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Wednesday, February 29

The Garden of Good

Each day as I work in my art journal I think about the message I want to send out to the universe. Lately I've been surprised, shocked and even a little intimidated with the way that people treat each other. Not only in the artist community that I belong to -- but world-wide. Every where people (I know I'm generalizing -- there are good people out there) have no compassion, empathy or even tolerance for others. 
and it bothers me. A.L.O.T
I'm thinking about this today because my 12 year old came home from an after school program complaining about another kid in the program. The other kid was passing gas uncontrollably during a quiet part of the program -- and laughing out loud and causing a disturbance for the other kids and distracting from the exercise, which was a Unified Movement/Tai Chi/Martial Arts type of program. 

I was really upset with him that he complained and complained about her. 
What I know about the other child is she is challenged in some way, how I'm not sure. But she struggles. And it's my JOB to teach my child to empathize with her. To understand her and to be good and kind to her. Whether or not she struggled in life or not -- it's my JOB to set the example for my child to be good, and kind and understanding. 
In order for me to be a good example, I need to show him exactly HOW I am good and kind and understanding of others. 
I do this by talking with him. And by setting a good example. 

I am showing him the way in the Garden of Good, how to live by the Golden Rule and that there is a reward for goodness, empathy and understanding. I certainly hope it sticks -- and if more parents taught their children this our world would be a better place to live. 

So as you are going about your day -- thinking about how to be successful and working hard at it -- remember to be nice. Thanks for stopping by, have a GREAT day, until next time! 


  1. Spot on post...I like your analogy...Garden of Good where we can all grow to be beautiful flowers. Thank you for instructin your sone in this sometimes difficult concept!!!

  2. I luv you Cat. This post is absolutely beautiful and your journal page is beyond stunning. Thank you for being such a Good EGG!!!

  3. This is amazing and your message is amazing! You are so right about this!!!


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