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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, January 16

Brrrr, it's VERY cold!

Winter has definitely arrived, especially in Maine! We have a history of having some weird weather, and last week was no exception. It snowed, got warm, torrentially rained when the temps were 28 and the roads covered with snow, and then climbed into the 40's -- all in 2 days-- and now the temperature has fallen to a brisk -1 degrees. Yes, it's finally winter in Maine because our very LONG driveway is now covered in a thick layer of ice. If it sounds like I'm complaining, well -- maybe a little whining but I'll get over it, hehe.

Since it's cold and no one, especially me wants to go outside I've been working on my new iPad bag, wanna see?I don't have a pattern, am pretty much just winging it but sometimes I work best this way!
Here's the front of the bag, no handles yet, I need to make some more fabric or take it to a place with an industrial sewing machine. 
Here's the back, the bottom portion has different pockets, for my phone, a pen and whatever else. 
And the side, that little light spot at the top is where i stitched the tab for the handle and it tore off when I checked to see how strong the connection was, making me decide to take it to someone with a heavy duty machine. 
My iPad and a notebook tucked safely inside, l love the way it looks so far.
The pocket lining, I'm going to line the inside of the bag with this too. 
And the flower with the sequins stitched to it, pretty! I'm kind of at a stand still until I figure out how to sew the strap things on the side. But I am definitely loving it so far.

I've also been working on my new Mixed Media Collage class that starts next week at My Creative Classroom, I have been enjoying the creative process on this one immensely and thing it's going to be a very enjoyable class! I parked myself in the living room 3 nights in a row making samples for Lesson 1 that starts on January 25th and I'm over-the-top excited with them!

I hope it's warm where you are, and have a lovely day -- take the time to do something artsy or crafty today -- it's fuel for the soul -- thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Oh I love this...I need to make one for my iPad! Getting excited...counting down the time to CHA!


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