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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, February 16

i DARE you!

It's funny how the universe has a way of sending out a message right when you (or a friend) needs to hear it. Yesterday I was playing in my Art Journal -- and got into a little FB conversation with a friend about if she had an art journal. She said she didn't, that she was afraid because she hadn't made art in such a long time. I had JUST finished this base to my art journal page for the day -- so I took the picture and shared it with her, I think it was just the message she needed to hear.  I hope she starts making art again. 

But as I worked on the page to add more color, more words, some image transfers, some stamping -- as it began to transform before my eyes -- it became clear to me that it was the message I needed to hear -- RIGHT HERE, RIGHT now. TODAY!
It really is time to think of yourself as a success!
I feel like I am at a cross road. The road to creativity on the left will take me one way, it is a path I have travelled often and has been successful for me. I have travelled it 3,730,705.37 times -- ha ha -- that's really just a random number -- but you get the point. I've kept it comfortable. Stayed on the safe path. 

will you just look at that messy desk!

 Is it time to take a risk? Time to get on the road that's not known or even well travelled. It's thick with brambles and over-grown. It's scary -- just like for many people. But they do it. It's not comfortable, but us creative types -- we're used to putting it out there and getting judged, criticised and the jealousy. We can take it -- I CAN TAKE IT, because I'm tough. Well, not really. I may have a hard coating but I'm really a bowl of mush on the inside, ha ha.
I love those vintage number stamps, they work best with india ink as they are pretty pitted and well-used!
The question du jour is: is it time to make a change. I know it's time to start thinking of myself as a successful artist and designer. But the change part, well I'm still letting this percolate -- there is so much to consider. 

So, I'm going to leave you with that ;-) Thank you so much for stopping by -- the thought to ponder for today -- do you know where your path is leading you? Hope you have a cREAtiVe day! See you next time!

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