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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, January 3

Well Hello Snow!!

We got a LOT of snow over the last few days A LOT! Over a foot maybe even a foot and a HALF or more, not sure of the actual count where we are! The picture above is our first snowbank of the year - and keep in mind that my son is almost 5 feet and 1/2" tall - it is huge! HUGE, I tell ya! I am hoping that's the only large snowstorm we have this year.

This morning I decided to dig out my cross country skis and check out the back 40. It was pretty, but the skiing was rough going since no one had broken the trails before me. They must have been waiting for me to do it. I love my new hat, picked it up at Dick's a couple weeks ago. My head was toasty warm, and when it was too hot - I slipped it off my head and tied the pony tails together so I didn't loose it. It was great.

The snowed in trail ahead, someone had gone out yesterday but the tracks had all filled in.

The trail behind me, you can see how deep the snow is. It was hard going, the snow stuck to my skis and got embedded between my shoe and the ski - I almost twisted my ankle several times. Once I turned around to head home, the trail was great so I went back and forth over the path several times.....I was pretty tired when I got home! I think I was gone over an hour and a legs are a bit sore tonight!

I've got some crafty goodness to take pictures of tomorrow!

THANKS for stopping by and hope you have a great night!


  1. Your hat is adorable!!! Wow that snow is deep! I think we have about 14 incles on the ground. More coming tomorrow. I just wish it weren't so dang cold so Bethany could go out and play!!!


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