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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, January 3

Year in Review: 2011

Art Journaling was new to me last year -- I know hard to believe -- but I started the year off great and worked in my new journal a lot and as things I mean life got busy the journaling got pushed to the side and I didn't have time or the energy to journal in it so much.   2011 was a busy year working for EK Success and My Creative Classroom!  I think I had 5 NEW 4 week classes that I created from start to finish -- that's a lot of work! 

Anyway, back to the business of art journaling. This was one of the earlier pages I created in the year -- February I think. Working out class ideas for a new Mixed Media class I was teaching at My Creative Classroom. The page turned out beautiful but I wasn't as happy with the piece of art that was inspired by it. Not every piece of art is a masterpiece ;-) 

As the year progressed and my classes at MCC came to a close for the summer I took a workshop with Donna Downey that helped get me back in the groove. That -- combined with a great friend from Beattie Chicks getting me going -- I managed to start the summer off on the right foot. I'll share some pictures from the workshop with Donna tomorrow. 

Also, if you haven't signed up for the Creative JumpStart event with my dear friend Nat Kalbach -- you need to! The first two days of videos were very well done and made me want to get moving in the studio! 

Till tomorrow, have a great day, thanks for stopping by -- and take the time to do something creative today -- even if it's only for 10 minutes.  


  1. love your art journal, I remember when you started last Donna with her videos and seeing your art journals inspired me to step out of my creative box into a wonderful new world to me...mixed media I love to journal and now I am trying my hand and love it...through you I signed up for the Creative JumpStart and loving it inspiring. thanks for sharing...

  2. Me too Cat...I never art journaled before but I so love it one year later! Love your beginning page ;)

  3. this is a beautiful timeless page..lovely idea


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