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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, January 4

My Latest Addiction

I've been bitten by the needle felting bug, and it hurts sometimes, LOL. It started out when I met my friend Hannah. At the time she made mittens from sweaters and added patterns to them using wool roving.

Last fall she had the cutest little snowmen that she was selling at her craft fairs, and I bought one because he was the cutest thing. She started having classes on how to make them - and I took one - and I was hooked. I borrowed a book from her by Jen Docherty and have been drooling over the little animals in the book and decided to stop drooling and start making.

Yesterday I started (and finished) this cute little tree stump pincushion, pretty close to the one she shows in her book, can't remember the name of her book for the life of me - but you can check out her blog and website here. Today I made another tree stump, but I like the way the one from yesterday came out better. Very time consuming to add the yarn, but oh, how sweet they look. I think they need little bluebirds resting on them, don't you?? That's next on my list, figure out how to make sweet little birds.

On a snowy day after Christmas I got tired of making snowmen and made a pumpkin head girl. She's still not finished because I need to finish her dress and add the face, but you can see what I want her to look like. The face and dress are pinned into place.

Isn't she sweet?

I was looking at the new Stampin' Up flyer on line and then this little gal jumped into my head. Just love how she came out - except her eyes look a little freaky. Need to work on that.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing lately. Need to get working on my new classes for My Creative Classroom. More on that tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!


  1. you have been BUSY!!! can't wait for playtime!!

  2. aww they look wonderful, ive nneedlefelted solid shapes before, i love yours.

    as the eyes, when i use to make cloth dolls i was told to always make the pupils look the same way otherwise your doll will look crosseyed!
    she is very cute tho!! jenxo

  3. Hiya, Happy New year.
    I love what you have been up to, it would be a nice, new thing to learn to do.


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