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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, July 31

I'll use anything to Paint

I will USE anything that has color -- as long as I like the colors to paint my stamped or drawn images. I love color. AMEN. And really, what's not to like about all the Spray Inks out there?

I start my paintings and art journals pretty much the same way - I draw a design on watercolor or Mixed Media paper using a pencil. When I'm satisfied with the results I start painting. I try not to be real sketchy but use strong, determined lines. I don't usually pick the colors first -- but sometimes I will pull out some pretty colors I might like to work with. It's a hit or miss though -- I just use what I'm drawn to.

When I am painting with spray inks I work with the top off of one color at a time -- to prevent accidents. I'm pretty accident prone and spills on the coffee table aren't on the top of my fun list at midnight -- LoL! So to start, I take the cover off of the jar and put the sprayer in my water bucket and dip my paintbrush right into the jar of ink. I can mix up the spray with my brush or choose to use just the color on the top.
I start every painting -- PRETTY MUCH this is a rule of mine -- by painting the background. This helps me isolate my designs and make them pop forward.

Then I start layering the colors for the focal points - which just so happens to be poppies on this one. I start with the lighter colors first and build to the brighter and darker colors -- making sure to leave some areas light.
You can see how that works -- layering light then darker and darker -- really gives the look of traditional watercolors AND creates a dynamic and textural painting.

NOTE: I always test the colors out on a part of the paper that will be cut off or won't show to see how they look before I use them. Sometimes they look a little different than what I had in mind and I throw them back and choose a different color.

I just keep layering and splattering and maybe a little spritz here and there to liven things up.

Once the flowers are done I add the greens
I also used some Glaze and splattered it here and there to create some lovely glistenings of water. 

When that's done I add some browns here and there and in the part where the quote will go to tone some of the colors down.
Before you know it the color is done. Now it just needs to DRY completely.
When it's dry I go in with a black pen and add the details marks.

Sometimes, but not in this case -- I'll add texture with colored pencils or watercolor crayons. Just to liven things up and add more texture.
That's pretty much it.

Then, when it's done you have a beautiful piece of art that you can frame and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by today -- gave a GREAT day! 

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