, I'd love to see you - so please stop by and say hello!

This week I've been busy getting myself ready for my trip, so not much in the creative world is getting done. I do want to remind you that the One World One Heart Global Blog Event begins on January 25th, that's next Monday. I'll be posting my give-aways (yes plural, LOL) then and I hope you'll stop by and leave a comment so you can be eligible to win. This will be my third year participating in the blog hop, this is what I gave away the first year. I can't show you what I'm giving away this year, but I think you're going to like them!

Gotta keep moving - pants to hem, pictures to print, bags to pack and the list goes on and on. Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great evening!


  1. How exciting CHA!! Someday I will go-have fun, create and enjoy!!! love the little lovies you made.

  2. How fun! My BFF is gong with the scrap store gals she works with...I'm a little envious! :D I know you will have a blast. LOVE the little atc and how sweet is that holder?

    yapping cat


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