Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, July 30


Since the beginning of the year I've not been happy with a few things -- but my main complaint was none of my clothes fit. In January I went to California for a trade show and really struggled with finding clothes in my closet that looked professional and weren't busting at the seams.

Same thing when I went to North Carolina at the beginning of June.

It's hard to make changes to the way one lives -- especially when that one likes to cook and is a good one. I finally decided on June 8th when I didn't have one pair of shorts to wear that enough was enough and I started tracking my food and weighed myself.

I'm happy to say that the daily practice of tracking my food to see how many calories I eat has been successful and I've been able to shed about 15 pounds.

You might be wondering what worked? Well -- holding myself accountable to write down the food, find out how many calories are in each serving I eat and stay away from junk as much as possible. I also found a dry eraser pen and wrote down my weight on my bathroom mirror every time I weighed myself -- having to write the ups as well as the downs has kept me accountable to myself.

If I can do it -- I know you can too! Thanks for dropping by today - enjoy your day!

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