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Wednesday, January 4

Year in Review: Donna Downey Workshop

Yesterday I mentioned I took a three day workshop with Donna Downey during the summer (my birthday weekend -- it was a perfect gift to myself). When I signed up I didn't realize it was going to be all Art Journaling -- but it was fantastic! The first night she gave us all one of her hand-made fabric journals and we got started right away. 

I really enjoyed the way she ran the workshop -- creative prompts and exercises that we only had a few minutes to work on. We could start a new page or continue working on the one we were using. My friends and I (the two Beattie Chicks whom are awesome) stayed in Portland one night and enjoyed dinner out with Donna - it was great fun and just what I needed to get journaling again. 

The prompt for this one was to first create something with either tape or lines - can't remember -- and then to add numbers. Of course since it was my birthday I chose 45. 

When I got home I didn't let the momentum stop -- I continued to create in the journal she gave us. This was a quick little piece on one of the "inclusions" in the journal. 

When my friend Leslie from Beattie Chicks started doing Art Journaling workshops at her studio -- I discovered a whole new side to my art that I never knew existed. I don't think I have ever created something as cool as this in an art journal before. This is one of my all-time favorite pages -- second only to the page I shared yesterday. 

I created this one on my own -- experimenting with some new white ink for my dip pen -- that I totally love by the way! I love the way that art journaling feeds my creativity and helps me work out personal problems. No one needs to see my journal unless I want them too -- so if I create something ugly I just go with it and finish up the best I can. Sometimes I can turn it around -- and other times I can't. Doesn't matter though, I'm happy just to create -- just for ME! 

Thanks for stopping by -- have a wonderful day!


  1. catherine, love your art journal and you are one lucky lady to take donna's class good for you what a great gift to your art.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Very thoughtful!

  3. The Creative Jumpstart video is my introduction to you and your work. LOVELY!! What you said, the simple and direct way you told it, somehow resonated with me. I think this year is going to see a lot of pink and orange in my art journal!! THANKS!!

  4. That is lovely!
    And great of you to share your story of fear in todays jumpstart 2012.
    I love your idea of journaling. I'll consider making a book for start!
    Thanks a lot!
    Happy New nofear Year 2012!!!

  5. Great contribution to the Jump Start for 2012 am looking forrward to seeing your new selection for My Creative Classroom as well.

    As a New England gal who has travelled far from home, it is always a delight to visit your blog space.

  6. Absolutely fantastic art journalling Catherine. And the Jump Start video was excellent - sharing your fears has made me feel normal! So direct and meaningful.

    I really am loving the work you are creating.


    PS Just heard Donna Downey is coming to the UK in March !!! If only ........

  7. I wanted to personally say a huge thank you for your video in the Creative Jump really struck a cord with me! I have since gone out a bought a new art journal, poured my heart out on 2 pages, & then painted over it! & it feels BRILLIANT!!! Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for your video on Jump Start, it was sooo inspiring and helpful. That white page is a creative blocker for me. I could stare at it for an hour and then walk away.
    Thank you so much for sharing this and your personal thoughts/journals with us. I have been playing today and enjoying it while ignoring that negative voice in my head.
    I wrote over a page and painted over it and love this and will keep doing it to help keep that FEAR away.

    Your artwork is AMAZING!! I would never have thought you had a fear inside holding you back. Such gorgeous art you have, and I agree about the sharing it with others and it's so much better then shopping.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your art. Have a great weekend!


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